How Does A Sharp Dressed Man Live Up To His Own Style Expectations- Male Fashion Tips

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All right, guys, this is what we've got.

“Antonio, I'm a Nigerian man in my mid-20sand I live in the UK.

My brother's wedding is coming up in threeweeks.

I have a drama with colors.

For three weeks now, I've been trying to figureout what I should wear.

The issue is I get easily heated and sweatyand nervous, and people know me as a fashion icon at all the companies I've worked withwhether in Nigeria or in the UK.

People expect me to dress sharp, so what I'mlooking to wear is a red suede jacket with grey and striped pocket handkerchief, big, black colored shirt, dark blue waist coat, grey or brown fitted pants with either brownshoes and a brown belt, or black shoes with a black belt.

That's pretty much what I've planned on wearing, but I just don't know how to test these colors and I'm just worried that I'm not going tolook good enough.

Sincerely, Charles.

” All right Charles, so there's a bigger questionhere.

I mean, your outfit, it sounds — wow! It sounds like it's got a lot of color.

With your complexion, you can probably pullit off.

It sounds a bit color-heavy on top.

I would maybe look at the black shirt withnavy combination as a pretty bold thing if you're going for width, also the red suedejacket, but you know, I'd have to see them.

That's the hard thing about colors.

You almost have to see them in person.

Screens often lie and there's a bit of a tintthere, but the bigger point I want to hit on is it sounds like you've got a problemof living up to expectations, that you've built up this image that “Charles has to bethe best dressed guy wherever he goes.

It doesn’t matter what company he's at, what event Charles is going to be at, that Charles needs to be the best dressed guy, “and that's a dangerous place to be.

Let me give you a little bit of example.

Maybe a lot of guys will experience this.

When I was in college, there was a group ofguys.

I'm not going to name names, but let's justsay that they heard a lot of stories about how a group of guys before them were awesomepartiers.

There was always this expectation to outdowhat the people before you did.

It's like, “Oh, they have those stories? What until you hear what I did.

It was even bigger and better.

” What happened and what I saw over a periodof time is what you had to do to get the story recognized as an amazing story had to getbigger and bigger.

I mean, how do you top a bunch of guys gettinginto a U-Haul with a keg of beer doing keg stands on Interstate 80, going to every stripclub in Eastern Iowa in a period of four hours and then getting basically pulled over bythe cops and getting away with it? I mean, I would hear stories like this, andif you're going to try to outdo that, well, you're probably going to end up hurting someoneor going to jail, and that's the problem with expectations.

By the way, I don't know if that really happenedor the guys that were involved with that.

I just heard that was a story, but in anycase, as expectations go up, the chances of you falling goes up as well.

I really think that “keeping up with the Joneses”mentality is a bad attitude.

You need to dress for yourself, Charles.

I mean, it's important that you dress forrespect for the situation and it is your brother's wedding, but at the end of the day, be thebest you.

This is one of those instances when you lookat men who have really established themselves.

They've got plenty of money, but yet they'renot necessarily flaunting it because they don't have to.

They realize that there's no winner to thatgame.

What I think you should be focusing on arethe other aspects of what it means to be a stylish, well-rounded man.

And so, you need to work on your conversationskills.

You need to think about how are your manners.

You need to think about how are you goingto help your brother's wedding and be the best it can be.

What are you going to do? Is there something you can help out to makethis experience better for everyone around you? That's the mark of a true gentleman, is he'snot the best dressed man when he shows up on an event, but he's the man that when peoplethink of the event, it's like, “Wow! I had a great time, ” and it was probably becauseCharles was going around and, “I had such a great conversation with him.

He was attending to my Aunt Mae” or whatever.

In Nigerian weddings, those things are fun.

There's a lot of color.

There's a lot of family, a lot of people justmeeting and talking.

And if you can be the kind of person thatyou can take a little bit of weight off of your brother and everything that's going onthere, you're going to be remembered a lot more for that than you are by how you dressed.

So Charles, that's my advice.

Yeah, don't get caught up in that game andtrying to be better every time because it's a no win situation.

All right, guys, hopefully you enjoyed thisvideo.

We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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That's where we're taking all of our questionsnow.

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Take care.



Men's Style Tips from Andreas Weinås – One of the 10 Best Dressed Men

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! In today's interview, I have Andres Weinasfrom Manolo.

se in Sweden and he's going to share his approach to style and what he learnedover the years.

Welcome, Andreas! Andreas Weinas: Thank you so much.

A pleasure to be with you! Sven Raphael Schneider: Wonderful! Andreas, you are how old? AW: Thirty, this year actually, in September.

SRS: Wonderful.

I read about you that you went to a textilecollege and that you got a degree in textile and business and you also used to be a professionalhandball player, is that right? AW: Yeah, that is quite the contrast to behonest but my life was pretty much professional handball for around 15 years and then slowlybut steady, my interest and my passion for menswear and clothing took more and more timeand handball is not paying like football or ice hockey in Sweden even if you're playingat that professional level.

SRS: So it was difficult to make a livingat handball, basically.

I think you discovered the world of men'sstyle at a later age or not later age, you were like early 20s, is that right? AW: Exactly! I think the early 20s, as a lot of other guys, started off with trends and more fashion, I think I got a little bit of being punk rockerone season and the preppy guy the next.

For me that was, I realized that I'm not extremelyclassic, but the more classic look tended to have a longer period before it changes.

SRS: That's very true but you mentioned punkand preppy, was that really the way you dressed? AW: Not really.

Sure, it could be like a bomber jacket oneseason that I thought was so nice and then I mean, to me the preppy trend was extreme.

I think it was 2007, 2008, something likethat.

I respect the trend because the history ofthe look, it has genuine parts but when everyone's wearing a bow tie and roll up jeans then itkind of loses it's.



SRS: Yeah, it lacks the individualism andeverybody wears one style, it's no style basically.

You came from professional sports then youkind of developed this interest in style and how did you end up in textile school then? AW: Yeah, my options were either studyingbusiness and economics normally in Gothenburg and then I found this in Buros actually, outsideGothenburg where pretty much the textile mecca Sweden was back in the 60s or 70s.

I was perfect and of course, you're not learningabout bespoke suits, you're learning about fabrics that are more used in today's.


inH&M and Zara.



SRS: It's a large scale production, right? When you start, you think “Oh, there are allthese nice suits and everything” but then you realize “Oh, we're talking about the weavesof white cotton and how you can reduce the price and still maintain the certain levelof quality so it's less romantic than what you may think.



AW: Yes, I learned a lot.

SRS: So, you mentioned Manolo.

tell us about Manolo.

What is Manolo? AW: Well, Manolo is in Sweden.

The largest menswear site, stye guide focusingon quality craftsmanship and classic style with a modern take, so to speak.

SRS: And it's written in Swedish only, isthat right? AW: 100% Swedish.

SRS: Okay, so how many visitors do you attractper month? AW: We have around 25 to 30, 000 a week anda little over 50, 000 a month.

SRS: That's fantastic.

Especially considering how many people livein Sweden? AW: I think 9 million, perhaps.

SRS: So the market is rather limited comparedto English, it's much smaller.

AW: I'm the executive editor so I am responsiblefor the budget, our freelance writers and for the actual, for the everyday count, prettymuch of the site.

SRS: Wow, so did you start at that positionat Manolo or how did you work your way there? AW: Yeah, after I graduated from school, Iwas contacted by the publisher called Egmont which is I think, one of the top three publishersin Sweden and they own King magazine in Sweden and Manolo which is the sister or brothersite to King with a more sartorial focus.

Manolo is only online but King magazine isa print.

I was offered a full-time editorship of Manoloand also 20%, I divide my time 80% on Manolo and 20% on King magazine.

SRS: Okay, wonderful! You're already eluded to it but what wouldyou say are the core values of Manolo compared to King? AW: Definitely a little bit more dressed upbut it's not 100% suit and tie.

It's about quality over quantity, I wouldsay.

To go in-depth about construction and fabricand consistency and sustainability, that you could buy something actually for the yearsto come, for use over 10-15 years instead of 10-15 months.

SRS: Exactly, I think the impact you mentioned, sustainability, right? It's not very environmentally friendly togrow cotton even if it's organic.

It just uses a lot of resources.

the dyeing is not really friendly.

You can wear something 15 years rather than15months, you have gotten so much for value and you didn't waste all that water and thedye, like 12 different pieces but just one.

AW: I agree! SRS: Even though I don't speak Swedish, Isometimes go to Manolo and just use the translate function to see what's going on and your mostpopular post, in my opinion, is probably the “Friday Inspiration”.



AW: It's been a tradition at Manolo for waybefore I started in 2013.

My predecessor started it, I think in 2007or something so every Friday for I think it's 10 years.

it's a cool thing.

SRS: It's really great and Probably I'm sureyour readers love it so I was wondering, so how do you determine what to feature everyFriday? How long does it take you? Do you just create 10 outfits every like, 10 weeks or just do it on Thursday night, how does that come together? AW: That depends.

It could be both actually, during certainperiods, you could get super inspired and do 2-3 of them on the same day pretty muchbut it could also be done very much in the last second if you're not inspired for themoment.

Yeah, I try to focus on everything from, itcould be just something like a color or a decade.

SRS: So, now I'd like to talk a little bitmore about your style.

I think you have a very interesting styleand it's going through your Instagram profile, I would sum it up as classic, re-interpreted.

You take classic colors, you take classicgarments and you try to go with like a dark orange, burgundy, a bottle green but thenin terms of cut, you like a very slim cut pair of trousers, not too long, no break necessarilyand soft, softer garments.

How would you describe your style? AW: I think you are pretty much spot on butthat is correct.

I think a big problem when you have to choosebetween either being a conservative, classical menswear or you have to be a sprezzatura ora trend menswear.

I think you can be inspired from the benefitsof a cut of bespoke suits because that craft is pretty much perfected over centuries butI still think that you could combine that with personal and even modern influences.

I think that's what personal style is allabout.

Influenced by modern trends, and you decideyourself which ones are relevant for you, even with classic rules to dressing, I meansome of them really make a good point and some of them are completely useless.

SRS: For example, give us some specifics.

AW: Well, I mean, wearing white after laborday.

I think, that personally, the only reasonwhy I would wear white is because it would be a really rainy day outside or it doesn'tmatter if it's summer or winter.

With a crisp, sunny, winterday, I would love to wear white trousers, maybe not linen because it's too cold.



SRS: A nice pair of flannels, right? AW: Exactly! Brown shoes after 6, that's just, I mean obvious, I think.

I love black shoes and I think there are somesituations where a black shoe is absolutely the best choice so I mean, know the rulesbut still question them and question the relevance for you, I think.

SRS: Another thing about your style and Ithink stands out, is your beard.

For how many months have you been a beardsman? AW: At least 10 years now, I think or more.

Since I was able to grow one.

I don't know why but at first, I think I lookedtoo young without them so I started to have it and then the big beard trend came to theworld then everyone was saying “Oh, don't you know that trend is over?” and I was like, yeah, that's great, now I can keep my beard.

SRS: Like you said, you had it for 10 years, that was before the kind of hipster, urban, beards man trend came out.

AW: It's been shorter, it's been longer, dependingon time and preference.

For the wedding, I actually got a clean shave.

SRS: Nice, that's interesting cos you havethe beard all the time and you just shave it off.


were you surprised when you shavedit off, how you look? AW: Yes, yes, absolutely! I was 8 years younger.

(laughs) SRS: And your wife didn't recognize you? Has she seen you without a beard before? AW: Yes.

SRS: Alright, before you mentioned, you hadmore than 15 suits so I was wondering you know, looking at all of them, what are themost worn pieces in your wardrobe? AW: I would say, I have a blue Attolini suitin a bird's eye weave.

That is a made to measure, that is the pinnacleof my wardrobe, I love it! SRS: There can be like, gems in other placesbut you have to kind of, I guess you have to understand quality, right? What I, at the Gentleman's Gazette and FortBelvedere, we always try to say “Hey, it's quality and style” and if you know those twothings, you can see it even if there's no brand name on it.

It's just that little craftsman somewherebut if you see it you're like, “oh wow, this is good”.

AW: Yeah, that's true! SRS: So, how important is quality in yourlife? AW: Quality, I think, it's the combinationof the garment.


they key is quality over quantity, every time but on the other hand, as I said before, the quality doesn't matter at all if the aesthetics are not there becausethen you won't use it and then the quality won't be appreciated.

SRS: Where would you say do you buy your clothes? You mentioned a few tailors but what aboutyour shirts and your other things, what are brands or things that you would like to mentionhere? AW: Some people are very keen on having shirtsmade to measure or with the highest possible quality, shirts is actually one of the productsthat I would consider at a little lower price range because it's basically, you wear themfrequently next to your body, it has to be washed and I've had some problematic experiencewith really fine shirts that have shrunk to the extent that they are not, you know, they'retoo short to be worn with the jackets that you want to wear them with.

Sleeve length was 2 cm off so, I mean, it'sstill a great shirt but doesn't happen with jackets so I'd rather spend a little bit moreon the perfect fit for the jacket and perhaps, I'm not saying, I'm not buying, I would neverbuy shirts with a bad quality but if I had to prioritize, I would go for jackets andshoes as the premium.

SRS: So, what shoe brands do you go for? AW: Well, the best ones, in my opinion, areSt.


That's mainly because I have a formation problemwith my feet, it's not a big problem but I fall in, so to speak, when I walk and theyhave, in my opinion, the best arch support for a non-bespoke shoe and they are reallyexpensive but the style, the materials, the construction and arch support is, in my opinion, unrivaled for their price range.

SRS: Exactly.

So, the other thing I wanted to mention aboutshirts was what I have noticed, sometimes, there's a trend now to hand sewn shirts, everythingis hand made and while I can appreciate the craftsmanship quality in a machine sometimes, when you wash it, the machine sewn seam is actually sturdier than a hand sewn seam.

The hand sewn may be nicer, more flexibleon a jacket, that's really great but on a shirt sometimes, I feel like the machine stitchingcan be superior to hand stitching.

AW: I agree with you.

I think hand stitching in many cases withshirts is more of a marketing gimmick.

SRS: I think I prefer the machine buttonholeon the shirt simply because it's going to last longer.

On a jacket, I always go for the handmadebuttonholes.

AW: Same here, I think the handmade detailson the jacket except for buttonholes but then it's really a good point of using hand laborbecause there are so many parts of making a jacket that really gets better made by hand.

Everything from pressing the jacket to shouldersand not to mention the canvas.

I mean there's a reason why bespoke tailorshand pat the canvas instead of a machine.

SRS: So, what are your style pet peeves? AW: I did like an article about this a coupleweeks back on Manolo.

My ten commandments, like how I think.

It's not bad if people are doing it wrongor if they break these, it's just my personal opinion.

SRS: When they come meet you at the Manoloevents, they should read this list beforehand.

AW: Exactly! (laughs) I never wear lightertie than the shirt, that is something I just don't, I really don't like that.

I can't motivatewhy I think it's just that the tie really stick out in a bad way if it's lighter thanthe shirt collar.

It can be lighter than the jacket but not lighter than the shirt.

SRS: Okay, alright so that's one of them.

What about the other nine? AW: I have to remember them but I think, Itend to, I don't want too much contrast in my outfit unless I'm wearing a dark suit anda white tie is appropriate.

If I wear odd trousers, I like for example, to wear, if I have a mid-grey trouser I like the jacket, no matter which color, it shouldnot bee too dark or too light.

It should be a complement, the same tone.

SRS: Interesting! That's also a personal thing, if you're moreof a high contrast or low contrast, low contrast will work better for you and if you are, likeI have more, I can wear probably higher contrast better than you can but it seems like it'sa personal thing.

You don't go with the really charcoal andcrisp white shirt, I rarely see you wearing that.

AW: Not that often and I still think thatif there's a dress code that says formal suit or something, then, of course, I mean, I alwaystry to wear at least one pattern in my outfit, it doesn't have to be bold but it could be, if I have a pinstripe suit then I could have a plain shirt and a plain tie but not a plainsuit, plain tie and plain jacket because I like something to pop.

SRS: The difference between a vintage watchand a new watch and why do you prefer the vintage? AW: I like vintage watches because every singleone has developed their own character.

Especially from the 60s and 70, there's notone that looks like another.

Everyone has developed in different ways andI think that's superb.

I think also, there's something about, youcannot just go out and buy it, I mean, with a new watch, does not really matter the price, if you have the money, you pretty much get it.

Vintage watches, it's much more of a searchto get that exact model or example and the right price and the right condition, so it'smuch more fun, I think.

SRS: It's more of a hunt, right? AW: Yeah, exactly! And last but not least is, I have quite tinywrists so I really prefer the smaller sized watches.

SRS: That's a very good point.

Like the dials have become so big and theolder ones are smaller and just looks better on you.

AW: That's I think the main reason.

There are fantastic watches made in the lastcentury that I think is very, still undervalued, I mean there's a lot of vintage watches thatare overvalued, in my opinion as well.

I mean the Rolex Daytona, they couldn't sellit for ten years.



SRS: We did an article about that and it'scrazy right? I mean a watch that sold for 90 and a thousanddollars and now is like 250 thousand dollars, it's just like a good marketing.

AW: Yeah, very much, absolutely! it's up toyou if you like the watch, I'm not saying, it's been proven a great investment for thosewho bought.



but I mean there's a lot of vintage watches that are very, very low pricedcompared to the quality.

SRS: So specifically, what are those watches? AW: I would look for, like a universal.

I think there are still some nice Omegas.

Even though Vacheron Constantin is an expensivewatchmaker, I think the smaller dress watches from the 60s, the 70s are extremely priceworthy.

SRS: Perfect, thanks for sharing, I thinkthat's a good insight so usually we close our interview with quick questions, you canexplain or you can say something else but it's just to give a quick overview of whatyou prefer.

Okay, so Oxford or Derby? AW: Oxfords.


I mean, it's so elegant.

I like derbies as well, definitely but I thinkit's the ultimate men's wear shoe.

SRS: Flannel or worsted? AW: Flannel, definitely flannel.

Except for the summer, flannel, I love thetexture, it's perfect.

SRS: Necktie or bow tie? AW: Neckties for me, I think it's cool butbow ties, I'm not man enough for it, I'm sorry.

SRS: Belt or suspenders? AW: Depends on the occasion but I think, Iwear belts a little bit more, suspenders are better in terms of function, you can sit andstand during meetings, when I get up, the place is exactly where it should be with suspenders.

With belts, they tend to, you know, go downand then it won't go up again.

So, suspenders is a great fit, just not withevery jacket.

SRS: Barrel cuff or French cuff? AW: Barrel cuff.

I wear them much more, I think it's very nicewith a french cuff but I only wear those for formal suits.

SRS: Undershirt or no undershirt? AW: No undershirt, never!! I never really understood that I mean, maybeif it's so hot outside that you need like an undershirt to take up the sweat but inmy opinion, just close the jacket and pretend like nothing happened.

(laughs) SRS: If you wear like a formal stuff likea white tie, or with a starched shirt front, undershirt will be much better on your skinthan having that.



that's my take on it, each to his own.

AW: Yeah.

that's true! SRS: Off the rack or custom? AW: Custom, always custom.

mostly for the possibility to do what youreally want.

I mean, not just the quality but the color, the cut, the length, the style, no compromise.

SRS: Alright, so what can we expect from AndreasWeinas in 2016 and beyond? AW: To do my best of giving you guys somehopefully, entertaining articles and inspiration.

SRS: Alright well thank you very much, Andreas.

It was a true pleasure, I enjoyed your differenttake on things and thank you for your time! AW: Thank you, bye!.

The 10 STYLE Commandments (Antonio's Timeless Rules To Looking GREAT!)

gentlemen I'm Antonio Centeno the founder of real men real style in today's video I'm laying out my 10 timeless rules to help you become more stylish rule number one you've got to give a damn to make change happen you've got to want it yourself you've got to have

something that's driving you you've got to have a why a force that is pushing you I've had so many guys reach out to me and they want to improve their style not because they care about style but because they've been rejected because something has happened in their life

they're going through some type of transition when they got fired they got a new job they're out looking for jobs they just graduated college they just got their MBA they just got their bachelor's they've left the military something has happened in their life their little girl's about to

get married and they want to look good at the wedding and this guy he's a plumber he's owned this business for 30 years multi-millionaire but you know what he is intimidated by a suit because he's never worn one before let's be clear style is not about suits style

is about you controlling the image you controlling the message that you sent with your clothing it's the way people judge the way people make a decision so a lot of men we were sports jackets we were suits because people are conditioned to give us an extra 15 to

30 seconds of credibility time and this can mean the difference between you getting your nonprofit off the ground and you can mix in those bankers that you're worth investing in or maybe you want to create the sale you want to get up there on stage and this is

gonna help you get your foot in the door quick story so I had a woman the other day email me saying she wanted to improve the style of her husband she knew that he had so much potential and she wants to improve his style can I help him

and the answer is no now she can do a few things for him but when it comes down to it he has to help himself and that's what I want to stress gentleman you've got to have the fire you've got to have the desire to seek change in

your life for any of this to work rule number two embrace change so you've probably heard the saying that the only constant in life is change I agree and guess what gents this applies to your style so many guys they fall into a rut they are wearing the

same clothing that they wore 20 30 years ago they haven't really what are my goals what image do I want to project when a young second lieutenant there was a particular image I wanted to project with my uniform after I went to business school when I was there

at the University of Texas getting my MBA there was a particular image I wanted to project as I was interviewing with all these high-level consulting companies whenever I went off and started my first company there was a particularly that I was going for and the same should be

for guys out there that want to go out their inner go-getters and understand the power of presentation because as you transition from one career to another as your goals as what you're going after in life as they mature so should your look and it can be little things

like hey you get away from cheap fragrances and you start to go for something a little bit nicer a little bit more refined ones that you start to hate my smell has developed a bit more and I really like this or maybe it's gonna be simply what you

wear instead of just always going for the t-shirts you start to wear dress shirts maybe you do throw on a sports jacket I'm not saying you gotta go full-on suit or it couldn't even be the colors you're going with is you start to get a little bit of

gray as you start to change all of a sudden you find some colors that you shied away from actually start to work for your palette when a man embraces changed with his style all of a sudden he becomes more nimble if you can imagine this is something that

you start to be able to control and you start to be able to leverage to your advantage rule number three define who you are and practice being that person so none of us are born great we all have to grow we all have to develop ourselves and the

first part of being who you want to be is identifying who that person is we've got this amazing ability this amazing freedom to actually choose who we want to be in this life now most people never make that choice they kind of go along with what life is

telling them to do with what society is dictating on them and they get so busy so wrapped up in things that they wake up one day and they're 95 years old on their deathbed and they never lived their own life don't be that person take the time to

examine your life the examined life is the only life worth living and yes it's going to take some time thought you're gonna have to think you're gonna have to reflect on some things maybe get feedback from people that care about you that love you maybe work with a

coach but all of a sudden you're gonna have a better idea of really what's gonna make you happy what is it that you want to achieve in life not what society is telling you that you should achieve and you may find that those are very different so now

that you've taken the time to define who you want to be now let's practice dressing like that you want to have a uniform a uniform when I was in the Marine Corps we had a particular uniform anyone that served as a firefighter as a police officer in any

type of responder position you know what a uniform is it's something that you default to that sends the message you want to set so with your uniform is it sending the message you want to send if you work as an in a non-profit if you're a banker if

you are consultant if you are in sales if you are simply just going out there and wanting to start your own company what is your image what is your presentation what is your clothing saying about you before you even open your mouth that is the power of a

uniform this should be clothing that you default to the clothing that you simply make easy to wear you've got maybe multiples of a particular shirt you've got maybe a shirt yes with your company's name or logo on it a polo shirt a tee shirt even if you're working

outside and you're mowing people's lawns I don't know what type of work you're doing but I do know that once you think through what image you want to project and you set up a series of uniforms all of a sudden you allow style to work for you I'm

not talking about the whimsical winds of fashion here in runways I'm talking about a tool using your image in your presentation to have a leg up on your competitors and to really make this easy so that you always send the message you want to set now this the

next point spread one of my favorites and that is be curious because when you're curious you don't just learn things because you got to learn them you learn it because you want to because it's really interesting you start falling down the rabbit hole and that's when the magic

happens you go out there you start buying books on style and you're checking out all these icons and you realize that warriors yes people had served in the military various branches cared about style and that's where a lot of men's work came from the military you start going

out there and looking at all these different actors and you see how even in their off time they dress well because they understood the power of image and presentation and when you start to realize that you understand how style plays a part in everything you see out there

then you start getting into fun things like watches you go out there and you buy dive watches from companies no one's ever heard from you and sometimes spends thousands of dollars again companies like Montana just simply no one talks about but you understand they're using quality parts and

you want to own a part of a watch brand that could grow into something bigger or maybe you don't spend much at all and you go out there and buy the inexpensive watch like the orient Bambino that is beautiful and you understand for what it is I actually

love this watch you go through and maybe buy a Rolex point being is you start falling down this and whatever you put on a pair of shades you understand I'm not really putting on sunglasses I'm putting on a piece of history protective layers that aviators would wear whenever

they were flying up at high altitudes and they wanted to protect their eyes I am part of that tradition next time let's talk about quality over quantity now me I'm a trailer-park kit so for us it was all about how much can you get with as little money

as possible but that's not the philosophy you want to take in the style especially timeless style what you want to own are things that are never going to go out of style that are gonna stick around and when I say never I'm talking 10 years 20 years and

thankfully most items in menswear classic menswear stick around and then you can make an investment in a piece that's gonna look better over time yeah when you buy a pair of really nice shoes that are good you're welded or Blake stitched and they're in a classic style they

are gonna age they're gonna look better as you polish them again and again you're gonna actually spend money on a watch that will become an heirloom and will increase in value gents it's worth it to save up your pennies to buy the product that you want even if

you have to pay a premium cry once about that price then enjoy that product for years to come the next time we'll start rule that every man needs to know the style pyramid fit fabric and function gentlemen never buy a piece of clothing that doesn't fit you or

cannot be adjusted to fit your body if it's 95 percent doesn't matter don't buy it unless you're buying it for a friend you know this is gonna fit it because if something doesn't fit you to them it doesn't matter if you paid $2,000 $4,000 for that suit guess

what if it can't be adjusted to fit you and it doesn't fit you it is never going to look good a $200 suit a suit that cost 1/10 one-twentieth that amount right there is gonna look better if it fits you fit is king gentlemen so never buy anything

never we're anything that doesn't fit your body type next up let's talk about fabric so when I say fabric I'm referring to the build the construction the materials that go into the items that you're purchasing to the best of your ability whatever you can afford go for the

best fabric you can so particularly with suits go for 100% wool if you cannot afford that you see a 50/50 blend then talk to the salesman try to find someone that's knowledgeable so that he can tell you how is this going to perform I can tell you that

there are some 50/50 blends that are not bad especially when you get a killer deal but if you think that you're getting a great suit you're spending a thousand bucks you better be getting 100% wool maybe something that's got a little bit of linen maybe something's got a

little bit of a mix in with a set or a really nice silk what you're looking for then is when you're spending that kind of money you're getting the material when you spend three four five hundred dollars on shoes you want to make sure you're getting a blake

stitch you're getting a good year wealth they're using leather soles that they're using a good leather upper this is important and I'm not gonna say that this is easy to all pick up in one video but I am saying that you can walk into the best menswear store

in your area and you can educate yourself because once you hold and you touch a $1,000 sports jacket and you see what the difference is between that fabric and a cheap fabric you hold in your hands and you touch and you examine a pair of $500 shoes you

start to see those details and you're gonna be more aware of them so when you walk into a store and you see that thousand-dollar jacket in a different store a different place different time and it's on sale for $200 and it fits you you'll know that this is

a great deal and you can jump on it and now let's talk about function by function I mean is the clothing going to serve your professional and personal needs so if you're a lawyer in New York City buying a black-tie outfit may actually be in the cards it

may work out because you attend a number of black-tie events yearly charity events and yeah you're gonna get wear out of this but if you own a landscaping business down in San Antonio Texas do you want to buy a black-tie outfit even though you can get one on

sale and it would fit you and you can afford it you can get a great fabric the answer is probably no because you really don't intend to many events never you've ever attended about in which you would need to wear this and that is the function you want

to make sure when you purchase something that is going to serve a functional purpose you're going to be able to get miles out of this because the most expensive clothing you will ever buy is the clothing you never wear the next time we'll start rule that every man

should consider is building an interchangeable wardrobe so when I say the word interchangeable what I'm referring to is clothing that is simple that is going to easily match every other piece in your wardrobe so if you had four pairs of shoes you had four shirts four trousers and

four jackets guess what gentlemen if we had 100% interchangeability we wouldn't have just four outfits we would have 256 outfits yes it's not math in the sense of addition this is multiplication and what I love about this is you can own less clothing get tons of outfits when

you travel you can travel light when you understand the power of interchangeability it gives you the ability to spend less time thinking about what you're gonna wear and simply being able to put together a wide range of combinations and always look good now this next style rule you're

gonna love cuz it makes things easy and that is develop style systems so systems are structures that make things simple and that's what you want to do you don't want to be thinking in the morning when you're getting dressed what am I gonna put together where are the

things I'm looking for you want it to be easy so when you're developing a style system you've got a closet that is free from debris what am I talking about all the stained clothing and the clothing doesn't fit you the things they don't look good on you guess

what you've packaged up you've put to the back your closet and you have started to add items pieces that look good for you they're upfront they're pressed your shoes are shined by doing this by laying out your clothing the night before you don't have to think you don't

have to there isn't any processing to dress sharp it's just simply what is laid out there and what is simple when you go to look for your sunglasses you realize oh I've got a whole box where I keep my sunglasses and I put them back after I'm done

wearing them you've got a box for your watches maybe even a watch winder that keeps your watches wound and what happens here is it becomes easier to look good than it does to look bad and all of a sudden you start looking at yourself you've got a full-length

mirror so you can look at yourself and you can see how everything is going together and you walk into your closet eventually I know this happened to me after I started working on this for a few years and you you get that jacket you're like wow that looks

good you look at this other one you're like wow that one makes me look amazing and you know oh this one is perfect the thing is you realize you've got a closet full of items of clothing of pieces of accessories that you absolutely love and that's when the

magic happens gentleman when you can put together outfits that every time you put this clothing on you feel like a million bucks and it's easy to do the next time most our rule is to smile assume people like you and learn your manners your basic etiquette so many

people think this stuff is outdated they don't bother with it because yeah I'm not even meeting up with people I am rarely engaging with another human being why does it matter here's the thing it's not outdated in fact it's more important than ever it used to be that

if you had a bad first impression you would get another opportunity to make it up nowadays with all these zoom and Skype meetings you have less and less opportunities to make a good first impression and most people don't always make the best first impression so you want to

be on your toes this is going to give you a competitive edge and here's the thing with manners it's simply being a good person and understanding how to project that how to make people feel good you may say a lot you may be a smart guy but if

you make other people feel below you if you make them feel you offend them you upset them guess what they're gonna stop listening to you they have forgotten what you said but they will always remember that you made them feel small that you made them feel little and

guess what the opposite if you maybe didn't say everything you need to but you made people feel great they love being around you that because you got great manners you simply build them up all of a sudden you are gonna be remembered as a better person than probably

what you deserve and now let's talk about confidence confidence is your inner strength this is your inner power to be able to face the day's challenges if you don't have confidence this is going to sink your style if you have great confidence strong confidence this is gonna skyrocket

your style you see the funny thing about confidence is it doesn't make you smarter it doesn't actually make you more confident it just simply allows you to deal with obstacles and problems with a better attitude and that right there is attractive to everybody as a man yeah I

want another business partner I want somebody in my life can help my company deal with the obstacles and problems that we face on a daily basis as a woman you know they want is to have somebody in their life that's gonna be able to deal with the ups

and downs that life is gonna throw at you guys as a partner and they want a confident man now here's the thing nobody is born with unshakable confidence this is something you've got to build you've got to work on and that you've got to improve oftentimes on a

daily basis and unfortunately a lot of guys can have their confidence come crashing down when they go through a bad relationship they go through divorce whenever they go through a bankruptcy they have financial failures whenever they lose their job I've got a very special video I want you

to check out it's an unlisted non-public video that I filmed with my friend Lee we were talking about overcoming failure and we talked about the five steps to command confidence in this video it's a bit longer but we share all types of crazy stories from bankruptcy to divorce

to actually getting carjacked and how you can build your confidence up when you have just things happen in life and how you can build unshakable confidence guys check out this video right here I will link to it down in the description

Look Like A Million Bucks On $100 Budget (11 Specific Style Tips)

tip number one flirt with the sales associates at your favorite store all right so maybe you don't have to flirt with them but get to know them know their names you see the people that work at these stores they know when the sales are gonna happen they also have the power to give you an instant discount right there at the register with a coupon you didn't even know existed I've even had friendly sales people stop me from making a purchase so you know what if you're willing to come back in three days this is gonna go on sale for 50% off I'll put this sweater in your size in the back so when you show up you can get a deal on it my point treat people with respect and they'll take care of you today's video gents I'm sharing with you insider secrets how to look like a million bucks on a budget tip number two if it doesn't fit don't commit gentlemen never buy clothing that doesn't fit you or doesn't suit your body type because clothing like that he's never gonna look good on you you can buy a $2, 000 suit it's gonna look like a cheap suit when you put it on your body and it doesn't fit you properly tip number three no the big ten and I'm not talking about football gentlemen I'm talking about the 10 alterations which can transform every garment that you own the first 4 alterations belong to shirts first up can the shirt be darted next up can the sleeve be slimmed after that can the sleeve be trimmed made shorter and this fourth one simple you could easily do it yourself should the cuff button be moved so the cuff fits better around your wrist next up we've got jeans and trousers the easiest win here start off with hemming your trousers correctly now when it comes to dress pants there's actually names for the type of hemming options that you have you've got a full break a half break a quarter break and no break if you want to show off your shoes and Jen's I know this may seem like a small thing but understand these details are what make a million dollar look to other alterations to consider slim up the leg line and get rid of the excess material in and around the buttocks let's not forget the sports jacket the suit jacket the first thing that's sleeve length guys most men are wearing their jacket sleeves way too long and then let's look at the torso you want to have it brought in if you've got excess material and then the back of the neck you want to make sure you don't have any bunching and easy fix right there the next tip to look like a million bucks on a budget know your wardrobe staples and create a hit list to go after them so wardrobe staples are your go-to items that make the foundation of your wardrobe these are the items you wear again and again we're talking about dark colored denim we're talking about your white t-shirt that fits you well we're talking about your dark colored t-shirts that fits you well your dark colored button-down your white dress shirt your navy or charcoal suit your brown olive maybe even blue sports jacket so the key here is to put together the particular list that works for your professional needs and your personal wants so how do you execute on this hit list well first up you could do it manually that's where you sign up for all the email lists you get the text messages you're looking for the best deal at all these companies pretty much continuously better and easier method though gentlemen check out shop tagger it's a free personal shopping app that anyone can use to put together their hit list and to know when things go on sale when it's in your size when it's back in stock gents I've talked about shop tagger before and I'm proud to have them as a sponsor because they make it easy for you to go out there in window shop first you download the app to your phone or computer next as you're shopping normally across the web you save the items to shop tagger with one click you determine when and how you want to get notified email or push so all of a sudden hey I want to get that when it's 20% off boom they notify you when it's in your size when it's on sale when the deal is there for you to pounce on it and just a few of the brands that shop Tiger works with Nordstrom's Amazon Target Urban Outfitters American Eagle Nordstrom Rack j.

crew Neiman Marcus Ambercrombie and Finch Express adidas Gap Levi's Topman and Thursday boots and even if the item isn't on so you still want to grab it right now you shot Tiger anyway cuz guess what they will actually go through and try all these different coupon codes all the ones that are safe out there on the web and they will find you the best deal that you can get the best part about this gentleman the app is absolutely free it works on your phone it works on your tablet it works on your computer and it syncs between devices I'm leading to the latest version of shop Tiger down in the description of today's video remember that latest version it's got the coupon application which is a great tool guys if you're not shopping with shop tiger you're leaving money on the table so you've got your hit list you're building up your wardrobe now I want you to practice leveraging those classic items with signature looks that you feel confident wearing and that's the key gentlemen confidence let's go for the turtleneck and sports jacket look a lot of guys they just don't feel comfortable wearing turtlenecks because they've never worn a turtleneck but they tried on they put that sports jacket on they love the color combination maybe they've worn it locally a few times then they wear it out to a play to a performance and they feel amazing they look great and guess what it's actually a relatively inexpensive combination the key here gentlemen is confidence confidence you've built up through practicing wearing that autumn maybe in private maybe in around small groups you got a few compliments and that gave you the strength to go out into public wearing something that normally would be a little bit outside your comfort zone but you know that it looks good and you go out there and you wear it no doubt in your mind you look amazing the next step to looking like a million bucks on a budget go with classic timeless elegant oftentimes the finer the nicer things in life they're going to be simple in design and that's why they've stood around so long you want to be very suspect of something that's too gaudy too much in your face this is not going to stand up to the test of time and if you go over and you look at the construction you should be able to feel yeah if it smells of plastic and it's a shoe you probably want to avoid it now let's talk about suits but not suits that you have to wear a suit that you want to wear you see most men when they put on a suit it's because they have to for their job or a requirement maybe for an interview but what if you actually start to rotate through some suits that you just wear for fun you're wearing it for yourself all of a sudden you're able to take a very different approach you can get rid of the necktie you get to have a lot more fun with the accessories everything you bring with it you start wearing it with a t-shirt why because you want to experiment you want to try you are building up your own personal style and really I think setting yourself out from the crowd now that last one may be too much for you how about bringing a sports jacket a sports jacket in a brighter color in a fun pattern it doesn't even have to be a pattern that really grabs attention right here you notice the pattern here we've got this blue with another blue with a black very easy to match I can match it with a wide range of different items in my wardrobe but it's something that stands out from the crowd and it builds up my shoulders Slim's up the torso just makes you look better I know some of you guys are the thing on those suits cost out of money those sports jackets cost a lot of money gentlemen you can grab a suit over at Target for less than a hundred bucks look around there are options out there go to thrift stores go to consignment stores ask your family if someone want to get rid of some clothing and if you're gonna wear a jacket a blazer jacket a sports jacket a suit jacket always put in a pocket square that's what that pockets there for gentlemen and start off with a simple white presidential fold very easy and for some reason if it bothers you take it out but what I find is once you put it in there you forget about it until someone gives you a compliment and you feel like a million bucks now I love myself a pair of good fitting dark colored jeans but if you want to level up that look you want to go for a more luxury look look for a pair of gray flannels and it doesn't have to be in wool those are gonna cost more you can oftentimes find them in dress trousers but there are going to be brushed cotton trousers you'll find out they're oftentimes in a jean design they are gonna be much more elegant and if you go in a grey which i think is the most versatile color out there you're gonna be able to match them with anything in your wardrobe all right so you got the clothing taken care of but let's look in the mirror and let's look at your grooming so first up when was the last time you got a haircut three weeks ago two weeks ago you go get a haircut every four weeks because you got a hair on your ears you've got it on the back your neck let's go in and get a trim now a quick trim is not the same as a haircut they're gonna basically just go around and they're gonna take care of the small details I even know some barbers and hire in stores that if you're one of their clients you can get the trim for free and while you're in there getting that trim ask the barber to take care of some of those crazy eyebrow hairs and take care of those nose hairs and now let's talk about the face gentlemen when you're engaging with people this is what they look at so take care of it I live here in Wisconsin gets really cold during the winter in the morning I swim in the pool my office is about you know 68 degrees so this is a wide range in temperature swings here and it affects my skin so I use a facial moisturizer in the morning oftentimes I use it again in the afternoon your teeth take care your teeth you want wider teeth if you've got dark gnarly looking teeth because you drink a lot of coffee or tea take care of that use a teeth whitening system make sure to use a whitening toothpaste or chew a whitening gum that's gonna kind of help keep the darkening at bay keep your whites white and your darks dark so you don't want to be wearing a dress shirt or white t-shirt for that matter that doesn't look white anymore you know what I'm talking about that off-white it just yeah its yellowish or that black t-shirt that black button-down which isn't black anymore now it's kind of a grayish except a worn out grayish Jets to keep your darks dark in your whites white you need to wash and clean them properly the first rule and the one that most people violate is to only wash clothing when it's truly dirty seriously you wore that Navy button-down for an hour and then you threw it into the wash think of it like a video game clothing only has so many lives and every time you wash it you kind of take away one of those lives especially when you throw it in the dryer all that lint what do you think it comes from it is pulled off of the clothing the next mistake is your washing your clothing improperly you're not doing spot cleaning when that's all that clothing needed you're not going in and looking for stains and then using a stain remover you're mixing lights and darks and like I said you're throwing almost all your clothing into the dryer when many of your nicer items should be air dried now I know I haven't covered how to get discounts when you're in the store when you're shopping online because guys I cover it in this video right here 21 shopping hacks whether you're online whether you're in the store you want to check out this video because I will talk about how you can use Jedi Mind Tricks when you're in the store or even online how to use basically super sneaky ways to get the best deal when you're shopping online so guys check out this video I will link to it down in the description.

Με Απέρριψε Όμως Συνεχίζει Να Δείχνει Ενδιαφέρον! | Men of Style

You decided to express your intentions to a woman you like and since you do it, you do not seeor do not get the response you want in a few words you get rejected.

However, after the rejection andsince some time have passed the woman shows interest again, thesame woman who rejected you at first for example, while you are sleepyand have accepted the rejection suddenly you get a message which tellsyou: “Good morning, how are you?” I am Christos from Men Of Styleand today we will talk about: She rejected me, but continues to show interest.

Let's go! We will discuss the three pillarsin this video, which are: First of all, the way of thinking secondly, how you manages a woman that rejected you and continues to show interest in messages and the third pillar is how you manage a woman when she rejected you and continues toshow interest while you are close.

You are in a mutual company and when even shehas shown you that she is not interested she has rejected you and does not wantto make a further contact with you but continues to show you some crumbs of interest Some times more, some other timesless and makes you mind a mess.

Let's see each pillar separately and analyze them.

First of all, when someone rejects us we stop showing interest because the more we chase a person who is not interested in us or has shown thatshe does not want something erotic with us the more our value decreases so the chances to do somethingwith this woman are minimized.

But once a woman rejects you butcontinues to show interest she touches you when you are close, trying to start a conversation or sends you some messages if you are notin a mutual company, for example then the things get a little confused in your mind because you can not make the things clear for yourself what is the reason or the motive of her actions.

In most cases and to tell you personally when such thing happened and believe me, that happened to me many times I thought the woman was not sure whethershe wanted more information from me In short, she wanted me “to chase her” to convinceher that she deserves to be with me she was not ready to do anything with me.

Any ways, the basis in these cases arethat the attraction is not enough or not that much to establish an eroticrelationship, an erotic contact or finally to start a further communication so that a relationship can be established.

So, the more you chase in such cases the more you look desperate, themore you look being available the more attraction will be reduced.

Of course the basis is that this woman rejects you and continues to show you interest, at least a slightly interest in most cases she is not sure about how much she likes you or she has other choices in her lifeand wants her time to evaluate them.

This is a bitter truth, but youstill have to decide yourself how and how much you want to bother with this woman.

Because there is a possibility for you to be sure to say: You know, she rejected me, I keep on going, andwhatever happens I do not want to bother again.

I accept it and it is perfectlyreasonable and in my point of view It is one of the best decisions you can make.

But there are some other caseswhere you may not have choices and want to see what you can do, you may still want her.

So it requires, when a woman rejectsyou and continues to show interest to manage it in such a way that you do not look desperate do not throw your dignity while you show that you are interested, but set some certain terms, and what do I mean by specific terms.

The most important thing to rememberis that you should not show interest basically to show the greatest interest every time the woman again shows to you thatshe is interested or may be interested.

You will need to communicate, that she can not show interest to take a step back, to show interest again to take a step back, to show interest again and you every now and then to be there, keepon communicating, keep talking endlessly because she decided that it happened orshe just wants some confirmation or just wants to talk to someone who likes her – NO! You will need to communicate thateach time she expresses interest it will be because she decided tomove your contact to the next stages In example to go out and see ifyou want to create a relationship.

Of course, this is the way of thinking, in the second pillar we have what do you do when a woman sendsyou a message after rejecting you.

For example, after three days since she rejected you after a week or a month, she sends you a message and says: “Good evening, how are you?” or “Hi, I saw you there” “I wanted to say hi, but you were with acompany and I did not know what to say” In short, to initiate a communication first after the rejection has come from her.

At this point, she puts you in a mentalposition where you do not know her motives you do not know why she sent the message, shemay be interested, she may not be interested she may be playing, or it is the timing, she could have seen a romantic comedy and suddenly she woke her romanticfeelings up and remembered you and it is simply a message and, and, and .



Any way, you will need to manage it in a very specific way and communicate once more in a veryspecific way your intentions.

So, after some messages, ask her: “When are you free to meet?” and she does not respond or answer or tells you: “You know, we will assign it” – one of the classic excuses then once again you have revealed the truth.

Because if she sent you a message becausehe regretted that she rejected you and really wants to do something with you, obviously she will accept to go out with you.

However, if she simply sent a message, because she felt like it without knowing exactly that reason or just wanted to see if you are still available to talk with her endlessly, without any further contact.

Then you can see that this woman is not interested.

Of course, if she sends you another message she sends you the first message – and you say: “When are you free to meet” She tells you: “I do not know, willsee, I will let you know” Then you do not communicate first, if she communicated a second time and tells you again: “Hey, how are you?”, “Where are you?” and such things… You follow the same plan again, you send three or four messages and then you ask, when she is free to meet if once again she says no, then there is no other chance you have suggested to meet twice, shortlyafter she has rejected you.

We always start from a point that you reallywant to do something with this woman or you have no choices at this point in your life so you say: “You know, I will claim her”, but if you want to claim to claim in your way and in a way that reveals your intentions and moves forward do not send many messages, because the things get confused.

You invest a lot and that is not the best, especially for you.

Now, if you are wondering: Yes and the second time we send three to four messages and then ask her when she is available to meet – and she tells me no and then she sends a message for a thirdtime, then you never ask her out again if she wants, she can ask to meet herself.

Do not forget that in any scenarioand if there is a rejection you should, since the woman has rejected you she should claim you more and to try to win you.

It is not possible to abolish that we can not chase and claim people who have rejected us.

But you can express your intentions in a relaxed way and to show that communication will takeplace within a specific context and within certain limits.

So if she contacts you once again, the third time without asking you to meet, then just say “Hey, but you know…, because I have a lot of work I am too busy, we can talk some other time ” cut the communication directly, if she isinterested she will you to meet.

The third pillar is when she continues to showyou interest when you are constantly meeting.

Happened for you to be in a same company you have shown her or you have expressedher verbally or through acts that you want to go further with her, but shehas shown you that she does not want to but nevertheless, when you meetshe shows a bit more interest she touches, she is teasing you, tries to talk with you learns a lot of things about you, gets in theconversation when you talk to others to participate in the discussion where you also are.

What you will need to remember first is that you do not have to be reactionary.

Any attempt to be aggressive to cut everything abruptly, to berude – there is no reason to happen.

Every person can get in their place in a very specific way and in a very nice way.

So you can communicate your intentions very clearly.

It does not really matter if you show friendlyintimacy and will be positive with her.

So, as a core, keep this: If a woman rejects you, but you like her a lot and you want to see what your real chances with her are.

The purpose is to assign a date, not to goout as friends but go out for a date.

Because the longer she shows youinterest while she has rejected you then she probably does it because she flattersthe fact of talking to someone who likes her.

Not because she really wants to do something with him.

In the past, when I was caught in such cases usually my mind went in two directions: I said, “You know, since she showedinterest, she probably is interested” So, I should keep on communicating with herso I can convince her that I deserve her or that I offer a little more time to see if she really cares.

In general, my mind was a mess on the other hand I was thinkingif I stopped communicating I will completely destroy my chances with the woman I liked.

On the contrary, what you will need to remember is the more you deal with a woman who has rejected you but she continues showing interest to you is that the more your hopes are getting revived and there is a great chance of getting stuck, out of nowhere.

So, keep things simple and straightforwardand never forget your intentions.

I am Christos from Men Of Style and today we talked about: She rejected me, but continues to show interest, Take care!.

To Men Of Style στο Λονδίνο!!! | Men of Style

I am sure you like travelling.

As much as you like flirting and improving yourself.

Personal improvement, dressing, style.

Today I would like to shareto you a unique experience.

And to convey to you some aspects, some information.

But also some knowledge, which probably.

You will find very useful or at least interesting.

I am Christos from the Men Of Style! And today’s video is recorded fromthe very nice city of London.

Let's go! I know it's strange, but I neverdreamed about in my life.

I did not felt repelled about travelling.

Before going on a trip, either withpeople that are close to me.

Either with my friends and partners, I ambeing like: “Take me with you even if cry.

” So this trip to London also arose like that.

My partners and of course my best friends.

Told me: “Come on, we booking it right now, Let’s go, you will also have a chance to see London.

” Of course I was like: “No, I do not want, we have things to do, we have tostay here, what will happen to the company?” But of course every time, because thesame thing happened previous time.

When we travelled to Rome and as resultsI visited Rome again.

It looks like this will happen again with London.

I mean, I will come here once more, because we are not here for many days.

And we will not spend a lot of time, becauseunfortunately the liabilities are not waiting.

However, being able to see different cultures.

Being able to see a different ways incommunication between people.

It is extremely important andit mainly gives you stimulation.

When our mind is constantly receivingnew information, new images.

Then it begins to acquire some kind of experience.

It broadens its criteria, the way it assesses situations.

And obviously we are getting out of ourcomfort zone, which is very important.

Not only in flirting, but also in our travelsand in our everyday life.

Specifically, the first thing I would like to mention is: A very important piece of communicationwhich I can see here, in England.

I mean, I expected English people to bea little more serious, a little more tight.

But, I can’t find such thing, I see they are very polite.

They pretty easy say: “Thank you”, “Sorry”.

In the metro people are standing upso some other people can have a seat.

Those might be older people.

I have noticed it way more often thanI noticed it in Greece, and they always smile.

So when we are positive, we show to othersthat we feel good with our selves.

As I have said before, one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful attractive feature.

Is the way we feel with our self.

When we express to others, that we really like what we do.

We really love the way we live, then obviously, others see a quality in it.

And they want to become part of ourreality and our everyday life.

Which are: in communication, in flirting.

And in friendly relations in social circles.

It has a great effect andbeing a communication tool.

And it is necessary to use it or at least to test it.

To see what its effects are.

Slowly let's get to the point.

Which concerns us and mostly concerns you.

Which is nothing else but flirting.

According to what we know, according to what we see.

But also with the people we have talked about.

We know them, they have been living here for years.

There are some differences in flirting, if you compare with Greece.

By the way, before I continue.

Today, when we recorded this video, it's International Men's Day.

So, you understand that nothing is accidental.

So let's continue.

As we have seen, the conclusions we can make.

In England, it's much easier toget a phone number while flirting.

It is much easier even on thefirst day of acquaintance.

To kiss the woman you like.

However, it is not so easy to meetagain or to go for a first date.

While in Greece it is simpler, it is more common.

From the moment you exchange the phonenumbers with a woman, to go out for a date.

Because the woman in Greece, the Greek women.

They think, from the moment you exchangethe phone numbers, they do it for some reason.

As long, as you express your intentions to her.

And transmit to her and for whatwhy exchange phone.

And not to only exchange phones numbers.

So maybe we could go for a coffee, or goto amusement park for a walk.

It is because here in England.

It is much easier to exchange phone numbers.

So there will be a tension in desire while flirting.

On the first day of acquaintance, at a bar let's say.

Or it can happen in a park, anywhere.

But it is much harder to make an appointment.

Of course this has to do with the investment, it may also have to do with culture.

Which plays a specific role, it has to do with forms of socialization.

8400:04:58, 033 –> 00:05:01, 120Which exist in each country, in each state.

The forms of emotional investment are different.

That means, there is a case where theemotional investment you will have to do.

Will include more attraction, becauseattraction creates intense feelings.

But attraction is the thing that will make thewoman to want to exchange phone numbers.

However the comfort, intimacy and above everything, trust.

All those will make her want to see you again.

And arrange the first date.

So in this case, if you see that youdo not get the necessary results.

Since you have exchanged phone numbersbut there are no first dates.

You do not arrange any first dates.

Then you will need to check out, howyou create feelings to a woman.

How this kind of the emotionalinvestment is done.

The second feature you can see here.

Is that the people are socializing much easier.

They are polite, they smile and it is much easier.

To start a conversation with a woman you like.

Still, I do not know if you've visited London, but.

Firstly: They drink a lot!I do not drink alcohol at all.

And I find it really strange.

To understand how they can consumesuch amounts of alcohol.

And secondly: It is because of the weather, they go out early.

You will see that since five or sixo’clock in the afternoon.

Pubs start to fill and they drink beers.

So at that time it is much easier.

Just go to a Pub, or a bar.

Make your acquaintances and meet people.

It is not something difficult, neither it is difficult in Greece.

The point is, how you feel and howwell do you feel with what you want.

Of course it has to do with your needs.

If you haven’t met a woman in quite long time.

Whether you are in London, or you are in Zimbabwe.

Whether you are in Japan, whether you are in Greece.

You will have to flirt, you willhave to make the first step.

These are the basics, however here in England, here in London in particular.

It is easier to socialize.

And in most cases, if notalways you will notice that.

Even by a very simple wayto start the conversation.

The woman will give you theopportunity to talk to her.

And start communicating.

The next, of course, are the thing which you will have to work on.

That's why we visit MenOfStyle.


You never know what kind ofinformation you can get.

A third feature of flirting here in London.

Is that the people are flirtingthrough Tinder, in particular.

In Greece we use Facebook more.

Here, the social media are quite different.

The reason for this to happen.

Is because they have a bust schedule, they work a lot.

And the second reason that empowersthe hard work even more.

Is the climate, the climate here has moisture, the rains are often and its getting dark early.

Generally the weather is gray, it’s lackluster.

So at this stage it makes you morecomfortable to sit and see.

With whom you match, via mobile phone.

Instead of going out to talk with anunknown woman and flirting her.

Do not forget to travel, to flirtand constantly become better.

In areas which you really like and love.

New experiences open our minds, and widen our horizons.

And they push us to evolve even further.

Our already existing knowledge.

I am Christos from the Men Of Style.

And this video was made in London.

Take care!.

How A T-Shirt SHOULD Properly Fit

[Music] just the t-shirt it's a key essential in any classic casual wardrobe and do you know the number one secret to looking good in the t-shirt gents it comes down to one thing fit is key you see a great fitting t-shirt will compliment your body and can even

help a thin guy look strong and mask on the flipside a bad fitted t-shirt can emphasize your worst physical features so how to get the perfect fit with your t-shirt I'm gonna share with you the simple tips to buying a well fitted t-shirt tip number one make sure

it fits in the shoulders gents we start with shoulder fit because that's the one area that can't be altered or adjusted later if the shoulders don't fit and don't bite so what's a good fit you want the seam to sit at the edge of your shoulder right where

the shoulder bone ends if the seam is hiked up your shoulder you need to get a larger size t-shirt likewise if the seam is hanging down your arm you're gonna need to go for a smaller size t-shirt or a different brand tip to make sure the t-shirt fits

you in the neck so first up we've got the crew neck t-shirt the next size here is pretty universal across brands as long as the crew neck t-shirt fits close to your neck you're good to go v-necks on the other hand are a little bit harder to fit

and it is nice if you can try the shirt on before by now Phoenix in general are great for t-shirts because they emphasize the chest and they can give you a more masculine appearance but be careful you don't want to go too far unless it's an undershirt you

want to avoid the deep v-neck shirt it just doesn't look good how far down should a v-neck tip a good rule of thumb is that a v-neck should never dip below your armpit now sound off in the comments below which side of your are you team crew neck

or team v-neck next up let's talk about t-shirt fit in the chest now when it comes to the chest fit you want your t-shirt to fit relatively close a t-shirt that's way too loose and baggy doesn't flatter any body time but remember this isn't a compression shirt you

don't want it to fit so tightly that you got you you know rule of thumb if you're getting a horizontal stretch line then it's too tight a great fitted t-shirt is going to sit close to the chest without being constricting about one and a half to two and

a half inches of extra fabric next up shirt fit in the waist area now once you've got a good fit in the chest let's look at the waist now this is where things can get a little bit tricky I know there's a wide range of body types out

there and you really want to find a brand that works for your body type and on a side note if you can't find the perfect fit off the rack you may need to actually adjust the shirt you can do it yourself or you could even take it to

a tailor now if you've got an average bill most brands are gonna fit you just fine however if you're a muscular man with a large chest and a smaller waist you're gonna find that many t-shirts are gonna be way too large in the waist area so you're gonna

want to look for a specialty brand or get the t-shirt adjusted at the end of the day you just don't want to look like you're wearing a parachute on the opposite end of the spectrum we got the guys with the round body type with this body type you

got to look for brands they're gonna be more generous in the waist area that being said if you've got a round body type I'm gonna highly recommend you look at other shirt types they're gonna need more flattering to your build now in general the perfect fit in the

waist area is gonna have about two to three inches of extra fabric next up t-shirt sleeve length now the perfect t-shirt sleeve length is gonna hit in the middle of your bicep this is gonna look best for most body types now if you're packing you've got a muscular

build you want to show off the guns thing you can actually go for a bit shorter of a sleeve length and unless you're playing baseball then stay away from sleeves that reach towards the elbow or past them this really doesn't look good on anybody next up we've got

sleeve with one of the most common problems with tee shirts are giant arm openings that make your sleeves look like wings if you're a thin guy wearing a t-shirt with large sleeves this is just gonna make your skinny arms look thinner you want to buy a t-shirt that

fits you well in the sleeve both the length and that width the ideal sleeve width is gonna lightly hug your bicep next up t-shirt length now I know there's a fashion trend right now with super long t-shirts gents unless you want to look like you're wearing a dress

avoid this look seriously any t-shirt that extends pasture crotch and covers your backside is way too long that being said you don't want the opposite problem you don't want a t-shirt that's too short and you can tell if the t-shirts too short because if you raise your arms

and expose your stomach yeah that t-shirt is too short on you the ideal length is going to hit about mid fly that's about two to three inches below your belt line and let's not forget the importance of shirt fabric and how it affects fit 100% cotton or cotton

polyester blend tee shirts are very common and durable but they're not always the best choice the issue is that cotton gets stretched out over time and will need to be washed and dried at a high heat temperature to return to its original shape so if you don't have

access to a dryer a cotton crewneck collared t-shirt can really get stretched out and look bad also if it's a cheaper lower quality cotton it can feel restrictive and can even cause hot spots in those clothes fitted areas me personally I like to look for t-shirts that are

blends using about 2 to 5 percent spandex this is going to give you an overall better fit now besides cotton you're also gonna see other fabrics like bamboo micro modal in wool these can be very breathable they can be lightweight and they can be a lot cooler of

a shirt during the summer the point pay attention to your t-shirt fabric it can have a huge effect on the overall look and the fit of the t-shirt congratulations you now have the information to go out there and buy the perfect fitted t-shirt but how to match that

t-shirt with jeans find out guys in this video right here

If A Man Owns One Suit What Color And Style Should It Be? Men's Fashion Advice

If A Man Owns One Suit What Color And StyleShould It Be_ Men's Fashion Advice Hi.

I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

And today I'm going to be talking about “Ifyou own a one suit, what color and style should it be?” All right.

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That helps more men find this video and helpsus just appear higher in the search engines, and I appreciate it.

The other thing is that we always link youto an article which is useful.

So this article that I link at you is goingto go in a more detail about what I'm talking about here show you images and pictures andtake you over to Real Men Real Style where you can explore and learn more about men style.


So, the question is, if a man owns one suit, what color and style should it be? So the man ñ somebody is asking me this question.

I know that this is going to be their onlysuit, their go-to suit, the suit that theyíre going to wear to funerals, suit that theyíregoing to wear to graduations, weddings, any big events and they donít seem to wear itoften.

This is usually a man that maybe heís gota uniform that he normally wears or, you know, he works more with his hands and so heísnot going to have suits in a normal rotation.

In this case, you want to go with a solidnavy or a solid charcoal.

Either way youíre going to be fine.

If youíre younger, letís say youíre 18years old, 19 years old, I would go towards charcoal.

If youíre over 40 or 50, maybe ñ and youíveactually still got your hair, you know, the color is still in good deep brown, then youcould with the navy.

It will actually make you look a little bityounger.

If youíre starting to gray though, youíregoing to want to go with the charcoal as a little bit of off-white in the charcoal.

Itís going to work well with the gray.

And charcoal in general actually ages a man, so for the younger man, itís not going to make them look like heís 16 or something.


So weíve determined that weíre going togo with the solid.

Why not a stripe? Well, stripes connotate business and theyírenot as virtual, theyíre harder to match and they should not be a manís first suit.

In addition, anything that goes into blackis going to be to start from a contrast, anything that goes into light gray, tan, kaki, allof these other off colors, dark olive green, those arenít for the first suit.

And just, you know, even if you can get itfor free, itís just not going to work when youíve got to attend to a funeral, you know, a green suit just ñ it is at least showing some respect but at the same time you wantto wear a darker, more somber – just muted color.

If youíre going to a wedding, the great thingis that you can actually take that charcoal suit or take that navy and spice it up witha little bit of a more colorful shirt.

So, you can wear it with a light blue.

And all of a sudden, youíre going to introducesome color and some feeling into that.


So, we have agreed solid charcoal, solid navy.

Now, letís talk about the style.

So, the style of the suit, you want to gowith either a two or three button.

You donít want to go with the one buttonthatís for black tie tuxedos.

Four buttons, thatís for basketball playerswho donít know how to dress.

I mean, seriously, three button is the mostyou ever want to go on a suit, just donít get a four-button suit.

Single breasted.

Now, you could go double breasted but itísnot nearly going to be ñ itís going to be harder to find one, first off.

And the other thing is double breasted.

Itís more formal.

Itís not nearly as versatile.

Go with a single-breasted suit.

The vents, and these are the ñ in the backof the jacket.

These are the slits.

If you can find double vents, thatís whatyou want to go with.

However, most off the rack suits are goingto be single vent.

So thatís perfectly fine.

Itís actually a bit less expensive to manufacture.

I like double vents because to me, they aresign of a quality jacket.

Not a determining factor in a quality jacketbut a sign that this is a better-than-average quality jacket.

All right.

So letís talk about your trousers.

If youíre in shape, if you take good careof your body, youíd go with flat fronts.

Perfectly fine.

If youíre a bit heavier, a bit overweight, youíre going to want something that gives you a little bit more room.

Ideally, youíre going to want to wear yourtrousers higher and wear them with suspenders.

Now, I know 95% of you will never do that.

So, what you need to wear are trousers thathave room in them.

You do not want to split those trousers, especiallyif youíre going a year between wearing them.

So go with a double-plait, go with at leastone plait because worse case, youíre just going to blow open the plaits instead of rippingthe back of the trousers.

Now, the cuffs at the bottom, if you go withdouble-plaits, you need to cuff the bottom.

If youíre a taller man, cuff the bottom.

If youíre wearing a flat front, normallyyou should not cuff the bottom, although thereís, you know, is a bit of a contradiction there.

If youíre a very tall man with flat fronts, should you cuff the bottom? You know, I wouldnít cuff them.

Itís up to you.

Itís usually a style thing.

I mean, there arelittle rules for that, but ñ Iím not going to ñ the last thing that you want to focuson with the suit, which I donít think I talk about much in the article.

But itís the fit.

Make sure the suit fits you.

If this is the only suit you want, youírewearing it, and this is a big occasion.

You want to look nice.

If youíre going to be walking your littlegirl down aisle, you want that suit to be ready for it to fit you properly.

And you can oftentimes take this to a tailor.

And for $50 to $100, he can take that suitfrom looking sloppy to looking sharp, or he can tell you that youíre going to need tobuy another suit.

And in that case, youíre going to at leastbe professional to tell you this before the big day.

All right.

This has been Antonio Centeno with Real MeanReal Style.

If you enjoy this, again, please like.

And Iíll see you in the other videos weíllbe doing here.

Take care.

Bye- bye.


9 Styling Tips to Look TALLER and LEANER

so this holiday season you ate well and you've got the proof 20 extra pounds of winter weight or maybe you're a bit on the shorter side well under six foot and you want to look taller jets wearing clothing that makes you look taller and leaner can improve the

look of any silhouettes tip number one when you can wear a jacket wear a jacket why it builds up the shoulders by building up your shoulders it gives you the appearance of looking taller next up know how to wear that jacket properly so when you stand up always

button the front of the jacket and make sure it fits your body right an overly sized jacket a bulky big jacket is not gonna look good on you now I talking about jackets a lot sports jackets suit jackets Blazers jackets but you don't always have to wear a

formal jacket you can go down to a more casual jacket right here I've got a suede jacket in a unique color this is gonna draw attention to the torso to the chest and it's going to basically create more of a silhouette on the shoulder points that's what we're

looking to do to build up the shoulders to slim up the torso now talking about building up the chest that's why I like little details like this we've got these pockets right here these zippers right here very small details but these lines going across they draw attention to

the chest area and they build it up make sure you pay attention to the style so there are all types of leather jackets out there right here it's a classic motorcycle jacket you've seen it many times the issue with this jacket is its bulky look at the layers

of leather right in there and again on a slimmer silhouette on a guy that's overly tall this is gonna work fine but for a shorter guy for a guy that's got a bit of weight this bulkiness in the build and the design of the jacket can actually make

him look even bigger that's why I recommend maybe going for a classic style like this which just has slimmer lines they go up and down versus having that extra bulk now another quick hack to look taller is to make sure you get the right jacket length this depends

on the style of the jacket so a sports jacket like this I want it to go just at the bottom curvature on the buttocks if you go longer especially if you're 5 foot 2 5 4 3 that jacket is just gonna overwhelm you it's gonna look too long

now what about other types of jackets like that leather jacket it depends on the style but most leather jackets are made to basically hug the waistline if you buy a leather jacket but it goes too long it covers the buttocks this style will look bad and it just

again looks like you're getting swallowed up by that jacket it's gonna make you look shorter the next hack to looking taller and leaner is to make sure the items in your wardrobe are tailored to work with each other perfect example sleeve length so your shirt sleeve length and

your jacket sleeve length when they come together you want to make sure I think what we see here is about a quarter to a half an inch it just looks better if you've got the jacket overly long it hasn't been adjusted all of a sudden it's going to

cover the shirt that's gonna make it look like the jackets overly sized if the shirt comes out an inch to an inch and a half all of a sudden is just gonna look like the jacket sleeves or cut too short now gents you've heard me say this hundreds

of times fit is king if you're wearing bulky clothing baggy clothing this is not gonna look good on you now if you've already got an entire wardrobe of bulky oversized clothing I would recommend you take it to a tailor try to get it adjusted but one of the

best things you can do if you're just getting started is to buy clothing that actually fits you one of the best ways to do this by custom pieces now immediately a lot of you guys are seeing autos way outside of my budget guys have you checked out tailor

store they're the sponsor of today's video and they make amazing custom shirts at a fair price now gents if you guys know my background I used to own a custom clothier I've designed over a thousand shirts and I have very high strict standards when it comes to clothes

I work with tailor store is by far one of the best shirt manufacturers I've ever seen so let's talk about measurements this is a huge barrier to guys trying out custom clothing they don't want to go through the hassle of getting 40 different measurements tailor store has made

this simple with the tailor store size me app all you do is download the app you then take your phone and you leaned it against a wall you take a picture that's it guys you enter your weight you enter your height and they will build a shirt off

of this information and if you're worried about not fitting you they've got their perfect fit guarantee so if you get a shirt and it's just off there's something that's maybe a little bit too baggy a little bit too tight in a certain area guys just simply ask them

to remake the shirt and they'll do it next up let's talk about all the details with the shirt so one of the first things I look at is the inside of the shirt I want to look at the stitching I want to look at the way they attach

the buttons because if they paid attention to those details you know that it's a quality shirt guys they knocked it out of the park the buttons are of great quality the way they stitched on the buttons spot-on and they've got luxury fabrics they've got entry-level fabrics I love

their customer service I love when I order a shirt they actually send me an email showing how my shirt is being made keeping me up to date on the progress when I'm going to get the shirt check out Taylor store I'm linking to him down in the description

with an amazing deal guys on your first shirt yes 40% off if you're a returning customer 20% off but use that link use that deal it's the best you're gonna find out there next up let's talk about your trousers you've got to nail the hem the hem is

quarter break half break no break what you don't want to have is full break full break full break which is this right here yeah a horrible look guys it just makes you it makes you look like you're wearing your older brother's pants avoid this and then let's look

at the leg line you don't I'm not saying you got to go skinny but I am saying look to have it thinned look to have it brought in look to have it at least hemmed at the bottom so that you get a little bit more of a silhouette

a little bit more of a leaner look if you go overly large you're really baggy again not a great look that we want to have next up let's talk about the v-neck and I'm not talking about the overly deep v-neck now that's four undershirts what we're talking about

here v-necks when it comes to the t-shirt a classic v-neck when it comes to your sweater to any type of jumper that you're going to be wearing so the v-neck what is new it builds up the chest it draws our attention in there in general they're a bit

more casual so don't think that you can wear a v-neck shirt to a situation in which you should be wearing a dress shirt but it is something you could throw that v-neck sweater over the dress shirt and it's going to draw it build up the chest a bit

more draw attention to that area and I think make you look slimmer and leaner next up let's talk about monochromatic looks and lines so the monochromatic look you're probably familiar with this is where you wear a similar colored top with the bottom what we don't want to have

here is for you being cut in half and us being drawn to the center area so wearing a high contrast belt probably not a good idea wearing white trousers with a black top or black bottoms with a white shirt guys not a good idea because again we're going

to be drawn to the contrast of the colors now what if you want to wear a light-colored shirt with dark trousers again that's where you could throw over the dark jacket or you could even bring in another quick option here which is the and again if you're a

slimmer short guy vests look amazing alright so let's talk horizontal lines a lot of guys know okay I don't want to go for big lines going across but that's a half-truth because even if you're a bit shorter yes you can pull off lines going across you just want

to make sure they're higher up on the body so maybe a t-shirt or a sweater with a pattern going across in the chest area that's perfectly fine but what you want to avoid are again repeating patterns going across or larger patterns so a large windowpane pattern maybe that

has a thicker chalk stripe you'll want to avoid but you can go for smaller repeating patterns that go across and down like a Glen check that would be perfectly fine this pattern right here I think I can pull off it's a bit more muted it doesn't matter if

you're five foot four if you're six foot four it really comes down to guys you understanding why these rules are there and then leveraging them to your advantage and let's not forget about heels heels on a pair of dress shoes or even a pair of boots can easily

add half an inch an inch an inch and a half to your height gonna make you look taller gonna make it look leaner and let's not forget hats hats do make you look taller there's a classic study where they lined up all these guys some of them wearing

hats some of them not wearing hats they had to guess the height guess what if you wore hat people thought you were an inch and a half to almost two inches taller in general why it's all about perception now the big thing with hats is most guys aren't

used to wearing them but maybe your we used to wearing a ball cap so why not level it up start to wear a cap that's functional something that keeps the Sun off of your head and of course don't be afraid to stand up a bit taller to improve

your posture and if you're interested in that check out this video right here where I teach you how to very quickly improve your posture yes simply rolling your shoulders back and improving your posture can improve your perception of height and make it look leaner

Welcome to Real Men Real Style – Antonio Explains Why This Men's Style Channel Is Worth Watching

Welcome to Real Men Real Style – Antonio ExplainsWhy This Men's Style Channel Is Worth Watching Hi, I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style, welcome to my YouTube Channel.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, whatam I going to get out of this? What’s in it for me? Why should I watch all of thesevideos that Antonio’s put out? Well, here me for just a second but I wantyou to, perhaps close your eyes, and think of the most successful person you’ve evermet in your life.

Think about this gentlemen or this woman and – were they a banker, were they a lawyer, were they a master electrician, were they a teacher, were they a professor, and think about this person.

Think about the times you interacted with them.

And let me bring you back now, open your eyes.

Now were they dressed like a slob? Is this the kind of person who you would see and theywill disheveled and their stuff was never in order? No, this person was squared awayand whether or not they were a plumber, whether or not they were a politician, this personwas – they cared about how they presented themselves.

This is what Real Men Real Style is about.

Real Men Real Style is about helping you understand that the way we present ourselves to the worldis nothing more than a vehicle to help us be successful and for others to take us seriouslyand to take us as credible human beings.

I'm going to talk about a lot of things in myvideos but it’s all going to come down to understanding that really what matters ina man’s life is that he – on the inside, that his inner core, that that is good thatthat is strong and style – this clothing we put on is nothing more than kind of likepolish on a diamond.

It allows the diamond to shine.

And that what style is about.

So you’re probably also asking, who’sthis guy talking? And where am I coming from that I can talk about this? well, first ofall, I'm the father, I’ve got three wonderful kids, I'm a husband, got a beautiful wifeI’ve been with for ten years, I'm a Marines so I spent a number of years, five years inthe United States Marine Corps and had a great time — served with some of the best men andwomen I’ve ever met.

I'm also a business owner, so I own a custom clothing which explainswhy I usually wear a sports jacket in almost all my videos.

But I'm also somebody who cares about thisindustry and I want to see more men dressing sharp.

And probably to hammer on this evenmore, I'm a regular guy, I don’t – I live in rural Wisconsin, I don’t live in a bigcity, I'm not some fashion model.

And I come from pretty humble beginnings I think, I grewup in a trailer park in West Texas and I just want to point out guys that I'm just likeyou.

And if I can make the transition to where I'm caring a lot more about my personal appearancethen I know that you can do it.

And I don’t care if you’ve got $10 inyour pocket or you’ve got $10, 000 in your pocket.

Whether you’re from India, whetheryou’re from Indiana, style is something that you can use to help show the world whoyou are on the inside.

So that you could use it to become the man you know, you know youcan be.

So this is what this channel is about and I hope you find my videos interestingand I look forward to you watching them and leaving comments and I’ll see you in myfirst video.


My name is Speaker 2.

I served in Vietnamin the Marine Corps with a unit called Scout Sniper Platoon 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Division1st Regiment.

Headquarters Company Scout Sniper Platoon is the official name of the unit.

In 1969 and '70.

I arrived in June of 1969in Vietnam.

I went into the Marine Corps in December of '68 and served a year in Vietnam, and I had a two-year enlistment and I was released from active duty after my tour, andwent straight home after Vietnam, after six days after leaving Vietnam.

Can you talk about your decision to enlist?What were you thinking? What was your life like before you went? I I was a college student.

I was in my fourthyear pharmacy school here at the University of Texas.

I have a twin brother.

He was inVietnam at the time that I enlisted.

He was serving in the Marine Corps as a grunt.

LikeI said, I was against the war but was raised in a family of veterans and there were there'sfive boys in the family and we're all veterans.

So we, my twin and I, were the last of theof the of the bunch.

And so I knew that eventually I would go intothe military, but I didn't believe in the war.

So, yeah, I was a protester and was involvedin all the antiwar activity to inverse them.

And then at some point, I knew that I wouldbe going to war.

I just didn't know when, but I also knew that I would know when wasthe right time.

And after my fourth year of pharmacy school, I decided that my gradeswere still holding up, but I wasn't really I needed two years.

And the Tet Offensive that just killed a lotof people in Vietnam and so I was feeling guilty for protesting a war that I've neverbeen to.

So I thought well, this might be the time.

Plus I needed the bucks.

I figuredI could finish my school.

There was two years left to get that degree and I could finishmy schooling on the GI Bill.

I'm going to take a break here to readjustthe microphone.

Do you need are you are you do any of my background before I went to college?I mean, back.


I was raised in southeast Texas in theBeaumont-Port Arthur area down where Louisiana, Texas and the Gulf Coast come together.

Andit's a pretty physical area and construction blue collar workers.

And I worked in refineriesin the summer and played football and ran track and did all the things that kids dodown on the bayou and hunting and fishing.

So, it's interesting that I was able to endup in the rice fields that I grew up with except that they were shooting at me Vietnam, because there was a rice field down there where I was grew up.

But I went to Lamar Techfor two years after I graduated my high school in 1964, and two years after that, I was Iwas at UT studying pharmacy.

No because we hunted.

We hunted the rice fields.

There was a marshland down there on the Gulf Coast in the nitrous river and there's a lotof marshes, swamps.

You know, we hunted rabbits and ducks and geese and fish and frog andcrawfish and crab and all the things that you do as a kid in the bayous.

Oh, well, now when I look back at it, youknow, I see all the pollution that I played in and that I fished in and that I ate anddrank, you know, and probably none of it holds the candle.

I mean, Agent Orange product doesn'thold a candle in any of that stuff.

There's so much pollution down there.

It wasn't cleanedup in those days.

I mean, you would literally have froth on the water in some places, whichis the reason that I ended up leaving that area anyway to go come up here to Austin.

I found out there was clean water here.

I've never seen that before.

But, I mean, I loveit where I'm from because I'm Canadian-French and you know, and we lived off on the land.

We ate the food and my momma was a good cook.

So but that's actually where I got hunting.

That's where I learned to hunt because we had to put food on the table.


20 Seemingly Normal Things Men Do That Women Find Irresistible!

Normal Things Men Do That Women Find Irresistible[0:00:00] So, I’m over on Reddit and this is whatI found, “I [Bleeping sound] love watching my boyfriend cook.

I can stand there and watch him all day long.

He’s bustling around chopping veggies, puttingdry rub on meats, stirring things around ina pan, all confident and sure-like.

He thinks he’s just making dinner.

What he doesn’t know is by the time themeal is ready, I want to rip his clothes off and have my way with him first, and eat dinnerlater.

” Another gem found on Reddit, “Mmm.

After a long day of work, the act of looseningup his necktie.


[Bleeping sound] me.

” Tra-la-la-la Laura, she says, “Wear nicesweaters.

The snug sweaters make me want to cuddle.

And by cuddle, I mean bang.

” And, I like how Anthos4228 says, “That’sthe best type of cuddling.

” Now, the next one is interesting.

Supposedly, our sleepy voice is very attractive.

Now, this actually was found in 2013 study, and what they talked about is the aggressiveness that’s normally in a man’s voice is actuallytune down quite a bit whenever we’re sleepy, and women just find it inviting, they findit attractive.

Next up on this list, we’ve got sweat, butnot just any sweat, sweat after a workout.

So, this is based off a 2007 study comingout of the University of California Berkeley.

And, what they found is that heterosexualwomen when they were exposed to men’s sweat, they were actually sexually aroused.

Now, I think there’s a lot of other factorsthat go into this, and I’m not telling you just to go out there and sweat and think thatthis is going to smell great.

No, there are many things that go into this, but understand that if you were into the, you know, that girl you’ve been wantingto talk to and you’ve just finished a workout and you’re maybe in great shape and youare relatively clean before the workout, it’s not going to be something that you reallyhave to worry about your smell, and in fact, it may be something that turns her on.

Next up, rolling your shirt sleeves, especiallydown to the elbow.

Why do women love this? Because forearms.

There’s just something about a man’s forearmsthat women really like.

And, yes, they’ve looked at all differenttypes of forearms.

Different women find different forearms attractive.

But, yes, they are drawn especially to muscularforearms, forearms that have veins on them, forearms that have basically the right symmetryand, again, what that is they didn’t define exactly.

But, women talk about this again and againwhen they see a man’s forearms, this is like some strange fetish out there.

So, guys, when it gets warm, go ahead androll up the sleeves even if you’re a little bit thin, even if you’re a little bit big, it’s still going to be some women are interested in.

All right.

So, this next five I’m going to put themtogether.

We’ve got stubble, we’ve got a beard, we’ve got mustaches, we have bald heads, and we have hairy chests.

Now, what do all of these things have in common? There are women out there that just love theseand there’s women out there that don’t like this.

And that’s I think when you hear a lot ofmisinformation.

They’re like, “Ah, don’t shave yourhead because a lot of women don’t like it.

” But here’s the thing, many women love it.

Any of you guys have shaved heads? Let me down in the comments if you’ve everhad a woman just come up and touch your shaved head and just tell you I absolutely love this.

Same thing with the beards, same thing withmustaches.

Stubble is actually probably the least polarizingof all of the things I just talked about, but women love that.

And, even the hairy chest.

I know some guys like, “Oh, I got to shave, I’m just I’m like, you know, Sasquatch, I’m Chewbacca here.

” But, the thing is there are women that loveit.

And, that’s the key with this point is it’sgood to – you don’t want to be in the middle.

You don’t want to be the guy that is mediocre.

You want to go to one end or the other because, yes, it’s going to not be – a lot of women, they’re just not into it.

But, the 10% the 20% that absolutely loveit, they are going to let you know and they’re going to be drawn to you.

And, as we’re talking about hair, let’stalk about grays.

You’re getting a little bit of gray on thesides, maybe you’re just getting a little bit of salt and pepper on top.

Guys, that can be great.

Women love gray.

Now, a lot of guys they think, “Oh, I needto look younger.

” Not necessarily.

When you look at the pick attractiveness levelfor a man, where is it at? At age 50 assuming you got everything elsein order in your life.

But, women are drawn to older men.

This makes a lot of sense.

And, we see this in nature.

Let’s look at gorillas, what do we see? The silverback gorilla, that gorilla rightthere because of his age, because of his status in the group, he is at the top.

And, oftentimes women when they see the graythey see experience, they see a guy that’s been through a few things and is very attractiveto them.

Next up, geeking out.

This is what I found over at Reddit.

So, Sea Potato, she says, “Speaking passionatelyabout pretty much anything, when my SO speak excitedly about anything he cares about, evenif it isn’t any of my interest, I find it insanely attractive.

” So, gents, if you’re into cars, if you’reinto Star Wars, if you’re into fashion, don’t hide it.

It’s something that’s going to make youmore attractive.

When she sees that you are passionate aboutwhat your – about your life, this is something that people love the energy, they find itattractive.

Freckles, who knew? Apparently, this makes you look a bit innocent.

The concentration face.

So, apparently whenever we are concentratingon things, a lot of women pick up on this and they’re like, “Oh, I like that, itlooks like he’s thinking.

” Something about the concentration face, sodon’t be afraid to, yeah, concentrate.

Now, what about clothing? Yeah, there were tons of things on this listthat women absolutely love.

And, a lot of these you’ve heard before, so I’m going to just list them out.

Boots, women absolutely love boots.

Jeans, well-fitted jeans especially if theman is shape.

T-shirts, a well-fitted tee.

Again, the guy needs to be in shape.

If you don’t have the body type for a t-shirt, a little bit overweight, you’re super skinny, then I would really suggest that you go witha button-down long sleeve shirt that maybe you roll up, again, showing up the forearms.

[0:05:07]Other things like, and I thought this was interesting, bowties.

Why bowties? Because you’re being yourself.

And that’s actually where this popped up, it wasn’t the bowtie so much, it was having the courage to wear the bowtie and to standapart.

Speaking of standing apart, bright or funsocks.

So, apparently whenever women see a man takehis shoes off and he’s got, you know, a really just a simple outfit, but the socks, there’s something about those socks that draws them to that.

They kind of like that, they’re curiousabout what other – what other things does this guy hide.

Next up, we’ve got uniforms.

So, I saw this when I was in the Marine Corps, and any of you guys there firefighters, police officers, you know a woman loves a uniform.

Even the UPS driver, yes, the women love thisuniform.

I’ve heard women talk about how, “Oh, I can’t wait for the UPS driver to stop by.

” It is something they’re checking about.

They love a uniform.

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s the monochromatic look.

There is something about a man in uniform.

So, what can you do if you’re not in themilitary, if you don’t have a uniform at work? How about you establish one.

Again, a suit, think about that.

A nice jacket matching trousers, just putit all together, it makes you look amazing.

Even if you’ve got a casual work place, find a way to bring in your uniform your look that you know you feel great, you walk taller, you look better, and, yeah, you’ll turn heads.


Yes, dogs make you more attractive.

Why? Because they show that you can care for someoneother than yourself.

It makes you look – it makes you look human, it makes you look approachable.

A guy – in fact, they’ve done these studieswhenever they showed a man with a dog, a man without a dog, who would you actually approachfor help? People always go to the guy with the dog.

Point being is a man with a dog is going tobe perceived as more attractive.

Next up, being handy.

Be a guy who can fix things.

A bit of a handyman, someone that can actuallylook at a problem and say, “You know what? Okay.

I can figure out what’s going on with thisdoor.

Yeah, you get something wrong with your plumbing? I’ll take a look at it and do a little bitof troubleshooting.

” This right here, your attractiveness levelshoots up.

Another big part of this, having rough hands, having hands that maybe get a little bit dirty.

Not being afraid to use your hands.

It’s funny, I was talking with my writer, Raphael, and he actually told me a story of how a woman stopped him and actually lookedat his hands like, “Wow.

You’ve got really great-looking hands.

” So, guys, larger hands having calluses onyour hands, working with your hands, women find this very attractive.

Now, this next one is really cool and thatis laughing out loud.

Women love it when they see a man basicallybe able to show his emotions and not be afraid to laugh out loud, not even noticing he’sbeing a little bit loud here, he’s drawing a little bit of attention to himself.

They find this for some reason insanely attractive.

Next up, from Moose with a nice rack overon Reddit, “Initiate cuddling by putting an arm around you and pulling you close.

” So, apparently women love it whenever we takethe lead and we put our arm around them.

Next up on this list, taking care of yourfriends.

So, a lot of women wrote that they love tosee a guy that actually takes care of the people around him especially his close friends, he goes the extra mile.

The way they figure it, if he’s doing thisfor them, then, yeah, he’s going to actually take care of me.

Now, this next point is probably my favorite, and that is women are really attracted to men who are nice to people that they don’tneed to impress.

Nice to people that can never repay them.

Friendly and helpful to people that just simplythere’s nothing to gain from doing this.

And to me, this is what I love to see becauseit’s the true mark of a gentleman.

A gentleman, he gives to others, he helpsothers who can never repay him.

So, oftentimes people are out there lookingto do something for someone else kind of like to gain a favor to gain something.

There’s always an angle to it.

So, I love seeing that women are attractedto guys that really have the true heart of a gentleman.

All right, guys.

So, what video to watch next? How about this one? Old school etiquette rules that every manshould know.

And, go check out this video, I had a lotof fun with it.

It’s got some great information.

Yeah, you want to be following these rules.

[0:08:47] End of audio.

Goth Reacts to 40 Years of Men's Goth Style (in under 5 minutes)

the fam my name is richie from social incapable of love yes i'm filming the video on Valentine's Day mainly because i hate myself but also because i'm putting off going going up to do more but for today's react video I saw its Black Friday one of the Gospels

gots out there with her husband decided to react to a video called 40 years of God men's fashion or something like that and obviously I'm I'm really surprised I've never seen or reacted to this before it's been out for almost a year now I think I reacted to

the women one but here is the man version which is exponentially more relevant to me regardless of if you think I'm a god or not have one big phony or if I'm just kind of a new age got thing what ya want to watch this with you guys

and kind of share with you my opinion on it but before we give this video again there i wanted to let you all know that this video is sponsored by company called audio block they are essentially an organization that provides many many audio clips over a hundred thousand

to be exact of loops sound effects song and music composition that you can use for your projects that means youtube videos podcasts and all that good stuff even for commercial use not even just personal stuff like youtube channel but for vigorous more important projects importantly i wish i

knew about audio block sooner at a smaller channel because you end up getting stuck with really really lame royalty-free youtube music like the implements ukulele track that everything can you do were used to you but instead you get quality tracks like this one or maybe something a little

more sad more my speed and another thing worth noting is that even if you cancel your audio block subscription and you used music from the website or its under their agreement your safe your stuff won't be taken down you still have rights to it even if you don't

have an active subscription so you want to get food do that that's good and you won't get random strikes on your videos so I'm you cannot feed your children so if you're interested in this they're giving away seven day free trial where you get access to pretty much

everything all the stock audio and stuff but I just showcased let me know what you think about the link is in the description ok so let's have a look at the 40 years of got fashion and that see how but her i get over it ah yeah girl

they started off strong with the the blue eyeshadow under the eyes i love it how they start in 1976 with the punk because I get gas wasn't even really like the actual style wasn't a thing yet but it really took hold in the eighties new romantic so so

the Cure essentially home and he looks he looks permanent ok so now we're going to end like yep traditional goth or trav trav got for a second I thought it was going to look more like a hair metal bands but no that's actually the Cure really the hairstyle

gives it away I think I own those boots I mean out cyber game is on point in the form and the contact so far the form of my favorite to get out man I would wear that the trench coat the hair probably not the fact it's more of

a screen Kiwi kind of deal but I'm doing it okay i definitely on those boots I don't know a lot of shoe accessories o Jays so so Trent Reznor how would be lips with so many people are going to be pissed off of me in the comments resentments

was wearing it killed I remember my dad told me that I should have a kilt to my to my doc moth outfit i think it would look good and then from with meme all i could think of now and looking at cyber goth is that meme of them

dancing and like any musical clip goes with them dancing the trip fam that brings back some memories man actually wore trip and ironically back in like 2003 here we go hit out-of-play just said the emos god guys don't look at the comments after the city they just said

email with god I can hear everyone yelling the feather shoulder pads do not like the goatee edwardian okay I like that a lot minus the goatee the go to look stupid everything else so a plus i've seen people wear those like nose rings with the with the dangly

bits that goes from like your ear to your nose I'm not sure I feel about it I've seen some people pull it off but I know I could never do something like that well because I would accidentally tear it out from quality too many dangly bits from your

skin that's terrifying hair taller than my will to live yep that looks like it's black fridays husband days well that that was that was certainly something huh ok so that was 40 years of got men fashion I i really like the the vampire look and I guess the

edwardian era which is the 2010 which is obviously recent to now and I really resonated with those the most actually enjoying these videos because they get most of it right- I i feel like the other the 2005 email thing with kind of thrown in America we didn't have

anything for a while i think in between cybergoth and warranty and there really wasn't much shift that was that was noticeable for the like a fucking email where a lot of black forgot at the end of the day when it all comes down to it got like any

other some culture or fashion is subjective and what you make of it as long as you're having fun with it and not killing people are you know you can call yourself got if you want like yes I identify have got sometimes most of the time I just tell

people alternative but i do love the sub-genre i love the way it looks I love the music in its overall though leaders out there that have kind of a checkbox to look you have to slug figure out where all black be pissed off and listen to this kind

of music otherwise you're not God will be go fuck yourself that that's not how this works but anyway have you seen this video what did you think of it what do you think of the got sub-genre and what should I react to next time I'm wondering if there's

any more videos like this i want to watch more of this and as always stay sad but not too sad and i will see later what ya

Φυσικό Ταλέντο Με Τις Γυναίκες! | Men of Style

Many of you ask me to talk about themen who get all the women or about men who have some naturalability or natural talent with women.

So I decided to make this video and to convey to you the personal experience I had through the great friendship with somemen who were really good with women.

I am Christos from Men Of Style and today we will talk about the characteristicsof men who are talented with women.

Let's go! First of all, I want to clarify that: Several years ago, when I decidedto improve in the part of flirting I had the luck and the misfortune tohave a great friendship with some men who literally had a physical comfort, had a “talent” In communicating and flirting with women and to be honest, especially in theearly years, especially in the early time when I saw them flirting, I thought they hada voodoo doll and were putting pins into it and the women talked to them withpassion and that was quite irritating.

However, what I want to convey is what I saw was a science fiction for me it does not mean that it wasscience fiction for them too.

There is a huge difference between two realities.

One reality is trying to flirt and taking sublingual pills to avoid a heart attack and the other reality is to flirt, to enjoy the flirt and the most important, to expressyourself in a way that satisfies you.

So when I saw these men flirting I thought they did something magical.

Apparently, what was happening was that my own level, based on my own experienceand my own communication skills was at a very long distance from what I saw in them.

Of course, the characteristics Isaw in these men are too many.

However, what I want to convey toyou, is what impressed the most some features that were mainlyabout the way of thinking and not so much about specific behaviors.

For example, what I noticed was that I would never hear themtalk badly about women I never heard them to blame women, swearingon them or talking about them deceptively.

Also, as strange as it could seem to me, they never spoke about their successes.

They did not say: I did this with thatgirl and did that with another.

Obviously, they did not need to do so because they had proved that theywanted to prove to themselves so they did not need to prove anything to others.

Another feature was the criteria they had.

For them, the number one criteriawas never the appearance even though on several occasions the womenwho were next to them were quite handsome the number one feature for them wasthe behavior and the character.

They did not tolerate the rude behaviorsor as we say B behaviors because they wanted their communicationwith women to be of high quality.

However, there is a very specific characteristic, which I will not tell you yet but it is also what, I think, made all the difference.

But let's look at some more, which are just as important.

One of the main characteristics I wantto mention is the appearance.

First of all, yet, many of these peoplewith whom I had a friendship had the appearance, but they did not all havethe appearance that we imagined.

They did not made other’s heads toturn around for them, while walking.

They had an appearance just above the average.

However, even though they did notspend the entire day at the gym and it were not in front of themirror the entire day, saying: Wow, you are a handsome guy.

No, they were not doing that.

Every one of them took care of their appearanceand of a well-groomed style.

So what I want to mention isthe number one characteristic which impressed me the most, it was therelationship they had with the rejection.

But before I mention this characteristic I want to say something that is mostlikely have came up to your mind and many people ask me that: “To be successful with women you have to beBad Boy?”, “Do you need to be a bad boy?” The answer is no.

I had a great friendship with peoplewho had bad boys' features but they were not bad boys.

You do not have to be a bad boy toget what you want with women or to flirt successfully.

Because many times we thinkthat having some behaviors which are bad – is attractive, that is not true! And now comes the time of revelation.

Previously, in the past, and youmight have the same conviction.

I thought that the men who have some talent or some natural fluency with women, are never being rejected.

But when I started being friendswith such people, such men I realized that what was happeningwas exactly the opposite.

However, the relationship they had with the rejectionwas completely different from the one I had.

First of all they were never afraid of rejection.

The second was, that their relationship with therejection was not a relationship of love or hate.

It was just neutral a relationship.

Even though they were rejected quite often and some of the specific menwith whom we were friends were objectively quite handsome, but theywere also getting rejected and quite a lot.

What I want to mention is that forthem there was no rejection.

When they being rejected, theydid not take it personally they did not blame themselves or the womanfor the reasons that caused the rejection and the most important theydid remain troubled for hours what else could be done, that it was their fault that this is how women are andthat is why they were rejected.

No, for them, the rejection was justa fact, they did not criticize it Of course, that gave them a very big advantage.

Because when you experience onlypleasure and you get no pain then obviously, you become better, becauseyou always get a positive feedback thereby boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence.

For example, when we get rejected and we say: “Wow, she rejected me because I am ugly!””She rejected me because that is how the women are!” At that moment you are experiencing a pain.

The next time you want to flirt again this pain will come up again in your mind and in most cases you will tryto avoid a possible rejection simply, to not feel again the pain thatyou have experienced in the past.

These men did not feel pain from rejection.

Instead, they enjoyed everymoment of the flirting process and mainly, this is another characteristic.

They did not want only to flirt, theyenjoyed communicating with women they liked talking to women, whetherthey were flirting or not.

However, even though they had masculine features they were never afraid to show any eroticinterest if they really liked the woman.

So, when a rejection came and in most casesI was in front of them when they were rejected for them, nothing had happened it was like telling them:” Yannis, the timehas passed, maybe you want to leave? ” It was one and the same, there was no difference.

Of course this did not affect them, so every time they wanted to flirt they simply had the ability to concentrateon what they want and how to express it as a result, constantly increasing their chances to do something with a woman they like.

The most important thing that I wouldlike you to keep from today's video and especially if you are of a youngerage, it is that you can see some people who will have some amazing resultsor do something effortless.

However, this does not mean thatyou have to compare with them.

We have to compare ourselves only with the next step we need to do and not something that for us seemsto be as tall as Everest for example.

Certainly there are some people who have some talents either in basketball or in football, in ping-pong or in cooking or to communicate with people or women.

But this does not mean that, firstly, we have to meet the specific criteria which these people also have, or to blame ourselves for the reasons that led us in this position.

When you constantly compareyourself to what others are doing you will not be able to place your owncriteria on what it means to be successful that means, in our case, to flirt as you really want.

Surely there are some people who havesome natural talent in something but practice and experience is the most decisive.

The way you are trying to evolve the dedication and the way you want to improve is much more important than any existing talent.

Talent is just a basis, everything else comes with dedication, commitment and of course, hard work.

So, if you see people and youthink they get all the women which I personally think this isone to four – five percent of the entire population of men on the planet.

I think it is excessive, no mandoes get all the woman.

But that is my personal point of view.

So, if you think there are some men who are very good and you compare yourself with these specificmen, then you get sabotaged by that.

The point is, what is the next step to make you try flirting as you want.

Because it may seem like a mountain, and in fact it may not be.

I am Christos from Men Of Style and today we talked about the characteristicsof men who are talented with women.

Take care!.

Real Men Real Style Summer 2012 Update – 1 Million Views, Thank You Giveaways, & More

Real Men Real Style Summer 2012 Update – 1Million Views, Thank You Giveaways, & More Hey everybody! This is Antonio over at Real Men Real Style, and I wanted to give you guys a Summer 2012 update as to what I have going on.

I've got four big announcements: 1.

We've passed a million views, so I'm prettyexcited about that and I'll be sharing with you guys what's going to happen because ofthat.


The Style System right now is in full sessionand I'll be giving you guys a sneak preview.


The future of Real Men Real Style video channel, I'm going to let you know what's going to go on in the frequency of the videos comingout.


And I need your help because I'm going tobe giving away clothing and products worth thousands of dollars this summer, and I wouldlike your help to help get it out there, so let's jump into it.

One million views and it's growing, so thisis really cool, over 10, 000 subs, 5000 views per day, an international audience, and thisis something I'm really proud of, is that the comments and the interaction below myvideos, they're really civil and they're very helpful.

I see people helping each other out.

I'm going to talk about it a bit later, butthis is something I am very proud about.

I'm very happy.

I think people are really taking value fromthese.

This summer, we're going to be having quitea few giveaways, but you need to be on the email list, so you're going to see quite afew videos out there.

We're going to be giving quite a bit way.

I'll talk a little bit more about that later.

Now, the Style System, it's in full sessionright now.

I started two weeks ago and it's going tobe in session until July.

Close to 100 men are improving their styleright now.

It's going to be offered again in August, in case you're interested in looking at it, and I want to give you guys a sneak peek becauseit's going really well and I'm really proud of it, so let me bring this right over.

Here is the Style System.

It's not overcomplicated.

You've got a basic browser here at the top, but let me give you a few pages.

And by the way, it's got seven modules, sevenbonuses, but we're in the middle of it, and part of the strength of the Style System isI don't give everything at the same time.

It's step by step, piece by piece.

But here, you can see module one.

We had four parts, but actually there's goingto be another part, but you would click on — let's say you wanted to learn about howclothing affects behavior.

Well, we would have a video with an articleand this is something I've never before released, unique content, and here's the strength ofthe Style System, is the Style System has 42 tasks.

And every time you read or you go throughone of my Style System pieces, you have to interact.

And you're sending us information and you'rebasically talking about and we're interacting on what we just covered.

This other one on Understanding Your BodyType, that's in module two.

Again, you're seeing information.

I've created these images.

I had an artist put them together for me andwe talk about every body type out there.

I'm really giving you a lot more informationthan I've released anywhere else.

And then at the end of this, you are basicallytelling me what your body type is and you're sending me some information which I then useto interact with you and give you immediate feedback, so it's basically a college course.

In addition, we're supporting it with 15 webinars.

We've already actually gotten through fiveof them.

These webinars are twice a week and they'relive, and you get to interact with me.

Then we've got bonuses, so seven bonuses.

Right now, we're at bonus two, but the onethat just came out the other day is Manly Manners and this is an independent PDF, aquick read-through on understanding manners.

I've got this closed Facebook group whereyou can see everyone in the Style System is invited to come in and interact and talk aboutstyle in an environment — I would say I keep it closed really because it's for the gentlementhat entrusted me to help them with this group, but really, I wanted to create an environmentwhich was friendly to people looking to improve their style.

That's what we got going on there.

Now, the future of the Real Men Real Stylevideo channel, you're going to see less videos over the next two to three months becauseI'm focused on the Style System.

I'm creating a lot of content for those gentlemen, so that’s where my focus is right now and on my custom clothier.

I'm still going to try to get out at leastmaybe one to two videos a week, but it's not going to be the one video a day that you see.

We've got over 240 videos out there that we'vecreated in the last year.

And so, if you’ve got a question — mostlylikely you haven't watched all those videos, so go back to the archives and just checkout some of the older videos.

Also, I'm going to be experimenting with differentvideo styles such as presentations like this, but I'm also going to be partnering with otherchannels.

And if you've got suggestions of other channelsthat I should be partnering with, go ahead and send them to me.

I'd love to hear that.

Now, let's get to number four, giving awayfree clothing and products.

Yeah, this channel is successful because youhave helped me build it.

I recognize that.

Also, you've provided great comments and Iwant to recognize the people that have done this.

You've shared my channel with others via YouTube, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and even via email, word of mouth.

I want to thank the people that are doingthis because you've supported my Men's Style Q&A website and have made that other websitewhat it is.

So I'm asking your help.

I'd like for you to nominate the people whoare champions of this channel.

Okay, so what are the guidelines? There are five guidelines, and guys, thisis all I'm going to give.

I know everyone's going to have some particularquestion, but really all nominations, first they're going to be selected from the belowcomments, so you need to comment on this video.

Please don't send me emails.

Don't use the contact forum.

It needs to be public and it needs to be rightbelow in this video, no other videos, this video right here.

You can nominate yourself, but I think I'mgoing to lean on the people who nominate others.

And the great part here is if the person younominate wins, both of you win.

I'm doing this because I want you to go backand look at older videos.

I want you to go back and look at the peoplethat have championed this and be able to identify them.

Perhaps you came to this channel because somebodypersonally recommended it in a conversation you were having over drinks.

I want to hear that story.

Understand, and there are no set criteriaas to what makes a winning entry.

I'm looking for unique, interesting storiesthat are very specific.

I'm looking for people that have championedmy channel, so I don't care if maybe you have a big blog and you're able to get a hundredpeople to my channel, or maybe you don't know that many people, but you talked to two orthree people, and both of them are now big proponents of what I'm doing here.

I'm going to judge those both the same.

And probably, I'd like to see both of thoseguys win, but really, the only thing I would say is provide specific information and keepit under 500 characters, which YouTube limits you to.

Winners, they're going to be selected allsummer or until I run out of gifts.

So I'm going to be giving this out as longas I can.

I've got a lot of, let's just say, productsthat people have sent me and I would like to go ahead and recognize a lot of the companiesthat have sent me this, and I would like to go ahead and give you these products.

We've also got electronic products, whichI'll be giving away as well.

Winners are going to be notified via the commentsbelow.

And from there, I'm going to ask you to emailme.

So I know that a lot of these people, they'rein a sense anonymous.

It's one of those things.

I'm going to go ahead and leave a quick commentbelow your comment below, so everyone can see it.

And from there, I'll have you go ahead andcontact me and we'll exchange a bit of information just to make sure that you're the right person.

And then we will go ahead and I'll send youout a prize and we'll make it happen that way.

That's it.

So I wish you guys to have a stylish summerand I will see you in the comments.



Πώς Να Δείχνεις Άνετος και με Περισσότερη Αυτοπεποίθηση! | Men of Style

Before I start anything I would like totell you to subscribe to our channel to learn anything that a man may be interested in.

I am Themis from Men Of Styleand in this video we will see How to show more confidence.

Surely, confidence when you want to flirt and to attract a woman, is something that will help.

As I have already said, to have confidenceis definitely something that will help and is a law, it is an inviolable rule that a woman wants a confident man beside her.

But if you are not confident, the questionis: Can you get more confident? Of course you can get more confident but confidence does not only appearwhen someone talks with you it also appears when someone isnot talking to you.

For example the way you behave the way you are moving, the way you stand, theway you talk, the way you are watching someone and all these features imply that you are confident before someone even meets youand comes in contact with you.

Now for the people who come in contact with you again it is pretty easy to understandif you are confident or if you are a little more indecisive, you have a little more insecurities and it is not bad to have some insecurities more or less, all of us have issuesand insecurities in some areas.

But it is good to try to becomethe best version of yourself.

Some things that separate a decisive and a sure man from a man who has insecurities are: A man who has more confidence about himself compared to a man who is a little moreinsecure, is more open-minded and the other is a bit more narrow-minded.

A man who is more confident makesthe compliments a lot easier while a man who is insecure istrying to get a compliment while a person feels confident about himself feels good on his feet, feels that he canlearn something from someone else while the other person thinks he knows everythingand has an opinion about everything.

Of course, we all have an opinion, as i have said in an older video about the opinions and how much theopinion of the others counts but you can always learn something from someone else.

In general, what separates people with confidence and people with insecurities is how they face some situations, how positive they are and how easily they can show their defectsor hide their weaknesses.

Now, of course, we may not have allbeen born to have confidence but there are certainly some ways youcan show more self-confidence.

We will discuss them right now.

The first way to show more confidence is to become clearer, especially whenyou are flirting with a woman and you are trying to go around andaround, to go through Lamia to tell her what you want, what happens in Athens you understand that you do not show thegreatest certainty about yourself.

Be clear and talk like a man to woman do not just remain in the exchange ofinformation, but try to flirt.

A man who has a purpose, has goals, shows that he also has confidence.

And that reminds me of the second way that you can show more confidenceand it is visual contact.

Sometimes it can show more confidence not what you say, but what you will not say and when you start to flirt with a womanand keep a clear eye contact then you have won a very big part of the body language.

When you flirt with a woman and look her in theeyes and show that you are not ashamed you naturally communicate that you have sexuality, thatyou are interested in her and you are okay with it.

Of course this shows a lot of confidence.

The next way to show more confidence is to start controlling yourself.

And the word “control” may have been misunderstood, but it is not a bad word at all talking about the best version of yourself.

Of course, if you talk too fast, you need to controlthe situation and talk more slowly.

So, the first thing I suggest you do is to do all the things a bit slower.

Talk a bit slower, because automatically it willshow that you can control the condition that you are not stressed so much and you are not talking fast becausethere is all this stress and all this war in your mind but you can control yourself.

And since I spoke about the body language it is understood to be a very important element to show that you have confidence or if you feela little uncomfortable in that place.

So if you feel a little uncomfortable in thatplace, usually what you do, you will gather for this, the first thing I suggest you do is to observe yourself and the body language.

But having a wooden body language, even though it will be right it does not mean that it will be attractive and confident but what it means is that you will be over-trying.

For example, you can be over-trying you have heard from somewhere that youhave to be taking a lot of space to show that I have good body language and you go to the bar and lay up, lie down or be in a chair and stretch out and show a different body language You are trying to show an “Alpha male”.



You do not have to, because every time you are over-trying, it is something that reduces your value.

What I suggest you do is to sit as you feel comfortable atfirst and observe yourself.

So, if you make a comment, youshould bend continuously or your shoulders keep being curved forwardand tend to bend your body start expanding your body, expandyour shoulders and your chest and sit straight but at the same time relaxed.

The next way to show self-confidence is to relax to pull out and to really throwaway the weight from you.

Yes, you will need to show determination you will need to be a leader and make somedecisions, especially in critical points but generally when you are flirtinga woman and having an date relax a little, have fun and do notbe afraid to show your defects if it happens to laugh about some mistakeyou, a silly thing you did – even better because this will show that you arenot afraid to face your weaknesses.

The last way to show confidence is likethe previous one and is to have fun.

When you go out, you have to lower your standards so that you do not have this perfect torn image which makes you very serious and very unrecognizable.

Also, if you start talking and socializingwith people around you you will start to entertain, but at the same time to further expand this comfort that surrounds you and when you go out to the bar you thinkthat everything within a meter around you and nobody can not enter this place.

Start talking and socializingwith other people around you.

In closing, I would want to tell you that if you do nothave confidence, you do not have to drive yourself crazy.

Make a decision to change yourself and once you make that decision keep in mind that it will not happen in a day but it may take a little longerthan what you have in mind.

It may take ten days, it may take a month may take fifty days, it may take two months but soon you will feel better.

The first thing I suggest you do is if you can not keep eye contact with anyone start to keep eye contact with people on the road and if someone looks at you a little more, just smile and you will immediately see that thereactions of people are very positive.

Still, if you do not talk to strangers at all starts talking with unknown people on the road It may be one or two minutes, some basic information and this is something that will make youfeel a little more comfortable.

It may scare you at that moment, but it will makeyou feel more comfortable right then.

So, the next way to feel that youare expanding your confidence is to make every day something that scares you.

Do not necessarily talk to strangers, because if you do that I promise you, after three, five, ten daysyou will start to feel comfortable with it.

Find some interesting things that scare you you may be afraid of Skydiving or you might be afraid of Bungee Jumping do it and you will see that while at first you wereafraid too much, in the end the reward is enormous.

I am Themis from Men Of Styleand in this video you saw How to show more confidence.

Until the next time, have fun!.

Γιατί Δεν Επικοινωνεί Ποτέ Εκείνη Πρώτη; | Men of Style

First of all, we are in Heraklion, Crete and I am recording this video from Kazantzakis' tomb which is an amazing place and as youcan see it has an incredible view.

The whole team of Men Of Style and I wouldlike to thank the Heraklion of Crete for its incredible hospitality, as you knowCretans are awesome, impeccable on that part and above all, we would like to say thatduring the days we are going through here we did not only come here for some professional liabilities but also to meet some people who wanted to see us closely something extremely important.

Let's go now to the main video.

You like her, you have met and you havealready started contacting her however, there is a question among you two because what troubles you is that she never communicates first.

I am Christos from Men Of Style and today we will talk about: Why does she never communicate first? Let's go! First of all, in order to be able to clarifywhy she never communicates first we will need to look at some very important parameters.

The first parameter is about the locationof your contact or your relationship.

To give you a better understanding of what I want to say.

The beginning plays a very important role inyour communication, in your relationship and if she communicates first.

I want you to imagine that there isa line, there is a straight line with some very specific time intervals.

The first time interval is fromyour meeting to the first date the communication that will take place from thefirst moment you meet until the first date.

Then is the communication from thefirst date until the second date and then we have the communicationthat will be established from the second date and onwards.

So remember, from the moment you meet up to the first date obviously you communicate first to arrange to go out.

If you expect the woman to contact you first to assign a date you can sit alone at home like a bumper and never go out.

Why; Because the woman needs to feel comfortableto start communicating with you.

Once you go for the first date and everythingwill be well, you will not end up fighting and there is a chemistry between you, an erotic attraction but also interest for your characters, towards each other You will have to, after about three to four days to communicate first to assign a second date.

So, remember that from the first moment of the acquaintance up to the second date, it is you who willprimarily activate the communication.

So remember, after the second, at most after the third date the woman will feel comfortable tostart communicating with you.

But let's now look at the other three parameters.

The second parameter includes two subcategories: The first is how easy it is for you two to meet and the second is how she responds when youusually communicate, when you send her an SMS.

In the first subcategory, which is abouthow easy it is for you two to meet when you communicate first and the woman is receptive and generally adjusts her schedule you adjust your schedule and you meet then even if she does not communicate first, it is no problem.

But if you see that you always communicate first and the woman has a problem with her schedule once she can not make it, once she avoids, once she wants, once she cancels it then there is a problem, there is a problemnot only that you communicate first and invest in meeting more than her but there is a problem in not meeting, whichis perfectly reasonable and practical.

You can not be constantly sending messages first: “What's up;”, “What are you doing;”, “How are you;”, “I am happy we talked!” “We had fun, we should meet again”, and shedoes not send first then there is a problem.

But when you see that woman responds at first you meet her, it is not difficult to arrange a date while at the same time you send first, thenkeep the communication in the basics.

That is, when you want to communicate with her, keep it on the typical level, on a loose level and just suggested her to meet her on a date.

As time passes, the more it will feelcomfortable to tell them again and at the same time, and over timeshe will start sending first.

The second subcategory is about how she responds.

What does this mean; For example, when you send a message it does matter very much on how fast the woman will answer but also what kind of message she will send.

If every time you send a message it takes her a day to answer or she also sends, answers, responds but sends two lines just to keep a formality, then this is not so typical.

So, once again, keep on the back of your mind that if you see that the woman's response is delayed or she does not invest as much withinthe message to ask you something “What are you doing;”, “How are you?”, keyquestions that show if she is interested even in basic form about your interests or your everyday life then you should just suggest and ask to meet her inthe nearest future, and then you will see the rest.

The third parameter is how often you meet.

If you meet one or two times a week at most then it is not bad to send her a message once a week or to call her to see what is she doingor to see how her daily routine rolls.

But if you meet every day, do not send her every day to see what is she doing, how isshe, when did she go to a toilet when she met her friends, how did she goto work, what did she eat, how she slept because if we are in the beginning, there is a chanceto push and frighten her, to make her nervous.

So if you see that you meet everyday or too often within the week and that you want to send her every day, do notthink that she will feel comfortable with it on the contrary, there is the possibilityof pushing her even further at the same time you show that you are given and desperate because you are in a hurry to move the things forward.

If from the beginning of your contact and relationshipyou start to communicate every day all day then this thing will begin to createsome restrictive conditions and restrictive frameworks and after some time or some months and if everything goes well and your relationship rolls it will be as if you wanted to give her areport or ask her to provide a report.

And finally we are dealing with thefourth parameter that is about how often you communicate first.

So if you combine the three parameters I said before then you will understand that if you keep communicating first not just to ask what is she doing or tostart building a communication between you but you are the one who suggests first to go out then you make her afraid, to feel pressure and to leave.

At the same time, you should alsoallow the woman to show interest or as we say, it is not bad to claim, butgive her the room to claim you as well to express interest, not necessarily to ask you to go out but after some time it is necessaryfor the woman to start sending first because it is a very important sign of interest.

I am Christos from Men Of Styleand today we talked about: Why does she never communicate first? Take care!.

How To Wear A Blazer | How To Style A Blazer For Men Properly

good afternoon gentlemen my name is Ollie it's maybe that guy and today is a men's fashion video and more specifically we're going to show you two easy simple smart casual looks using one of the staple pieces of any man's wardrobe which is the Blazer please check out my

blazer I'm wearing now so if you don't own a variation of nice Blazers you're not doing it on the fresh in front because a blazer can simply change any outfit so much smarter version all with jeans that can make a really sort of high-end smart casual look so

the Blazer was a stable piece of every guy's wardrobe so the first one we're going to show you is the gray blazer with a slight check let's not look so much at the brands today we're not going to tell you where this is even from because you can

find something similar in any shop worldwide make sure it's fitted a blazer only comes to your belt line and not weigh down over your bottom that'll be a suit make sure it's a blazer Blazers don't have suit trousers okay it's not a suit to blazer so the gray

pattern slight check it could also be in a plain gray but this works really nicely so let's have a look at the whole look this look which will always work but let's start right at the bottom we've got my old brogues here doesn't matter that they're a bit

smashed up a plain brown brogue that is the style of the pattern on the toe there you can see then we're going to come into these skinny ish kind of slim they're not too skinny straight leg jeans with rips and patches remember that these rips and patches are

now very trendy and actually this look would work for a lot of people to go to a meeting if you're in a cool industry where you can get away the slightly more fashionable look then you could definitely wear this I know a client of mine is a guy

who works in advertising here in London and this is the kind of style he says he most feels most comfortable going to meet clients in throw trendy very cool for a mature guy or a young guy but also has a fashion input and also has that small element

to show you you're a businessman you about your business and about that money okay so so got the skinny jeans have rips in we've got the matching simple fetched belt to go with a brown color of the shoes we're gonna have this fitted white shirt hanging out or

loose like that it's smart casual yeah I look great but you can let the shirt hang out cuz you like that it's smart cash it's a bit messy within the fact that it's nice and structured thus we're gonna have the shirt quite low I normally wouldn't have though

that many buttons on done but especially for kind of summer spring look wear the sunglasses on love it call are quite wide and open like that showing a bit of skin off around the neck we then have just a lining of the blazer here all right that's just

the lining but it works to go with the turn up here and then ultimately showing off a bit of jewelry and the watch as well you don't need to have the sleeves up you can have that down as such but we want to show you how the lining

can be worked in with that if you didn't want to do that let's show you another style you could do the lining obviously is never going to be as good as a real pocket square we've got this summer favourite of mine and we're just going to stick that

in instead in a pink to go with these light colors this kind of I say summery look it's not really it's light colors but you can just as easily wear this in the winter but it might be particularly nice for a day in the city at work for

the sleeves back up a game at this time we wouldn't want the red lining showing because you've got the pink there and it's another cool look and in fact guys you know we can even do we could get rid of sunglasses hope that we don't totally screw up

on microphone which we're good okay so there we have it we've lost the lining we put a real pocket square obviously more favorable alençon for this pink combo works really nicely with the light gray and the light blue of the jeans brown shoes that the only other bit

of difference in the color scheme right it takes a real man to wear pink so the pink pocket square and the pink tie look grey chicks dig pink I always really pops off and again it's perfect for the summer and if you were going for a meeting or

you an office where you could wear geez people to make a bit smarter absolutely perfect I would rock the hell out of this on a date with a high-end woman I'd go for a nice brunch shorts for a nice lunch or something or a business dinner definitely dressed

like this if smart casual is very high-end but it shows you've got a high level of style even when you're dressing for a serious scenario but that all said and done this is a perfect casual look as well choose your audience right but if you're dating a lady

whose appearance is a sort of high-end smart casual type of dresser she's gonna really really love this it may not work so well if she's a hip-hop fan know your target ice let's have one more look at it for this one we'd also tuck the shirt in because

the tie makes it a lot smarter one button done up and there we have it boys that is the first version of our easy classic blazer smart casual looks all right guys so we're back that was our first smart casual men's jacket using the gray blazer the kind

of vibe for that one was very mature gentleman sort of straight down the line smart casual GQ high-end men's fashion like a picture someone I sort of you know a business lunch or on a boozy champagne date on a Sunday afternoon wearing that at Harrods all right for

all of you for our viewers that's our number one Pasha's department store it's got that vibe to a man around town go get a businessman okay this one is a lot edgier it's kind of got a rock and roll vibe to it so now let's think again it's

a well-to-do guy definitely not rock and roll as in the back of the concert off your head on cocaine rock and roll this is much definitely the manager the record label exec the kind of guy he works in a cool district of in you know a big city

in his country and it's definitely involved in cool industries so even if you're not you dressed like this and you are going to give off those vibes all right so let's check out one wearing we've got the classic velvet blazer the older are more up this gets with

this look it's going to look cool it's more vent and of course the sunglasses from the same look said this time they're on the face although he could have them like that as well then we're going to have a pattern shirt with any kind of pattern as long

as there's some clothes dottie pattern right no flowers nothing like that in plain black and white so we've got the plain dots black buttons and done up to the top button is massively important because that's the rock'n'roll way you do it in this look blazer on top down

off the top button my earring is perfect for this the little cross crucifix again rocking it put up the sleeve slightly show off some jewelry here then we're going to go down I've decided to whack in this belt with a big round coin but you could put in

any kind of detail belt I like this one it works oh oh the look and then finally we get out of the jeans skinny ripped jeans in black to show that it's a fashionable look I'm a fashion guy and then finally we've got the shoes absolutely freakin love

these these are a Chelsea boots that's the name of the boot with the elasticated fitting side with a Brogue pattern on the toe which is also these smart kind of expensive looking boots brings the look back into that very smart casual rock and roll style you know I

do look like a smart guy even though I've got these vibes running through the look of rock and roll and a debauched past and somebody left the party I bet all my guys got my together and has a good job and a good career I look very smart

so sunglasses back on and I can certainly picture a well-dressed guy in a cool industry out of lunch compressing the hot girls at work in his office in this look or could be in a bar drinking either look scandal at work really well so there we go guys

that was how we were team up to classic flavor flavored favorite jackets the plain black blazer or the grey check blazer give it a try at home be sure to subscribe like and leave us a comment I'm Olly it's may be that guy peace

A Man's Guide To Color: Hues and Tints | RMRS Style Videos

Hues Tints Shades & Tones Man's Guide To ColorVariations In Men's Clothing Colors [0:00:00] Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno.

I'm the founder of Real Men Real Style.

I've got a question in that I thought waspretty darn good.

The gentleman is asking me, “Antonio, I wantto go with this blue sports jacket.

It is a true blue, a little bit brighter thannavies or any of the other colors out there that you're recommending in the core wardrobe.

Is this an item that I can wear and I'm goingto get a lot of miles out of or should I go with something that's more traditional, perhapsin the navy darker blue?” This is the question I'm going to answer andI'm going to give you guys a little bit of information about understanding hues, tints, shades, so I'm going to use some technical terms.

I'm going to support this with an articleover at Real Men Real Style where I'm going to go into more detail.

Before we get into this, gentlemen, I'm goingto ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

That way, these videos come right to you andyou don’t miss any of them.

In addition, if you like this, if you findit useful, I'd appreciate the like.

And if you go down into the comments, if you'vegot questions, if you've got something to add, guys, you know I love your comments.

I love it when you go in there and you addto the video.

You give really thoughtful comments, whichhelp enhance the video and improve the community that we've got here at Real Men Real Style.

The question that came in is, “Antonio, isthis color of blue versatile enough to be worn in multiple ways like the more traditionalnavy blue? I'm not sure if it should be my first purchase, or should I go with the traditional navy?” The jacket that he's talking about is verysimilar in color to this jacket right here.

This is a true blue.

It's going to be a brighter blue and it isblue.

Sometimes I use the term — and I just say”blue”.

Get a blue sports jacket; that's going tobe interchangeable, but what I mean and what I'm usually referring to is something in navy.

This is a navy — actually, a suit jacket.

You've probably seen me wear this in a coupleof videos.

It's going to be three buttons, but the pointis the fabric is darker, it's solid, and this is going to be in my opinion the jacket thathe should start off with.

I'll explain why here in a second, but it'sgoing to help if you guys understand a little bit about what do we mean by colors, whenyou hear the word “hue”, when you hear “shades”, when you hear “tints”.

I've got a few notes right here, but basicallythe point is that a hue is the same thing as a color.

Those terms are interchangeable.

There are 12 — well, it depends on who youtalk to, but there are going to be 12 main colors.

And when I say hue, those are the original, those are the bright colors.

So the jacket that we're talking about righthere, this is going to be blue closer to the original hue.

Right here, we see how it's pretty bright.

So I'm going to throw out a few terms hereand I'm going to explain how we get these various colors.

When I say the word “tint”, what I mean iswe have the original hue and we've added some white to it, so a lot of the colors out therewe're going to see are tints.

These are often called pastels as well.

If you look at especially polos, other formsof shirts, we will see them in pastels.

So when you see the word “tint”, when yousee the word “pastel”, understand that it's a hue basically that has had white throwninto it.

Now, the next term I'm going to bring up are”shades” and that's where navy comes in.

Navy is blue in which black has been addedto it, Therefore, it is a shade.

Shades are going to be very common in menswearas well.

They work well with most of our colors.

They're easy to match.

Most clothing out there is going to be ina sense a form of a shade.

The last point that I'm going to talk aboutis a tone.

I've got a jacket that is — this one righthere, you notice how it's a little bit lighter blue than the navy.

This one has not so much.

It has a little bit of white, a little bitof black, so gray added to it.

Therefore, it is a tone of the color blue.

Does that make sense? Again, I'm going to link over to the articleand I'm going to go in more detail in the article, but understand the word “shade” basicallymeans that you've added some black to it, the word “tone” means that we've added somegray to it, and the word “tint” means that we've added white to a hue.

Hue equals color.

To answer the question, I'm going to recommendyou go with a navy or you go with a little bit lighter.

Maybe you go with a tone of that navy, soa little bit lighter color than the navy, but don’t go with the true blue as yourfirst sports jacket.

It's going to be a little bit harder to match.

I recommend that sports jacket maybe for athird of fourth sports jacket, but not your first one.

All right, make sense? Take care, gentlemen.

I'll see you in the next video.


[0:04:49] End of Audio.

AskAW 13 – Suit Supply, Harvey Specter Suits, Man Nips, College Style, Boot Creases

hi welcome back to what are you talking do this over again alright hi welcome back to my ass aww show where I answer all of your questions about style grooming dating etiquette and so forth if you have any questions be sure to leave it in the comment section

below or visit the link in the video description so look who I have here hello returning guest again cuz he just wants to keep answering these questions with me let's try to take the spotlight my fiance Dorian let's be honest I think it's more out of convenience you

didn't have a guest this time and don't say that I get the call like this tap on the shoulder like are you hearing kids no it's because you've been begging me to be on the show Google+ oh yeah finally I thought this Christmas present or something I would

allow them to you know get a little bit of the spotlight today oh I'm so excited thank you thank you actually for letting me be on your show oh my gosh alright so should we get into it yeah let's do it Stephen asked I'm average height 5 foot

8 and thin but have a long torso due to this it's hard to find a well fitting suit off the rack and alterations can be anywhere from four to eight hundred dollars I'm thinking made-to-measure is best for me I look to add suits apply and similar services but

I don't want to be taken advantage of since I'm new to this any advice you can offer so basically you want to just follow in terms of how your suit should fit the general fit advice that I've given about suits I made a whole video about how your

suit should fit so be sure to check that out for you you're 5 foot 8 I you want to make sure that the length of your jacket if anything hits you about mid crotch so that's the middle of the top of your pants to the bottom of your

crotch it could be a tiny bit shorter but definitely not longer than that because it will make your torso look even longer so it's better that it's mid to upper crotch just a little drier area yeah because you're trying to just kind of fool people visually when they

look at your body that it looks more proportional than it really is and then what he was talking about soot supply we get this we get this question a lot of we see a lot of pictures of items made like that from readers and viewers and it's kind

of hit or miss from what I can tell if you kind of have a handle on what you're doing or what you're looking for it's easier but if you're just go in and say hey just do whatever you do best I don't know how well that usually works

out which is why you should watch the how your suit should fit video which I'll link in the video description it's really important that you understand how your suit should fit because then you're gonna be able to just be armed with a bunch of information that you can

throw at the tailor that's gonna be tailoring your student just the only note is you can go a little bit higher in the length of the jacket um and then you this was actually a two-parter so we another okay so he also asked um he said that he

really loves Harvey Specter from the show suits who usually wears three-piece suits with wide peak lapels um as a person with a smaller frame can I pull this off no you cannot if you were six feet or taller broader more athletic build then yes you can wear a

wider lapel and even perhaps a peak lapel although I will have to say about peak lapels they are a very bold style move that demands attention and power so if your personality is not that strong like it's not really strong boss mode then it's gonna be a huge

mismatch because you really need a strong personality to compliment that stronger lapel style so instead if you don't have that then go with the notch lapel notch lapels I love and I prefer anyways they're just they look great on every guy and I think that they are appropriate

in all kinds of settings whereas with the peak lapel you got to pick and choose what settings you wear those too because again it's really it's bold it's a bold move when you see when I see a peak lapel again I'm like okay he's gonna be kind of

loud and boisterous that's okay but then when he's not you're like I don't think it really fits you like if someone's who's like shy and like kind of bring your Pico you're like you look so loud and it's like oh oh I don't know it feels weird you'll

know when you see it when your encounter it but I've definitely seen that before yeah so and in regards to in regard to the peak lapel with always a good rule of thumb to remember if you're a thinner guy you want thinner lapels if you are a broader

guy broader lapels but never the opposite so yeah I have a hard time wearing peak lapels I just can't too thin for that I think I could wear a peak lapel was on the box next Adam asked what's your stance on the occasional public display of man nips

I'm lean with an athletic build and wear tailored t-shirts and occasionally my nips show through when when the front of my shirt is taut this is a real problem actually because I see a lot of men walking outside in their shirts I see they're very erect nipples like

constantly through your shirt and a big part of it we have a friend that has this problem and we never hesitate to be like mmm a little cold today huh I have to say it's really hard to look into your eyes and Kostya when you're saying when I

just see really in height when your high beams are on whether it's you know a man or a woman that is the nipples so I mean I can't it's too much so there's a couple of things that I want to address so first usually the reason why I

can see their nipples is because their shirt is way too tight so you want to make sure that your t-shirt is not super taut and fitted through the chest it should be fitted but not like skin tight I did do a whole video about how your t-shirt should

fit and what they should look like so I'll link that in my video description but that's one of the issues usually so that's problem number one now if you don't have that issue because we do have a friend that has actually really nice fitting shirts but he still

has the nipple problem so sometimes I understand maybe just guys have they have erect nipples that's just how their nipples are so to be able to combat that that's where I really highly suggest even an extra tweed can just go for it no no compression undershirts so um

like usually when you're working out you can pick up like compression t-shirts but I'm talking about compression undershirts Spanx actually makes really great undershirts that you can wear under your t-shirts or polo shirts that will basically just kind of pull everything in and help it provides like a

nice layer between your slim fitting shirt and your nipples your skin so it really paste those nipples down and should help at least keep them a little less erect it kind of like it's like an airbrushing tool like in Photoshop it kind of like smooths everything out if

you have a little bit of a belly it does kind of the same thing um hopefully no more man nips for you Jonathan asked I am a college student and I would like to know what you recommend to wear to still look good and put together um but

not to come off as overdressed can I take this one okay I see so many questions about this we even had to put it in the FAQ because the questions are like well I'm a gynecologist doesn't work I'm over 50 your advice doesn't work or I'm you know

work at a candy store your advice doesn't work is like why it's like I don't get it so basically we get the college one the lot it's the same as like a shortcut it's like you don't really dress any different in college yes okay you're not gonna be

wearing a suit to college class cuz that's ridiculous and you're gonna look like an asshole so you're not gonna do that but you don't wear shirts you don't wear Jean and crew neck sweaters v-neck sweaters cardigans shawl collar cardigans you can't wear like a nice unstructured sport coat

to class this a jacket I understand I get it like if you don't know or you're like well I okay great I mean I don't know if I need to look so GQ going to class just take so many items that work for another appropriate for a class

and wear those jeans chinos shawl collar cardigans that's really great um farmers are really nice so our Harrington jackets those are just great like casual jackets where you could throw it over your t-shirt or Kunak you know sweater or sweatshirt wear it with some nice dark wash jeans

throw on a pair of sneakers or boots you're comfortable you're ready for class like and you're gonna still look stylish you look good looking good does it mean you're over dress yeah slippery and you're still comfortable and dressed appropriately for your college study sloppy casual and there's good

nice sharp casual what I do believe that you can always be stylish and comfortable you just have to know the pieces to win so Anna drew asked I recently picked up a pair of boots per your suggestion but even after the first day I see creases behind the

toe cap and around the ankle is this normal and what should I do do not worry about it this is completely normal you're wearing the item it's gonna get creases it's not gonna be detrimental to the boot as long as you just make sure maybe once a year

um they make leather lotion which is just you know it's like it's like your skin you know during the wintertime and when it's windy it starts to get really dry and like more wrinkly looking and chapped so everyone's well you just want to put some leather lotion to

just kind of make it supple so those creases don't start turning into deep deep deep creases that can potentially ruin your boots but I mean the creases around your boots that's part of the character of them that it starts to wear beautifully and it's going to age over

time into something that only that is very personal to you and that's gonna look great also shoe trees will help you mitigate that a little bit so the window when you're done for the day popping a shoe tree into the bottom into the into the inside of the

boot and that'll kind of keep the shape a little bit but you're never going to avoid creases it's impossible when it comes to quality of leather it might help a little bit so it just depends on a lot of factors but if you're like out in the rain

or something which you can wear the boots in unless they're dress boots what you don't want to do that then if they get wet you know wipe them down as soon as you can or if you're in the snow or like you know after snow or there's like

a lot of melt and salt on the ground definitely wipe them down because then they can start getting dry and cracked and obviously you don't want that to happen but you're never gonna get rid of creases it's impossible so own it minimize it as much as possible make

sure they look clean and just like enjoy your boobs that's what they're there for wear them don't don't get scared of wearing them and we're done so that's all the questions we have for today that we wanted to answer but if you have any questions about style grooming

dating etiquette and so on please leave it in the comment section below or visit the link in the video description Dorian thank you again always a pleasure ash hope to be back sometime soon maybe for New Year's make that your resolution all right we'll be in the next

five [Music]

11 Style & Grooming Tips for the Traveling Man – Road Warrior Travel Advice

11 Style & Grooming Tips for the TravelingMan – Road Warrior Travel Advice Hi.

Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen Real Style.

Iím filming this video in support of my articleover The Art of Manliness, 11 Quick Fixes for the Road Warrior.

If youíd like to visit the article, makesure you got the link right below this.

So, just click on that and you can go rightto the article.

Iím going to breeze through these 11 tips.

Now, if youíd really enjoy this video andyou want to learn more about menís style, make sure to subscribe my YouTube channelright above here.

In addition, visit me over at Real Men RealStyle, got hundreds of articles with Veoh support, mp3 downloads, in addition, weívegot a great email list in which we give away a free ebook and audio download and thatísa great way because we stay in touch.

Every week, weíll send you updates rightto your inbox.


Right back to the article.

So, what are the 11 tips for the road warrior? And who was the road warrior? The road warrior is any men whose job takeshim away from home.

So whether youíre a banker heading to otherside of the country to open up branch or youíre a very specialized mechanic and youíre oneof a handful of men who can work on a certain type of aircraft or a certain type of machineryand your company flies you all over the country.

Perhaps youíre ñ Iíve got one of my goodfriends.

He works for an education company.

And he travels.

Heís always out helping ñ going to differentmilitary bases and setting up making sure that theyíve got their programs and reallyheís the one guy that does this from base to base and he spends probably I would say60 to 80% of his time on the road.

When youíre this kind of a guy, when youírealways out and about you know what itís like to forget things and you have to be resourcefulbecause you canít just be buying, you know, and especially when you already have it athome and you just happen to forget it.

Itís one of those things you just donítwant all those items accumulating.

So these 11 tips throughout being resourceful, theyíre about finding a way and sometimes theyíre going to be about stepping outsideof your comfort zone especially when it comes the sewing.

Many men donít know anything about sewingbut when youíre in that kind of a fix, youíre just going to have to make to.

And weíre talking about sometimes maybe atemporary job.

So the first one, no shaving cream.

Well, lucky for you, soap, conditioner, shampoo, any of those can substitute in the short term for shaving cream.

Now, I donít know how your face is goingto react and you need to be very careful.

Thatís why you donít want to ñ ideally, if youíve got a meeting, you donít want to be experimenting with new things on yourface.

You donít know how your face is going toreact.

But for most of us with no super sensitiveskin, weíre going to be able to pull this off because basically we just want to createa little bit of lubricant on the face thatís going to allow the razor to glide up and down.

So, you donít have shaving cream, use soap, use shampoo, use conditioner, use a lotion.

In a pinch, thatís going to work.

In fact thereís, you know, you can read thearticle, there is ñ there are some men who argue that shaving cream is actually not evenñ not even needed.

All right.

Hereís zipper stuck.

Youíre going to put on your trousers in themorning and you canít get that zipper up, or it wonít go down later on the day andyou find yourself in a tough situation.

What you need to do, find a bar soap.

Rub the bar soap along the ñ along the teethon the zipper and then work it through.

This is going to provide a little bit of lubricationand it should get you through the day.

Now, you donít want to overdo this and youwant to be careful when using liquid soaps because you donít want to stain your trousers.

Number three, letís say you just arrivedin Arizona and all of a sudden your skin is flaking, itís breaking out or your lips getreally dry.

Well, you need to be carrying with you a littlebit of either Vaseline or a skin potectant.

And I am ñ Iím not talking about lotionhere.

A skin protectant ñ itís a little bit heavieror a little bit oilier.

And the reason you want the skin protectantor a Vaseline is that you can not only apply that to your skin but you can also apply thatto your lips and itís going to last a bit longer.

Be careful if they usually have a little bitof an oilier or a greasy feel so you want to be careful about putting that on your handsand, you know, getting, you know, touching your keyboard or things like that.

But that works out really well.

And if youíre looking ñ you know, you donítwant to carry, you know, a big jar or, you know, a lubricant with you.

What you want to do is get an old contactcontainer.

You know, make sure ñ especially donít getconfuse if you use contacts and just go ahead and fill that with some of the ñ with someof the skin protectant and thatís going to take care of you.


You get into your hotel room and youíve gotan iron but you have no ironing board.

Well, all you need is a flat surface and thenlay out a towel.

So, your bed, a table.






a floor.

All you need to do is lay out a ñ Iím sorry, lay out a towel and make sure that whatever is underneath can stand just a bit of heat.

So you donít want to be, you know, pressingthat steam iron and shooting steam right onto a wood table because that could damage itlong- term or at least put three towels there but you donít necessarily need an ironingboard.

The key with this though is to make sure ñand just a quick tip, pay attention of that iron, you know, go ahead and test that youwant to use a white towel because thereís just any type of stain, itís going to getpassed.

We start using multi-colored towels or ifitís brand new and you could actually pass a bit of a stain and check that iron, makesure that, you know, anytime you use a hotel iron, you want to make sure that itís notdamaged or itís not going to leave or mark your actual ñ your actual shirt.


Number five.

Your black shoes are scuffed.

And so youíre going down, youíre going tobe going in your important meeting at the hotel convention center and you look downand you just got a big white mark on ñ on your shoes.

Well, the great part is of all the thingsIím going to mention, this is probably the least important one because most people arenot going to notice that scuff but if it really bothers you, what you want to do is just goto the front desk, ask for a shoe buffing kit.

They should have one otherwise, just graba towel or a napkin and you want to spread because if youíve already been taken careof your shoes and shining them then you should have a build-up of wax and polish and youshould be able to transfer that over just had a bit of spit and push that over, youknow, you can basically bring in over.

If youíre not getting it to move over andletís say youíve got a really deep marker, looks like, you know, itís just white markgoing across, I donít know how you might have gotten that but you can ask for a permanentmarker.

So new shoes are black just cover it up witha permanent marker.

Itís going to work in a quick fix and notreally do any damage to your shoes as long as you only do this once or twice.

All right.

Shirt collar is too small.

You go to button up your shirt collar andlo and behold, you need another half-inch, three quarters of an inch.

How it shrink, who knows.

But there are few options here.

Possibly ñ one of the best ones for a longterm change is simply cut off the button and re-sew it moving it over about half an inchto three quarters of an inch.

You donít want to go more than an inch.

Itís not going to look right.

The space up here is going to become too large.

Now, youíre asking, okay.

Where am I going to get the needle and threadto do this and I donít even know how to sew.

Well, sewing on a button isnít very difficult.

Itís actually ñ a tutorial will be givingsoon and getting into more detail.

In fact, you go to the article, we shouldlink to it here very soon.

But where am I going to get the sewing kit? Well, go talk to people at the hotel, rightat the hotel lobby and they should have one of these little emergency sewing kits.

These things are great.

Theyíre giving more for free and if youírea member ñ even if you donít need this, always grab one from a hotel and put one inyour luggage, put one in your car, you never know when youíre going to need them.

They should have multiple needles, buttons, varieties of thread and those come in very useful especially if you know how to use them.

In addition, if youíve got a little bit moretime, you could actually stop by a menís store.

Sometimes they have button extenders and thatwould initially ñ another last minute ñ it doesnít normally look as good but youcan do it in a pinch is to take a safety pin and use that to close up your collar and thentie it ñ tie right off of that.

Final tip, make sure your tie has a littlebit more of a spread so like for something like a half half-windsor or a Shelby knotand thatís going to be better than a four-in-hand.

A four-in-hand neck is a much more narrowknot and itís not going to look as good when youíve got a little bit bigger of a tie space.


Your sweater is pilling.

So this is basically whenever the sweaterstarts to have a little fuzz balls on it.

This happens over time perhaps you just unpackit and you looked at it, your wife washed your sweater or you washed it and all of asudden, youíve got pilling all over this.


How do you get rid of this? You wanted to wear the sweater today.

Well, youíre going to need at least probably10 minutes and what you want to do is use a disposable razor and gently go over thesweater with a disposable razor and youíre going to cut this right off.

Itís going to take a bit of time.

You want to be very gentle but this will work.

All right.

You have a 20 ounce coffee, just bought it, and all of a sudden that 20 ounces is all over the front of your shirt.


You got three options.

Immediately change.

Sure youíre going to be late but you donítwant to be, you know, upset that, you know, youíve got this coffee stain all over youfor the rest of the day.

Talk to your colleagues as long as this isníthappening again in the end, theyíre going to understand.

Another option.

Perhaps youíre headed to the airport.






or youíre in a place where you canítchange.

Well, look at a pit stop.

I mean, is there a target across the street, go to the target, buy a $20 shirt, put it on, youíre good to go, at least youíre alot better that what you wear a few minutes ago with that coffee stain all over you.

If youíve got time and if you have accessand Iím talking probably at least an hour, you could actually wash your entire shirtso meaning you have an undershirt on underneath and just take the shirt off, go in to a bathroom, wash it off, put it out to dry, sit, you know, if youíve got some time make ñ hang thatshirt out to dry, make sure you find a towel, try to suck as much moisture out of that thingand then leave it up to dry for an hour.

Slightly, you know ñ another thing if youívegot an iron, you could actually ñ once you wash it and itís dried out a bit then usethe iron on the damp shirt and that will not only youí re going to be ironing it but youíregoing to dry it as well.

Thereís also a spot cleaning.

Now spot cleaning need to be careful becauseyou donít want to spread the stain out and this is assuming itís a bit smaller of astain.

With spot cleaning, what you want to do ishave a white rag and you want to put the stain down on it so the outside of the shirt willbe going onto the rag, the rag is down here.

Youíre going to use gravity and on the backside of the fabric, youíre going to be applying water with another white rag.

And, again, you want to use white becausewe donít want colors going through and weíre going to be using the water along with thesolvent, we look with the cleaning solution.

Weíre going to be passing the water slowlythrough the material.

And the stain ñ well, assuming itís justcoffee should pass or other hard ñ other ones like blood, other things, well, youívegot blood all over your clothing, you probably have a bigger problem in that stain on yourclothing.


Lost waist button.

Youíre walking around, all of a sudden, yourbutton pops off.

In the article, make sure you go check itout.

Weíve got some very interesting ñ I wouldsay very ingenious solutions to this.

But the easiest one is, again, to go to thatsewing kit and simply sew it back on.

Now, another thing is a safety pin but doesnítalways work as well in fact and break off but, again, make sure to visit the article, weíve got some great ones.

Iím not going to ñ Iíll leave those oneas a surprise.

The back of your pants has ripped open.

If this happens, okay, itís going to be abit embarrassing and perhaps youíll need to immediately go to a bathroom or stay seatedbut it depends on the type of rip as to whether or not you can take care of it right there.


So, if itís just the seam and the seam isactually where the fabric comes together.

You can actually grab that emergency sewingkit and a seam looks bad but usually the fabric hasnít ripped, itís just the thread thatgoes back and forth thatís ripped.

So, what you want to do is assess the situation, youíre going to want to tie off both ends using a needle and thread and then youíregoing to want to bring the seams back together and re-sew them.

This is something that you can do in probably10 to 15 minutes.

Yeah, youíre going to be probably standingin a bathroom or back up in your room with, you know, you ëre going to be ñ not goingto have your plants on so youíre going to need a little bit of privacy here.

But itís something you canít fix.

And many of you are saying, ìOh well, I canít.

îSo, come on.

We ñ we put the man on the moon.

Humans are ñ is human beings ñthereís alot we can do especially when weíre put into that situation.

You can figure it out and, again, check outthe article, weíll have a link and weíll talk a little bit about, you know, the basicsof sewing and show you a little bit of how to get this done.


Now, if your pants have ripped and itís arip in the fabric, this isnít a more serious breach because you really canít sew thattogether.

The fabric is actually coming apart or perhapsyouíre snagging on something and you just rip those pants right open.

Now if you ñ if itís a big enough hole, youíre going to have to get a new pair of pants but if itís a smaller hole, what youcan do is go find ñ they actually have seen these rip tape which you can put on the insideand then iron and it will actually seal the whole back up.

And if youíre in a pinch, grab an excesspiece of fabric somewhere whether ñ look on a first aid kit and grab, you know, a pieceof and some super glue.

And what you can do is that would actuallyñ super glue it right on the inside, give it ñ give it a few minutes to dry.

You donít want to be, you know, super gluingyour pants to your leg but you can see what Iím doing there.

On the inside, Iím creating a patch, puttingit right on there and that maybe able to get you through the day.

In any case, this is especially when youíreusing a super glue thing, youíre going to, you know, possibly leave a permanent markthere on the pants and.






youíre going to want to get a new pairor have those professionally repaired.

Last but not the least, you forget your underwear, your socks and youíve only got what you have on.

So, every evening that youíre traveling, youíre going to want to wash these.

And dry them out as much as possible and hangthem out to dry.

Then wake up early and put them on and theyíregoing to dry quickly on your body, donít ñ donít put them on a few minutes beforeyou put on your clothing otherwise, you know, theyíre going to get your clothing wet.

But give yourself at least a couple hoursin the morning to wear your moist socks, your moist underwear, itís going to dry out, theyíllbe fine.


11 quick fixes for the road warrior, hopeyou enjoyed it.

Again, if you havenít subscribed, subscribeup above.

And visit me over at Real Men Real Style andcheck out the article over The Art of Manliness.

Take care.

Antonio Centeno.



Saint Laurent Paris Jodhpurs | Men’s Style Lookbook

how do you Saint Laurent Saint wrongboots I cannot pronounce French words I can't pronounce a lot of this stuff soinstead of Keith butchering it I'm gonna call in some backup how do you pronouncethis word let's see jodhpurs jodhpurs jodhpursJacques Yves saint-laurent person you say lorac jabbers unboxing oh

yeah welcome to the channel where fashionmeets fragrance my name is Kevin Chavez in today's video it's time for anotherunboxing you sailor off job first boots the unboxing huh let's get it if youlike this kind of video cool go ahead subscribe to my channelturn on notifications get off future

video and launch the update show youboys some love you know it's fall and follow this fashion and fragrance seasonand what do I love and style more than boots boots boots boots boots boots Ihave so many boots to show you guys but this is the time of the year

to breakout the coolest boot to smooth these boots just take your style up severallevels why are boots so great because they comein so many different styles and fashions you can wear them with just a t-shirt adress shirt your outerwear your sweaters your jackets oh my god they're just

somany combinations shut out to the CIA one love FBI you want to become part ofthe movement make sure you join me on patreon for exclusive video and livestream content show me on that platform for things you will only see theirdetails down in the description you guys know I

love big naughty of mine Johnnystuff for most occasions but when it comes to bootsI gotta admit he's sailing wrong has been doing it well for a long time backwhen Tom Ford was there he put the company on the right track and they'vebeen banging out some of the best

sleekest coolest looks to date thisparticular boot is not a Chelsea boot it's a chopper ain't Jabra bootwhat is a chopper boot glad you asked it's a boot that has two differentpieces and it's strapped around it it gives it a little bit morefashion-forward feel a whole different way to

wear the boot and that is what'sso exciting let's get into it hearing up choppersgotta love that you saying wrong packaging yet you say little wrong gotthe cool bags in here I always comes with quality bags I love the I love whenI get new stuff for me saying like

the bags are just cool paper either way andhere we go here we go boom jodhpurs look at that you got thewraparound lace and the buckle that thing is so coolnice calf skin is just so soft and so supple and yes I've already unboxed themput them on and wore

them but pretend like you didn't see that back to thevideo look at these guys that I love these because they're not super suit Ilove these because they're not super super shiny or glossy there's a morechiseled toe but that's not really exceptionally pointed the heel is notvery high profile

either so YSL especially the Gianni boot has a reallyhigh Cuban heel this a lot more lower low profile so goes well with so manydifferent things this is my opinion is a casual casual boot it's really hard inmy opinion to dress this up you can still wear it with

the suit but youreally can't take it into more of a formal setting it's much more a sportycasual smart casual hip cool sick hip cool sexy thing main function of thechopper is this when you undo the lace that's what you get that's the job stickyour foot in collapse it

back around wrap it and go now when I show you guysdifferent kind of shoes things that you probably wouldn't have in your wardrobeinevitably say man I would really love to see you see you styled it don't worryyou got you covered you have a belt that has a logo

on it like YSL Louboutin YSLLouboutin Ferragamo this is the time where you actually to pull out your logobelts because you're gonna go a little bit more ostentatious you're gonna gowith the heavier exit on accessories again think rock and roll you don't wantto have a leather band you want

to have more of a metal band and you definitelywant to have your wrist game this is the time where you even want to put ondifferent rings if you have them and if you have a necklace or a chain put thaton something like this actually I wanted to hang

a little bit lower but you kindof get the point this is an actual Sawatzky crystal skull with a niceJirachi crystal with the little skull there and I just throw an extra braceletguys bottom line it's much more like I said it here rock and roll field choppers are going

to be great to workwith gentlemen leather or even statement Blazers like this so many differentoptions so many different ways to just so many different ways to take this tothe next level and don't forget guys scarves always a good way to just takeyour style up a couple of more

levels by the way if these jobbers seem likesomething you would wear do me a favor and write JA pour down in thedescription hey guys if you want to be your bestlook good smell great and be your best each and every day follow a link down inthe description and

book your one-on-one private Skype consultation details inthe description it's up to you you only have 7 seconds to make the great firstimpression you might as well make sure you knock it out right apart

Style Transformation Story – Young Los Angles Man Improves Appearance Inexpensively – Style Tips

Style Transformation Story – Young Los AnglesMan Improves Appearance Inexpensively – Style Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, I'm going to be reading you a letterI received from a young, sharp-dressed man in Los Angeles.

If you haven't already, please subscribe toour YouTube channel.

By doing that, these videos will come rightto you.

If you like this video, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would like it down below.

While you're down there, make sure to grabour free 47-page e-book on men's style.

This is a letter that came in.

I get quite a few letters and a lot of peopletelling me about their experience and their journey, but I really like this one for tworeasons.

Number one, he doesn’t have a whole lotof money and he talks about how he was able to rebuild his wardrobe without spending muchmoney at all, and the other part is the influence it had on his family.

I'll talk a little bit about those right afterthe letter.

“Hello, Antonio! I'm a 26-year-old man living in Los Angeles.

Not too long ago, I was wearing jeans, shirts, rubber shoes, and I didn’t really put too much emphasis on my style.

I dressed shabbily and I never noticed.

Trucker hats were a staple of my wardrobebecause I found it easier to rush out the door and cover my hair than to style it.

One day, my girlfriend told me she wantedto get out of our relationship.

She mentioned that my dress was one of thefactors in her decision.

I realized that my father had been right.

Be a man and dress nice.

” “I always had the clothes in my drawers andclosets, so why not figure out how to put everything together and get my sizes right? I dug into your website, watched your videos, read your articles.

I even picked up a copy of 'Dressing the Man'by Alan Flusser and tore into it late in the night, which has surprised everyone becauseI hardly ever read.

I didn’t even have to pay for it.

My local library had it, so I've been studyingfor the last few weeks.

Thank you for the review; it is a great book.

” “Now, I haven't got much financially, so atfirst, I really didn’t know about how to go getting a wardrobe together, but in oneof your videos, you mentioned thrift stores.

And so, although I had always gone to thesewith my parents as a youngster, but suddenly stopped going, I decided to jump in and tosee what was out there.

To my surprise, I now have a wonderful suit, no alterations necessary, a few Brooks Brothers shirts, and I recently came into possessionof a Thomas Pink shirt.

Quality over quantity is something you'venow imprinted in my mind.

I've been hemming my jeans and trousers, askill I picked up from my mother, and making sure all of my clothes fit me properly.

” “My mom is excited to see how I'm dressingnow.

Every time I come by the house, my fatherkeeps digging through his own wardrobe to see if there's anything that I can fit andthat I can use.

He also gave me some great shoes.

The short time I've been dressing properlyhas made a huge impact on how others view me, both in my personal life and my work.

You're right when you say that dressing nicedoes boost self-esteem.

I went to a wedding a few days ago and everyonewas complimenting me on my attire.

I walked into the reception and everyone lookedat me, and the night included numerous questions as to how I created this wardrobe.

All I told them to do was check out your website.

” “I've even inspired my best friend to go shoppingwith me and find his own wardrobe, and my father is now also looking through his closetto wear his very best.

I thank you for starting me on this journeyand I know it will last a lifetime.


” All right.

I really like that story, again, for two reasons.

One is you heard Juan doesn’t have a wholelot of money, but yet he was able to take the skills.

He built an education.

He went to his local library and found someof the books I've suggested.

He went through my website, checked out allthese videos that's all for free.

First, he invested in himself.

Then he went out to thrift stores once hekind of had a plan of action and he found items.

He knew what to look for.

He found a suit that didn’t even need alterations.

He was able to identify quality shirts andhe started piecing his wardrobe together.

And really quick, it sounds like he didn’tgo to a seamstress or a tailor.

He actually started sewing some of his ownclothing, which a lot of people think it's almost impossible, but it's really not thatdifficult.

So if you're out there and you don't havea whole lot of money, that is always an option.

Just buy something cheap and practice on it.

The other thing I think that Juan is reallylearning is that every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

And so, he is building up his self-confidenceat home.

It's helping him with his relationships withothers.

And when you can do this, when you start tofeel this self-confidence, all of a sudden, you walk differently.

It affects so many other parts of your life.

Now, I'm really excited for Juan because Ithink this is a great skill to have in an early point.

Look how it's already affecting his father, how it's affecting his friends.

And I can tell you that this man is goingto soon probably have a new girlfriend or have other people in his life.

He's on a great path and I'm excited to seethat.

So if you haven't already, make sure to gocheck out Real Men Real Style, that blog.

I've got tons of information over there, podcasts.

I've got some e-books in addition to the currente-book I give away for free.

I've got a premium e-book.

The great part about that, it comes with a14-hour audio.

I've got a group on LinkedIn, which is forprofessionals and we talk about business dress.

I've also got a Facebook page and we're goingto be putting out a really cool Google Plus page here soon with a lot of unique informationthat's not even here on YouTube.

Wherever you're at, again, begin your journeyand I wish you the best of luck in dressing sharp.

I'll see you in the next video.



Men's Undershirts – Undershirt History & Style – Under Shirts Fabrics Crew Neck V-Neck Tank Top

Men's Undershirts – History & Style Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today I'm going to be talking with you aboutthe undershirt — yes, the undershirt.

I'm going to be giving you the history ofthe undershirt.

I'm going to be talking about styles of undershirts.

I'm going to be talking about the fabricsthat undershirts are made from, okay? All right.

If you haven't already, you should subscribeto this YouTube channel.

That way, these videos come right to you andyou don't miss any of them.

Just to give you an idea, you also want tobe on my email list.

You're going to be on my email list by grabbingmy free 47-page e-book.

These two things are different, but I suggestbeing on both, and the reason being is I give some pretty cool things away on my email list.

Just to give you an idea, I just gave awaya book on hairstyles.

I made it free and I gave it away to the guyson my email list.

You'll have to pay for that book elsewhere.

I'll occasionally do this maybe once every90 days, so if you jump on it, it will eventually happen, so that's the one thing.

If you like this video, I always appreciateit if you like it.

Let's go ahead and get into undershirts, thelowly undershirt.

I am wearing one right now made by my friend, Mike, over at RibbedTee.

It's a company he started over in Los Angeles.

The undershirt is something that many of ususe and many of us don't even know the history behind it.

UNDERSHIRT HISTORY Undershirts, as we see them today, basicallythe T-shirt came out of the US Military and it was something that was in the Navy, CoastGuard, other services, they had it underneath as protection.

It provided a bit more warmth and it was greatfor absorbing sweat and protecting the more expensive clothing on the outside, so let'sgo farther back in history.

Now, there's not a lot of documentation onthis, I don't know why, but if you go back to Roman soldiers, if you look at Chinesesoldiers, they wore forms of undershirts.

Oftentimes, they were just fabric draped aroundthe body, but they served as protection and also protecting their expensive garments.

A lot of the times, especially if they werean officer or if they were of a higher rank, it was something that the clothing that theywore was very expensive — you had less clothing, it was all hand-made, so you wanted to protectit from your own body because you didn’t want it to appear soiled.

It was easier to change out that undersheet, I guess, than to change and go and wash all your clothing.

Let's move forward 18th, 19th, 20th Century.

All of a sudden, handmade clothing is disappearing.

Manufacturers are starting to make clothingand they are systemizing in a sense what we normally wear.

If you wanted to go out and wear somethingthat's against society or totally different, you know how hard it is to find somethinglike that because the clothing manufacturers in many ways dictate what we wear.

So in that way, they decided that, “Well, let's go with the undershirt.

” It serves the purpose, like I mentioned, ofprotection.

It serves the purpose of helping keep youa bit warmer.

“Let's go ahead” and they decided that theywere going to make it.

We saw the union suits.

You can do a Google search on it.

A lot of people make fun of it, but it doesserve the purpose of keeping us warm and of protecting the more expensive clothing onthe outside of the body.

We've talked about the history.

Let's talk about the styles.

I've got some examples.

STYLES • Tank top – I don't have an example ofthis one, the wife-beater.

Just do a Google search, tank-top wife-beater.

This is the one without the sleeves.

I'm not a big fan of it because I don't thinkit serves the purpose of protecting my clothing.

Yes, I do sweat and I want to protect my clothing.

I wear an antiperspirant and that kind ofstuff, but I still sweat, so I wear clothing that protects my nice shirts from sweatingin the armpit area.

Those types of shirts I don't think reallydo a good job.

Some men like them and they like it just basicallyhow you can't see your nipples through if you're wearing a really lightweight shirt, so that's why perhaps they wear it.

• V-neck – Let's move on to the next one, which I've got an example.

I'm going to give you the V-neck undershirt.

You can see this one has a V-neck.

I am wearing a V-neck as well, and the reasonI like wearing a V-neck is because I can leave this shirt undone here.

No one is going to see I have an undershirton and I'm safe.

We'll get into this in fabrics.

This one is made from 50% cotton, 50% polyester, and be thinking about why I would approve of something that uses a manmade fiber, butwe'll get into that in a few seconds.

• Crew neck – This is where it's going togo all the way up to the top.

This is probably the most common undershirton the planet.

This is where the modern-day T-shirt camefrom.

So if you go back and look at some of thefilms in the 1950s, the Wild One, these are guys who are wearing their undershirts ina sense with leather jackets over that.

Eventually, they became the T-shirt, whichbelieve it or not, the T-shirt is a fashion item and has really just become popular inthe 1990s in this part of the 21st Century.

I always get those century things mixed up.

• Long sleeve – The other style I want totalk about is the long sleeve.

Do I have a long sleeve example? I do, and this is more closer to what we wouldsee in the union, the union suit, and this is for thermal purposes.

I live here in Wisconsin.

It gets cold and I do have some thermal underwear.

I've also got a full body suit because itkeeps you a little bit warmer, but this is the long sleeve.

Oftentimes, you just see thermal underwear.

Go ahead and do a Google search and it'llhave a picture pop up, I'm sure.

• Athletic – Now beyond that, we also haveathletic.

Now Under Armour has really done a great jobcoming in and almost cornering the market on this, but before Under Armour came out, Patagonia, North Face, a lot of these backpacking companies, they were actually putting outsome great undergarments.

They did a good job of wicking away moistureand protecting you.

I remember I picked this one up back in 1997, I believe, and I still have it.

It is made from Capilene, Patagonia.

I don't even know if they make this stuffanymore, but this was an awesome undershirt.

Actually, I use it just as regular wear whenI was down in Ecuador.

I went down there with an entomologist, andyou can do a Google search on what that means.

We were down at the rainforest and it waspretty cool.

We were actually studying all types of insectsin the rainforest.

I have a biology background, by the way.

• Compression – We've talked about thatcompression.

I'm not going to get into compression undergarmentstoo much.

It's come out of the women's.

Spanx was the big company over there, butif you somehow want to shape your body, go ahead and look into that.

I'm not a big advocate of it, but that stuffis out there.

• Specialty Undershirts – There are alsospecialty undershirts that are made to help wick away moisture to absorb sweat.

And if you sweat a lot, go check out the UndershirtGuy.

Just do a Google search, “undershirt guy”, Tug.

He's put out tons of great information onthis.

Now, undershirts also come in a variety ofcolors.

I just showed you a number of whites, butthey also come in gray and black.

Black, you want to make sure your shirt'sdark; otherwise, it's going to show through.

Gray is nice.

I like gray because you can get a little bitdirtier and stain it.

I think they're going to last longer thanthe whites simply because they're going to hide stains and it works perfectly fine undera white shirt.

I've never had them show through, but thenagain, I don't wear really, really lightweight white shirts.

Now let's get into fabric.

FABRIC Cotton is going to be the most common — durable, proven, good to go.

See something that's 100% cotton, you're probablysafe.

Now, there are different levels of qualityof cotton, so that's why something that's made from a super pima cotton is going topossibly be more expensive than just made from a normal cotton coming out of West Texas.

I'm from West Texas, but honestly, we don'tmake the highest quality cotton there.

So having said that, I'm sure I insulted someguys at Texas Tech University because they're all about their cotton, but in any case guys, face the reality, super pima cotton and other things like that are where it's at.

Now wools, there's a company called Icebreakerthat's really making some great undershirts out of wool.

So if you're into that and you want somethingthat will really absorb sweat, go check them out.

BLENDS Now, I alluded to this and let's talk quicklyabout blends.

Now, 20 years ago, undershirts that are madefrom polyester, I would say absolutely not, but they may come a long way especially witheverything that we've seen in the athletic type of garments.

This one, I brought it up earlier, it's madeby RibbedTee and this one is 50% polyester, 50% cotton, and I love it.

What separates this and why it works is becauseof the weave, so you can't see it here, but this is a gauze weave.

I can almost see through this, very, verylightweight.

If you're in a hot area, you're in Arizona, you're down in Florida, this is the undershirt that you're going to want to check out ifyou wear undershirts, okay, guys? The best undershirt, what is the right one? Well, the right one is the one that servesyou for what you need.

I own a variety.

I advice you own a variety.

I advice buying less, buying higher quality.

With that, guys, if you want to learn moreabout men's style, make sure to go check us out over at realmenrealstyle.


This entire video right here was in supportof my article over at The Art of Manliness.

I'm going to link to that great article rightdown below, so go check it out.

Okay, guys, I'll see you later.



7 Style Lessons From Tiger King

so the first style lesson the steal from the tiger king confidence is everything i mean just look at his hairstyle he wears a mullet if you watch one of my earlier videos you know i rank that is one of the worst hairstyles out there yet he wears it with confidence he wears it with pride he knows yeah some people aren't gonna like it some people are gonna judge him i don't care i'm gonna wear it anyway and that's what i like about joe exotic he knows what he wants he knows what a lot of people are thinking yet he still does his own thing he honestly doesn't care he understands hey this is part of my brand this is part of the image this is part of my presentation now i'm doing today's video to have fun but gents all jokes aside this first point is key because so many of you all are not true to who you are you have a style you have an image you have a vision of who you are yet you don't dress that way because you know what you're worried about what other people think about what your girlfriend thinks about what your family thinks about what your friends are gonna say if all of a sudden you're dressing it away and they are like hey why are you making us look bad why are you wearing that suit why are you wearing that street style what is you in that color how can you wear that jewelry you just look off gents you got to have the cojones you got to have the courage you got to have the strength to go your own way at least joe exotic yeah we may make fun of the guy but at least he had the courage to go with his own style the next style lesson is still from joe exotic understand the power of a first impression we make first impressions all the time yet most of us fail to actually make an impression upon that person most of us people forget who we are we are not memorable but when you meet joe or you meet anyone out there that understands the power of presentation and they put that powerful presentation or that exotic presentation or maybe that mysterious look women do this all the time they understand the power of grabbing the eye with those visuals with colors with fragrance with all the other things that can be used to basically make that powerful first impression so one of my favorite tailors is nudie cohen this is a guy that emigrated from kev ukraine over the united states made his way out to vegas and specialized in making very flamboyant eye-catching suits so ronald reagan george jones elton john but most famously elvis presley used his suits basically to grab attention and what nudie said sticks with me i'd rather be looked over than overlooked seriously gents so many of you don't have a distinctive look you look like everybody else and you rely on your talent on your ambition on your abilities to help you stand apart but here's the thing human beings are lazy and they oftentimes don't see everything you've got i know you've got great abilities but don't shoot yourself in the foot by not dressing in a way that you can stand apart now i'm not saying you got to go crazy although my friend jesse cole does over at the savannah bananas he wears this yellow tux and he's got an amazing story of how he's built up that business that baseball team understanding it's the power of entertainment and presentation you don't have to go that far but i would recommend that you have something that's unique about you can be your fragrance it can be a particular look it can be a particular color it can be a piece of jewelry it can be a hat find something that helps you stand out from the crowd and leverage it now you may be saying antonio can you be more specific well of course i can let's look at joe exotic and those great looking shirts notice that he doesn't go with a regular white shirt now that's way too boring joe brings in the patterns joe brings in the colors you know what it works for him it works for what he's got it works for basically i'm not saying it's going to work with his complexion but he understands again that he's a showman that he wants something when people see him in that shirt oh my gosh i am not going to forget that i don't even know where you got that but that thing is bright that thing is amazing now guys i know you've got an opinion and i want to hear from you down in the comments agree disagree what do you think about joe's facial hairstyle should he change it up let me know down in the comments really quick i want to interrupt my own video here to let you know on monday at 7 a.

m central 8 a.

m eastern 1 p.

m over in germany 2 p.

m over in the uk 5 p.

m over in islamabad 5 30 p.

m over in india 8 p.

m in the philippines 10 p.

m in australia guys i am going live and i want to see you down in the description of today's video click on that link that goes over to the live video so you can set the reminder today i'm talking about yeah joe exotic but guys i take inspiration from a wide range of sources when it comes to style yes i've got all the style books but i love books like this because they talk about fantasy and they talk about they actually get into detail about the style you learn about hey actually can you bring something like this into your wardrobe but i also get into the science you guys know i love reading the studies but i have fun pulling style inspiration from a wide variety of ways and you guys can ask me those questions in a live environment that's why i'm doing these live broadcasts on monday so i want to see you there again click on the link down in the description to set the reminder so that we can engage we can interact these are not going to be made public these are things that only you know really people that want to learn about this stuff and deeper engage can attend i've also got some really cool deals which i'm going to make only available during that time period and i hope to see you guys there another way to stand out your jewelry so let's look at joe exotic look at those earrings okay not maybe a little bit too much for some of you guys how about with a fun belt buckle now belt buckles they come in a wide range and you can find their very simple ones or you can go with something yeah that really grabs attention or maybe simply look at those necklaces now necklaces i know for a lot of guys it's something that they don't want to wear a visible choker like maybe what joe does but there are other more subtle necklaces that you can wear under and even if nobody sees it you know it's there and you know it's part of your personal style and let's not forget watches now if you do a little bit of research you can find out that joe exotic really likes this company called leviant and he has this white ceramic with diamonds now i'm not going to say this watch is really high quality it's probably not using the best quality diamonds and definitely the inner mechanics are not for watch collectors but this watch does what it was intended to do and that is to grab attention when you see a guy at an exotic part wearing a watch like this dress in the way joe exotic is you know that this is the guy that most likely owns the place if you're looking and never met joe exotic well before actually watching the netflix series you're like okay this has got to be the guy because who else would dress like this except the eccentric showman the man that is in charge now what about headwear guys i think that you should look to bring back the hat this summer they're so functional especially keeping that sun off of your head and helping keep you cool oftentimes by 10 to 15 degrees but when we look at joe exotic this guy has a wide range from cowboy hats to just simply baseball caps to even wearing the do-rag now as you know there's a lot of bad examples in tiger king and one of the ones i wanted to bring your attention is don't be super matchy matchy now i think this was all part of carol baskin's plan but look at this combination right here the shoes with the trousers yeah just leopard print on leopard print this really doesn't work i would have gone with tiger print with leopard print that probably would have been a better combination but agree disagree let me know down in the comments next up let's talk about style rules because joe exotic he breaks a lot of the style rules but you know what you can break the style rules whenever you have the confidence whenever you know who you are and when you realize honestly you don't have to care about them if your confidence can carry you and that's key getting back to that earlier point but here's the thing is that most people when they're getting started they are uncertain they don't know a whole lot about style and that's what the rules in general the ones i prescribe to and the ones i put out there are there for the guy just getting started because you're going to be up on stage and you want to be confident you don't have to worry about you know does this match and does that make a difference whenever you're going to be speaking to your boss and sitting down you're questioning okay should i unbutton or keep my suit buttoned so that's why those rules are there basically to help you navigate those situations but when you understand why the rules are there and you've got the confidence you've been doing this for a while all of a sudden you can throw those out the window because it really yeah should you mix brown with black well most rules are going to say no when it comes to leathers but i'm going to say if you know that rule is there and you know no one's going to see your belt or you don't really care because you got a little bit of black in your shoes and you think the black brown looks good then go ahead and break that rule and own it and let's talk about being authentic very similar to confidence but being authentic is actually taking the time to know who you are to know what you stand for and to basically create an image around it you've got to have a uniform you've got to have something that for you is the image of the successful man you want to be and when you know what that looks like and guys this changes it evolves but whenever you start dressing this way you are being authentic to yourself and that's what i push and what i prescribe to and what i hope you're able to find so what video to watch next how about the best music video to ever come out of the great state of oklahoma i once saw a tiger now i will warn you gentlemen once you watch this video you cannot unwatch it but uh yeah it is quite the video.

Slim Man Style Guide – What To Wear When You Are Skinny & Lean

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! In today's video, we'll be discussing somegeneral dressing tips for slim men, some specific considerations for different kinds of garments, and how to enhance and flatter your natural build.

In today's world, a great many people aretrying to lose weight either for their health or just for their own image.

Here at the Gentleman's Gazette, we believethat as long as a man is following the general principles of style, in addition to feelinghealthy and following his doctor's advice, carrying around a few extra pounds is nothingto be ashamed of.

With that said, there's also a group of menout there at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Thin men who may be looking to find ways toincrease their physical presence.

Whether or not you're actually looking tobulk up though, cutting a masculine figure does have benefits.

Our subconscious sees fitness as an indicatorof health and we are always looking for signs of strength in potential romantic partners, co-workers, or even friends.

With all that in mind, here are some tipsfrom one slim man to another on how to dress well in order to look healthy and masculine.

We'll start today with some general guidelines.

The first of these being to simply avoid wearingclothing that makes you look frail.

Many thin men often try to disguise theirframes by wearing clothing that's too large for them thinking that the extra fabric isgoing to make them look bigger, however, in reality, the opposite is actually true.

At the same time, however, thin men shouldalso stay clear of super skinny or skin-tight styles because these two are just going todraw attention to your thin frame.

What's the solution then? Simply put you just have to find clothingthat's going to fit you just right.

If they fit properly, your clothes shoulddrape naturally over your body, fitting closely but at the same time not feeling tight orpulling anywhere and also not so loose that they're baggy or billowing.

As such, you'll definitely benefit in thelong run from forming a good relationship with a tailor as you're probably going toneed to take all kinds of different garments in for one type of alteration or another inorder to achieve that ideal fit.

In particular, pay close attention to yourshoulders and your sleeves.

The shoulder seam of your shirt should sitright at your shoulder's edge, if it's up too high, the shirts going to look too smallon you and if it's down too low, your shoulders are going to look like they're drooping.

If the seam sits right at the shoulder edge, it's going to properly frame your shoulders and your chest.

Similarly, your sleeves should be just wideenough so that your arms can fit comfortably inside of them.

If they're too tight, you're going to haveunsightly wrinkling all around your arms and if they're too loose, they're just going tolook like you're wearing a pirate shirt.

For our in-depth guide on dress shirts andjust how they should fit all around your body, you can check out our related video on thatsubject here.

The same general principle is also true foryour legs.

Wearing skinny jeans or pants where the tighttapered fit in things like khakis, chinos, and so forth will just make your legs looklike spindly sticks and that won't flatter you at all.

Our second overall tip today is to wear colorsand patterns that boost your visual heft.

As a general rule, lighter colors like white, beige, or pastels are going to make you appear a little bit larger overall.

Just as darker colors and the quintessentialblack are said to be slimming, the opposite effect is true for lighter clothing.

Meanwhile, wearing patterns will create asense of movement in your outfit and will also make you seem larger.

When we observe a busy pattern, it does takea moment for our brain to be able to explain to our eyes what it is that we're seeing.

That split second of communication means thatif you're wearing a busy pattern, people will have to take a second and that will make youlook larger.

With regard to specific pick patterns, horizontalstripes are of course the classic choice for broadening the frame whereas vertical stripeswill make you look taller and thinner overall.

This isn't to say however that vertical stripesshould be completely forbidden from the wardrobe of a slim man.

You should just be mindful of the overalleffect that you're trying to achieve.

Also, checks and other grid patterns are anothergood choice for broadening your frame.

If you're curious to learn more about differentkinds of check patterns, you can consult this article here.

We'll get more into how to wear check patternswhen we talk about specific garments in a moment.

In general though, the smaller the scale ofthe pattern, the more it's going to increase your perceived heft.

For example, wearing a fine graph check shirtwould be a good choice if that's what you're going for.

Our third overall tip today is to wear multiplelayers.

With each additional layer you put on, you'regoing to be adding a bit more bulk.

One layer on its own might not necessarilymake a difference but if you're wearing multiple layers in conjunction, you'll be able to buildup your frame a little bit more.

Rather than simply piling on a bunch of sweaters, however, you'll want to approach your layering a little bit more strategically.

Start with the lightest weight fabrics closestto your body and as you move outward, each subsequent layer can be more sturdy.

Also, textured weaves like tweed, flannel, denim, or corduroy give more perceived heft than do smoother weavefabrics.

Returning to the concept of patterns for amoment, this same concept of working inward to outward should apply to patterns as well.

For example, the pattern on your shirt ifit has one, should be less abrasive than the pattern that's featured on your jacket ortie.

Our fourth and final general tip is to tryto find ways to make your neck look larger.

Turtleneck sweaters are of course the classicchoice to create this effect but you also do have other options.

For example, you could have a zip neck, astand collar, or a shawl collar on a sweater in particular.

Also, simply wearing a dress shirt with asturdy collar assisted further by the aid of collar stays is a good way to minimizethe appearance of your neck because the pattern of the shirt will be carried upward a littlebit by the verticality of the collar.

With those general guidelines established, we can now move into considerations for specific different types of garments as they relateto the wardrobe of a slim man.

T-shirts, polos, dress shirts, or any othertype of shirt just like any garment in general for the slim man, should fit the body closelywithout being too tight.

As we already mentioned, fit in the shouldersand the sleeves is key.

Dress shirts, in particular, should also belong enough that they stay comfortably tucked in throughout the day.

If your shirt is creeping out over your waistbandthroughout the course of the day, that's a sign that it's too short.

There are a number of remedies for keepingone's shirt tucked in all day which we're going to cover in an upcoming video but forthe time being just know this, the best way to make sure that your shirt stays tuckedin is to find a shirt that fits you properly.

Next, let's cover the jacket which is a garmentspecifically designed to make a man look stronger and give him a more ideal masculine silhouette.

Suit jackets, sport coats, and blazers areall designed with the goal of accentuating the features of the male form making the manlook more muscular.

They achieve this in a variety of ways whenit comes to the details of their styling.

One way that a jacket does this is by broadeningyour shoulders.

Many jackets, though not all, depending onthe style will have a bit of padding in the shoulder that makes it look more full andalso more angular.

Optimal shoulder padding for a jacket is subtle, however, adding only about a half inch of height at the very most.

Anything more than that and your shouldersare going to look unnaturally angular almost like you put your jacket on with the hangersstill in it.

In addition to making you look wider at theshoulders, a proper, meaning a close-fitting jacket will also taper as it moves down towardyour waist creating a natural V shape.

This V shape is a universal sign of male strengthand it should also be echoed even further by related shapes that are created by yourlapels, as well as your shirt collar.

We're going to keep mentioning this today;the most important thing as a slim man to consider is how your garments are fittingyou.

As such, most jackets that you buy off therack are probably going to require some sort of alterations tailoring.

We suggest you start with the ever-versatiletwo button single breasted model, though if you want to experiment with a double-breastedjacket, you can still wear one of those and have it flatter your form too.

We would suggest something perhaps with asix on two button configuration.

The length of your jacket should hit justat the bottom of your seat offering you the neatest appearance possible.

If it's any longer than that, it's generallygoing to look like the jacket is too big for you.

You can choose either notched or peak lapelsbased on your own personal preference but whatever you go with, we recommend that theybe at a width of about three inches which is just a hair narrower than the standardlapel width of about 3 and 1/8 inches.

For acomprehensive guide on how a suit should fit you can check out this video here and foranother guide on just how many suits we think a man should own you can check out that videohere.

Moving downward now, let's consider trousers.

As we said toward the beginning of the video, slim men won't benefit from wearing pants that are much too baggy nor will they lookgood in super skinny cuts.

Rather you should try to find something inthe middle usually that will be labeled, fittingly enough, as slim.

You can wear your trousers either at yournatural waist which we recommend or a little bit lower depending on your own personal preferenceas well as your actual height.

If you're a shorter man, you can wear yourtrousers a bit higher to make you seem taller and if you are tall and slim you can wearthem just a little bit lower because you don't really need any help looking tall.

Style-wise, you can opt for side fasteners, belt loops, or suspenders, though if you do wear suspenders, also called braces, we wouldrecommend that you do keep them under another layer and don't wear them visibly.

The strong verticality of these suspendersis just going to make you look thinner overall which isn't necessarily something you'll want.

We'll get back to some of these trouser accessoriesin a minute.

Here's a tip when it comes to buying, mostretailers are only going to describe the measurements of a pair of trousers using just two numberswhich refer to the waist size and the inseam length.

These two numbers, however, don't really giveyou any idea of how wide the pants are around each individual leg or what the drop heightis from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch.

As such, the best way to figure out how wella pair of pants fits you is simply to try it on.

If the trouser fabric is heavy enough to fallsmoothly, a little bit of looseness in the lower legs doesn't have to be shied away frombut at the same time, you don't want to go too far with this or you'll risk looking likeyou're wearing bell-bottoms or simply wearing pants that have way too much fabric at thebottom.

When it comes to trousers with pleats, commonlyaccepted wisdom is that thin men should avoid them altogether because of the extra verticalitythat's provided by those lines, however, this doesn't have to be an absolute rule.

For more on whether or not you can considerwearing pleated pants as a slim man or as a man of any type of build, you can consultour video on pleated pants here.

Trouser cuffs can also add some additionalvisual weight as well as providing a slight horizontal line around your ankles.

If you are fortunate enough to have many ofyour garments custom-made for you, you can go ahead and make these cuffs on your trousersa little bit wider.

More casual pants can have their pockets slantedforward slightly to break up some of that verticality.

Also on the topic of pockets, try to avoidfilling them up with piles of stuff, this is a surefire way to make your thighs lookunsightly bulky or even lumpy, that's not an effect you're going for.

Next up, here are a few considerations forneckties.

Depending on your own personal preference, a necktie with the width of about two and three-quarters to three and 1/2 inches isgoing to look good on a slim frame.

Just remember that the overall width of yournecktie should be relatively in sync with the width of your jacket's lapel so that everythingis harmonious overall.

Alternatively, knit ties are often only abouttwo inches wide but their added texture and bulk will add some heft to your frame as wediscussed previously in our general overview.

Anything narrower than two inches into therealm of super skinny ties won't do you any favors.

Instead, these really slim ties are just goingto echo the slimness of your overall frame.

Finally, whether you're wearing a long tieor a bowtie, consider something with an engaging and inviting visual pattern as this extravisual element will draw attention away from your frame.

Of course, given the discussion of neckties, we should mention that we've got a wide variety of neckties and bowties in all different kindsof patterns and materials you can take a look at them in the Fort Belvedere shop here.

To close out our list today here are a fewnotes on accessories as well as shoes.

Fortunately for the slim man, he's got a goodbit of latitude in what kinds of accessories he can wear that will add bulk to his framewithout looking outlandish.

Take, for example, a well-puffed pocket squarein an inviting pattern.

This will work similarly to the patternedtie that we just discussed and that it will draw eyes away from the slimness of your frame.

Proportion is just as important here as anywhereof course and there is a point where an accessory will become too large making you just looklike a clown.

For example, overly broad belts and largebelt buckles aren't going to do a slim man any favors.

For a slim man, you're simply going to bebetter suited wearing a moderately sized belt with a conservative belt buckle.

Regarding shoes, go for something understatedand on the slim side rather than something more utilitarian and chunky.

Loafers are going to be a good bet for youas is anything from an Italian manufacturer as their styles are typically slimmer thansome parts elsewhere around the world.

In conclusion then, you don't have to be muscularor physically imposing to project a masculine image.

Simply by knowing what types of garments fityour body and flatter you, you can look confident as well as stylish.

So if you're a slim man, what style tips doyou have that we might not have mentioned in this video? If you have any, feel free to share with usin the comment section below and as always, a reminder to subscribe to the channel sothat way videos like this can come straight to your inbox.

in today's video I'm wearing an outfit that'strying to follow many of the principles that we laid out in today's discussion for examplemy shirt is slim fitting and it's in a small micro check pattern of light blue and greyon a white background it's worn under a thick cable knit quarter zip sweater in a lightbeige color both the thickness of the knit as well as the color are techniques that werecommended to increase your visual heft my pants are darker brown but still communicatingwith the beige sweater and are also in a moderately slim fit my socks are light blue which echothe colors in the shirt and my shoes are my dark oxblood penny loafers which you've seenbefore I wore them because they're small and slim rather than large and chunky which isanother tip we gave you I'm not really wearing any accessories today and my shirt even hassimple barrel cuffs which helps underneath the sweater overall I just thought I'd wearsomething casual and breezy but that illustrated the principles of dressing well as a slimman.

7 Winter Style Essentials All Men NEED

– What's up guys Trav White here, welcome back to my channelwhere I make it my mission to help you guys look and feel your best on the inside and out through practical styleand confidence tips.

Today we're gonna be talkingabout the seven fall-winter essentials that every guy needs to be the best-dressed manin the room this season.

Let's get into it.

(upbeat music) So let's be honest, whether you're single lookingfor that special someone or in a relationship, as men we always want tolook and feel our best.

We wanna be respected, noticed, listened to.

So if you've everstruggled to get noticed, wanna break past limitingbeliefs about yourself, just wanna know how toconnect with people, then you're in the right place.

Subscribe if you wantto, I'm just really happy to have you here.

Also be sure to stick around at the end because I have a bonus item.

So not only will theseseven pieces be aesthetic, but we're also going formaximum practicality.

Each piece is gonna betimeless, versatile, can be matched with everyother piece on this list, basically we're going for the most mileage out of every piece, so let's jump into it.

Item number one's gonnabe the black turtleneck.

In my opinion the black turtleneck is one of the most underratedpieces you can own, it's like a secret weaponfor men's wardrobes.

Most men don't wear them, which means when youdo you will stand out.

And one benefit is itvisually lengthens your torso and your neck, which makes you look tallerand a bonus for function 'cause it keeps yourneck warm on a cold day.

I'll just close out this point by saying every time I rock aturtleneck I get a compliment.

So give it a try and see what happens.

Item number two is theblack leather jacket.

If you've ever wanted an itemthat screams bad boy casual, this is a must-have piece.

I can't imagine how manyheads are gonna turn when you walk in wearing a leather jacket.

In my opinion, it's one of those items that every guy needs to maximizea strong, masculine look.

And that's really all that needs to be said about it, so let's move on.

Item number three is gonna bea pair of suede Chelsea Boots.

Now normally, I wouldn'trecommend suede for fall-winter because rain and snow could ruin them, but the suede from ThursdayBoots are weather protected, so you can rock them inmore inclement weather and if you don't have a pair of Thursdays, you can also buy leatherand suede products that protect you from the weather.

But moving on to why I like them, again, it's gonna be versatility.

You can dress them up with an overcoat, down in a denim jacket, you can rock them withChinos, jeans, odd trousers, there's really no limit outsideof maybe black-tie formal.

If you don't have a pair I'dhighly suggest snagging one for the fall-winter.

So item number four isgonna be a Shawl Cardigan.

I love this piece becausethey're usually very textured and there's a lot of researcharound textured pieces of clothing that actuallyshows people have a subconscious reactionof wanting to each out and touch the clothing.

So if you're on a datewith a beautiful girl, try wearing a texturedsweater or cardigan.

The shawl collar is quite preppy as well and it can give you anelevated casual look, so it'll keep you warm and stylish.

Item number five is a lightweight, neutral-colored sweater.

Something like black, navy, or charcoal, the main function really willjust be as a layering piece.

You can layer it with a button-down, and if it's a cool dayrock it with some Chinos, and if it's extra chillyit's a great middle layer and you can add on top athird piece like an overcoat, a leather jacket, a peacoat, or a top coat.

Every guy needs a solidlayering piece for his wardrobe, so I definitely recommend picking up a neutral-colored sweater.

Item number six is a pairof gray flannel trousers.

Similar to the turtleneck, they're also a dark horse item.

I would actually arguethat gray flannel trousers are more versatile than denim, and you can dress them up with a blazer or dress them down witha handling or t-shirt.

You can also wear them withcasual leather sneakers, so definitely make sure you getthem tailored to your liking and you will have anelevated pair of trousers.

The last item on this listis gonna be a denim jacket.

Denim is the ultimate rugged material, but you don't have tobe a cowboy to pull-off this modern workhorse.

So the versatility of this item is huge, there's a few ways I like to wear it.

First is with just a plainwhite t-shirt and black jeans.

It's a classic double denimlook that works because the denim shades have enough contrast to avoid that Canadian tuxedo look.

Another way I like to wear a denim jacket is with a nice pair oftailored odd trousers.

This makes for a really stylish look.

I can almost guarantee no other guys are gonna be rocking that look, so you will be the one whogets noticed when you walk into the room.

And now I have a bonus item.

This bonus item is gonnabe a single-breasted, camel top coat.

Now the overcoat hasbeen a menswear staple since the 18th century.

A top coat can be easilyconfused for an overcoat, but it's it's shorter cousin.

The top coat is typicallymade from a lighter fabric and also stops above the knee.

I like this because the coat elongates your upper silhouette, also still allowing your legsto look a little bit longer.

And this can make youappear taller and slimmer, and if you're wearinga really long overcoat and it goes down below your knees, it'll just make you look even shorter.

So that's why I like to wear the top coat because it stops above the knees.

That's it guys, let meknow what you thought of these pieces in the comments.

If you wanna see more videos, check out one that I recently made called “How to Dress Like a Peaky Blinder” and I will see you guysin the next video, peace.

(gentle music).

Men's Jacket Lapel Pins – Thoughts On Wearing a Lapel Pin – Men's Style Advice – Fashion Tips

Men's Jacket Lapel Pins – Thoughts On Wearinga Lapel Pin – Men's Style Advice – Fashion Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, we're going to be talking about lapelpins.

If you haven't already, please subscribe toour YouTube channel.

By doing that, these videos will come rightto you.

If you like this video, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would like it below.

And last but not least, make sure to go visitand grab our free 47-page e-book over at Real Men Real Style.

I'm also going to link you to my Facebookpage down below, and the reason being is that's where this question came from.

“So what is the consensus on lapel pins, namelysmall ones like aviator wings or other military breast insignias, not the normal size ones, but rather the small ones? Thank you.

” The gentleman that asked this, I looked alittle bit over his profile.

It looks like he was in the Navy.

And for anyone that's not familiar, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Army, they've got different insignia that you canwear.

My brother's in the Army, but man, they'vegot insignias for everything.

They wear all this stuff on their uniforms.

The Marine Corps, it was much more limited, but in the Marine Corps, the one thing that always stood out on the uniform is if youhad jump wings or if you were an aviator, if you had gone through dive school.

What else? Well, you can guys can help me there.

I mean, there are certain things — thereare other ones that you could wear, but basically, you had these wings that you could wear.

They were gold.

They stuck out on a camouflage uniform.

Now, you didn’t really wear them in thetheater very often, or if you did, you were pretty careful about that, but it's one ofthose things that identified you with a group.

In this case, this gentleman obviously earnedhis wings.

I see what he's talking about.

The ones that you wore right here were, Idon't know, maybe three inches across on the wings and they had smaller ones that weremore like an inch, very small.

In that case, it's small.

It's not going to really jump out.

People will notice it and it's going to raisequestions.

It's a great chance and a great opportunityfor you to explain and to talk with that person a little bit about you.

In the United States and most of the countriesaround the world, having a little bit of military experience is a great, big bonus that justshows a lot about your character and who you are, but there are many other opportunitiesfor men to wear pins or little things which have a little bit of a symbol.

I see guys starting to put silk cuff linksin there.

I'm not a big fan of that because to me, itjust looks a bit dandy.

I would rather you go with something thathas a bit of meaning to it.

For me, the big thing there is meaning, soyou don't want to try to wear one of the military pins I just talked about and not have beenin the military because then you're going to get somebody really upset.

Another place you see this, by the way, ison neckties.

So neckties, it used to be that most of theones you saw over in England and still today, they depend on what branch or what unit you'rewith in the military, what clubs you went to or were a part of, what schools you wentto.

All of those schools, they all had their owntie.

You don't really see that so much in the UnitedStates in ties in general for the last 50 years.

It had become much more flamboyant.

The Italians have always made a great selectionof ties that aren't really stuck to some type of meaning.

Jumping back to lapel pins, I think they'regreat.

One thing I think that they're abused though– and I think Obama got hit on this — is he wasn't wearing a US flag pin or somethinglike that.

I think that's a bunch of BS.

If you've got to wear a pin to show you'repatriotic or you feel like you have to wear one, then it's almost like the meaning hasbeen perverted, in my opinion.

It really is just a small chance for you tohave a little conversation starter and to perhaps form a bond with somebody.

If I was at a networking event, I may notever have the chance to ask that guy, “Was he a naval aviator?” but if I can see thatlittle pin, I know what that is.

When I see those crossed anchors, I immediatelyknow it's a naval aviator and he was a pilot.

There are a lot of little details on thoselittle pins that you know what they are.

If you're a SWO, why not have a small pinfor that? That's pretty cool.

You can talk about that you were on this carrieror you were on this ship.

It instantly forms a strong bond that youperhaps may not have even known about that person.

All right.

This has been Antonio Centeno with Real MenReal Style.

I hope you enjoyed that.

I'll see you in the next video.



5 Easy Tips to Look Instantly BETTER | Mens Hair & Style Tips 2017

This is what I generally look like in the morning.

Hair all of the place, pretty scruffy.

Kind- kinda patchy beard.

And the face that, well I mean, it could be doing a lil' bit better.

So with all of that in mind, today I'm gonna talk about 5 easy and pretty quick tips that you can implement to up the way you look.

It's pretty simple.

Number 1 is hair removal.

Now I can simply say trim off your beard, but we are talking about more hair than just that.

But starting up with your facial hair.

Do what is necessary to optimize the way it looks and compliments your face.

Taking it to consideration, how full of a beard you're able to grow.

And in my case, not very full.

I can't- I can't grow much of a beard.

I like just a little bit of facial hair.

(touches face) Just a tiny amount.

I feel like it adds a small degree of manliness compared to being completely clean shaven.

So I start with the electric razor without a guard and trim it all down.

Next up, my cheek areas only have like, small random hairs, here and there.

So, I'm gonna completely remove this random hairs using my normal shaving razor.

And trim it the edge of my face where I have more facial hair.

This simply helps add a bit more of a structured look.

Already a big improvement.

Now, in line of hair removal, take care of them eyebrows.

Especially, if you're like me, and you grow some hair in the middle of your brows.

That needs to go.

Monobrow just never looks nice, kay? Take care of the hairs in the middle at the very least.

And if you wanna stop there, that's fine.

But I like to remove the excess hairs from around my eyebrow edges, um- as well.

And if you want a more-detailed explanation, I've made an eyebrow trimming video, check it out right here.

Talks all about my process for dealing with that.

So now step 1 is done.

So, next up, let's fix up the edges of that haircut and make it look a lil' bit sharper.

As you notice, the hair around the edges of my ears, have grown up quite a bit and this comes across a little bit sloppy.

Especially if you're not trying to grow your hair out.

There is a simple fix that looks more scary than it actually is.

First, and this is optional, but I'd like to sharpen my sideburn area so it'll looks a lil' bit cleaner.

Then, with your fingers, grab the bits of hair that hangs over your ears, and pull them over as much as possible so that you can see what needs to go.

After that, simply remove those bits with your razor, and repeat for the other side.

(hello from the other si.



Okay I'll stop.

) The finished result makes it look like it hasn't been that long since you've been for a haircut.

It's definitely a noticeable change and it looks a lot better.

Next up, is bringing some more life into that face.

Even I haven't washed my face or done much else for it, I mean I did just wake up, I will still apply moisturizer.

Moisturizer really helps to add some brightness and life into a previously dull morning face.

After it dries into the skin, I'm looking and feeling much better.

And that moisturizer just really makes a difference and makes my skin feel nicer.

Your face just looks happier basically.

Along with moisturizer for my face, I like to use just a couple of drops of argan oil on my lips.

Most of us know how good argan oil is for our hair, but argan oil in addition is pretty much good for like every part of your body as well.

It's just-, it's good stuff for everything.

In this case, argan oil is acting a little bit like a lip balm, but with extra health packed in there as well.

And this stuff is also especially useful if you're experiencing dry lips, kind of like I am a little bit.

And now, number 4.





where something a little bit-, a, a little bit more flattering.

My current shirt is just kind of meh at best.

Switch into something that looks like you've put in a bit of effort and suit your body and personal taste.

I'm not even talking about specific style trends.

For me, I'm currently enjoying this green-all-off shirt that I've got on, accompanied with this blue denim over-shirt thing, I think it's a good combination and it makes me happy.

And finally, tip number 5.

You guessed it, time to fix up that hair of yours.

Now I know like this is what I do, but I'm a firm believer that hair care and making your hair look the best that it can really improves your overall physical attraction level.

People also notice when you put an effort into your hair and it's an indication that you really care and that is also an attractive quality.

I obviously have tons of hair tutorials on this channel, if you're looking for some inspiration just uh, look me up I guess, little bit in the past.

And that my friends, is all of it.

Five simple tips to look instantly better.

Thanks for tuning in to the BluMaan channel this week.

And if you've liked what you've seen, hit that subscribe button and stick around.

And I'll see y'all next week.


13 Life-Changing Fashion Hacks **Game Changers!**

now there are tons of videos out there about style hacks but today's video is different i'm talking about life-changing style hacks these are the tips and tricks that once you see them yet you can't unsee them your mind is blown you are aware of a whole new reality so what's wrong with these shoes do you see it if you look closely gents you can see some deep creases right here in the leather a lot of guys chalk this up to oh it's just the wear and tear of the shoes but what if i were to tell you that you can avoid this on your footwear hack number one to get rid of creases leverage the power of the shoe tree as you can see gents i simply threw in the shoe tree and already the creases are disappearing the problem is most guys don't use these they sweat in their shoes they throw them in their closet here's what happens that crease forms and it gets worse over time because the shoe isn't able to maintain its shape as it's drying out so to maintain that crisp clean new shoe look make sure to use shoe trees now this next hack is all about helping you overcome the problem of you being late yeah you know what i'm talking about so this is based on a 2015 study coming out of the psychology department at lancaster university and what they found here studying almost a thousand people is if you wore a simple watch you were more conscientious so what's that mean in plain english well it means if you wear a watch you're more likely to be on time and jen's your watch doesn't have to be anything fancy you know with a simple digital you can go with a simple quartz point is wear a watch and you are much more likely to be on time this next life-changing style hack is all about helping you wake up without having to take a drug like coffee what am i talking about fragrance but the right fragrance one that has a citrus in it you're looking for lemon you're looking for bergamot you're looking for orange you're looking for something that has a punch to it that is fresh and clean now gents there's a ton of modern citrus fragrances out there what you want to do is find something you like keep an extra bottle at work because when you've had a full work day but you still got that 5 p.

m presentation to your boss's boss you spray on that fragrance and you walk in and you destroy that presentation yeah you get a raise now to really make this hack work you've really got to love the fragrance so maybe you've tried a citrus you didn't like it well try a higher quality citrus you may find you absolutely adore it but if that scent is something that's a no-go for you we'll look at other options spearmint is an option rosemary is an option and eucalyptus is an option now i will say that eucalyptus can be polarizing so be careful when you go out and make sure to try the fragrance before you buy a whole bottle and with all that being said let's talk about money because all these hacks i'm talking about oftentimes involve you spending a little bit of currency let's use the example of neroli sauvage by crete i bought this fragrance the other day over 300 yeah expensive but guess what i paid under 200 i saved over 100 bucks by using shop tagger yeah you heard me right i saved over a hundred dollars using an app that's absolutely free and guess what it's not just fragrances if you're out there buying watches if you're buying shoes if you're buying anything at thousands of stores online you want to be using shop tagger guys it's a no-brainer shop tagger saves you money now jensen i've talked about shop tagger before i've had them as a sponsor for over a year because i love what these guys are doing and that is they're making it easy for you to be able to go online and save money shopping like you normally would actually i take that back shop tagger is making it easier to shop online because they allow you to create these wish lists you can go to various stores throw all of these items into one wishlist and you get to determine how much do i want to save is it going to be in stock is it in my size do they have the right color so it works like this first you download the free app to your computer or phone next up with one click you save the item the shop tagger now at this point you'll then be notified when the item's on sale when it's in stock when it's in your size and my favorite part when you go to check out they're going to search the web for all the discount coupons and codes out there and they're always going to make sure you get the best deal shopdagger works with over 5000 stores it syncs with all your devices gents if you are not using shop tagger you are leaving money on the table and to make things even better they've got a new automatic cashback feature they're going to be rolling out here soon gents i'm linking to shop tagger down in the description of today's video use that link go grab it download it on your device absolutely free i use it personally absolutely love this app so this next hack is super simple but incredibly powerful you're heading into a presentation you notice a loose thread you pull on it and all of a sudden that shirt's coming apart at the seams or you're going into an interview and you see a loose thread on your button you're about to pull on it but you realize that button is about to pop off now ideally you'd make a quick sewing repair but what if you don't have time the hack here gents is to use super glue to stop the unraveling thread in its tracks just a little bit of glue right there on the button and you are good to go that thread isn't going anywhere now of course it's a temp fix but it can get you out of a bind next up let's talk about facial bumps and razor burn now the first part of this hack is to upgrade your razor blades so a lot of you guys are using a cheap single blade razor throw this thing out and get something better now cartridges are okay but a lot of guys this is still going to cause bumps so look at going with a single blade the safety razor is where it's at this one change right here can transform your shaving experience now the second part of the hack is where the real gold's at and that is upgrade your shaving cream so most of you guys are using something that has a propellant propellant most common one is propane propane not good for the skin and it smells bad so guess what they put in all these unnatural ingredients to cover up the smell so get a natural shaving cream or shaving gel something that isn't going to irritate your face something that does the job of lubricating the face if you're dealing with shave bumps and razor burn i highly recommend you use a shave oil and then put on your shaving cream yes you're going to use them together this provides another layer of lubrication this can mean the difference between yeah you're breaking out all over your neck or your neck looking good and healthy now this next life-changing grooming hack is so simple i was almost embarrassed to add it but then i thought you know what this is my story because guess what i used the same type of hair brush throughout high school and i got the same look with my hair i didn't realize that if you just simply changed up the hair brush you would get a very different look this one is going to add a lot more texture why we have a lot less bristles this one right here is going to push your hair down even this much of a difference right here i can tell you with my hair makes a huge difference and yet these brushes look eerily similar but that is you know you're using a comb right now what would happen if you used a different type of brush don't be afraid to change up your hairstyle by simply buying a different brush and seeing what it looks like so this next life changing style hack again very simple that is understand the difference between gel pomade fiber matte mud most guys hear this and they think oh it's a hair product it's going to keep my hair in place yes but no there's all different types of hold high hold to low hold some of these are going to bring in more texture if you've got thin hair they're going to look your hair make your hair look thicker other times you may want to shine especially if you're dressing up other times you don't want any shine you want to be more casual so here's the deal a lot of you guys are growing out your hair longer than normal you're maybe having trouble styling it so how about change up the brush change up the product you're using have fun experiment find a new style that you like the next style hack that's going to change your life take your flat soled shoes and ditch them instead guys i want you to start to wear boots why well boots are so much cooler and they give you extra height we're talking an inch at least right here in the heel they make you look taller they make you look leaner they make you look better now this next hack is common sense but so many guys still mess this up and that is they carry around a huge billfold the problem with a big billfold is that you fill it with lots of things that you don't need and yeah you've ever tried sitting on this thing guys you're getting back issues instead go with a slim wallet tons of options out there i know i really like the kind that fit right onto the phone but when it comes down to it you're forced to minimize you're forced to say you know what what do i need today to take with me now this next hack is probably the most popular hack that people tell me in person when they meet me that they discovered through my channel and that has transformed their life and that is the shirt stay the shirt garter i first learned about these in the marine corps and the idea is the bottom of your shirt is attached to the top of your socks and once you've got a good pair and you've worn them for about an hour you forget they're there and that's where the beauty is because if you're tucking in your shirt 50 times a day that's a lot more annoying jensen if you've got to give a presentation if you're going to be up on stage or if you're just simply tired of tucking in your shirt all day you want to check out shirt guarders now this next life-changing style hack your mom should have taught you and that is lay out your clothes the night before i advise you purchase a valet you lay out your clothing so it's easy to find so many guys in the morning they're trying to get all this stuff done iron their shirts polish their shoes get actually match things no you have all this laid out the night before so whenever you wake up it's easier to dress well than it is to dress poorly gents it's the little things that make a huge difference polishing your shoes after you wear them making sure to batch iron your shirts at the beginning of the week so you've got shirts throughout the week and again laying out everything so you can find it easily in the morning this sets up your day for success now gents i know you've got an opinion and there's a number of products i did not talk about in this video because i just ran out of time but i want to hear from you down in the comments what would you have added to this list what has transformed your life when it comes to style what is a style hack a style product that you absolutely love the next style hack that's going to transform your life gentlemen wear a suit when you're working from home what am i talking about check it out in this video right here where i lay out the case for dressing sharp even if you're not going to go anywhere even if you're simply working at your computer at your kitchen table yeah what am i talking about find out in this video i talk about productivity how you can become better at what you're doing by simply dressing sharp and i lay everything out in this video go check it out i will link to it down in the description.

The BEST MOCCASINS FOR MEN☝🏼(How to Choose the BEST Style of Moccasins for Men 2020)

Are you looking for the best pair of moccasinsfor men to start off 2020 on the right foot? With so many different options out there, how can you possibly know which are the best pair of moccasins for you or the man thatyou're buying for? Watch this video to find out which are thebest pair of moccasins for men to get the most use out of ensuring they will be wornand loved for years to come.

I'm Mallory Graham from tribaltradeco.

comwhere we offer over 130 different styles of moccasins and mukluks.

Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so thatyou get notified every time we post a brand new video just like this one on indigenousmoccasins and lifestyle products.

If you are looking for the best men's moccasinsfor 2020, but you're feeling overwhelmed with all of the styles, options, and choices outthere, then we are here to help you find the absolute best pair of men's moccasins thatwill be the most comfortable and best fit for you and your needs.

We've helped thousands of customers find moccasinsthat they love and now it's your turn.

By the end of this video, you'll know exactlywhat are the best moccasins for men to buy so you can feel the most confident that you'vechosen the best pair of moccasins for your needs, lifestyle and wardrobe.

You might be buying moccasins for yourself, or maybe you're looking for a special gift of men's moccasins for your husband, dad, or your son.

I was recently asked to bring home some mocsfor my husband who is very particular with everything, which is why we put together thisvideo to help you choose the best pair of moccasins for men.

If you're looking for men's moccasins foryourself or on behalf of someone else, you will want to consider these four questionsto steer you in the right direction and find the perfect pair of moccasins to avoid gettinga pair that he doesn't love, consider these four questions and ask yourself or the manthat you're buying for to answer them to ensure the most use, comfort and fit for a lifetimeuse.

So let's get started on the four questionsto consider when choosing the best style of men's moccasins.

The first factor to consider when choosingthe best moccasins for men is if you want hard sole or soft sole moccasins.

If you're asking him whether he wants hardsole or a soft sole moccasins, his response might be, I don't know, which is better? How do you know if you want a hard sole onyour moccasins or not? But for the most part, consider where he willbe wearing them.

Guys, if you plan on wearing your moccasinsmostly outside, then a hard sole would definitely be better.

If you plan to go outside occasionally fromthe house to the garage, for example with your moccasins on, then either a hard soleor soft sole could work for you.

The hard sole can protect your mocs from gettingtoo worn and protect your feet from the conditions whether it be cold or wet surfaces that you'rewalking on.

If you have hardwood floors in your house, you may want to opt for a harder sole moccasin as well, either being a soft crepe sole orone with a hard rubber bottom.

So depending on where you actually want towear your moccasins, what the environment is like and what conditions, this will highlydetermine whether you want to go with a soft sole moccasin or a hard sole moccasin.

The second factor in choosing the best moccasinsfor men is if you want lined or unlined moccasins.

Choosing to go with lined or unlined moccasinsis usually based on what is most comfortable for you, your personal style preference, andhow warm you want your feet to be.

This again comes back to the question of wherewill you be wearing your moccasins.

If you are wearing your moccasins inside thehouse for the purposes of keeping your feet cozy warm, then you can get lined moccasins, either fleece, sheepskin or cotton lining.

Line moccasins for men can keep their feetextremely warm and depending on how you want them to feel and if your feet can get reallysweaty, that might not be very comfortable.

Most of our men's moccasins come unlined withjust the natural leather up against their feet.

So most men choose the unlined moccasin asthey have more of a natural feeling and do the job without the added weight of the extralined material.

Do you prefer to wear your moccasins inside, outside, or both? Please share with us in the comments below.

Now we've looked at the first two factorsin determining which are the best moccasins for men.

One, whether a hard sole or soft sole moccasinis more suiting and two, whether we want the moccasins to be lined or unlined.

Now let's move on to the third factor whendeciding on the best moccasins for men.

The third factor in choosing the best moccasinsfor men is if you want fur trim or no fur.

Fur trim moccasins for men are quite commonespecially if the location that you want to wear them is inside the comfort of your ownhome as a slipper style moc.

Fur trim can definitely add that comfy, cozyfeeling to your moccasins.

If you are wanting to wear your moccasinsoutside only as an out and about shoe, boat shoe or garage shoe, then the fur trim mightnot be quite what you're looking for.

If you're looking to wear your moccasins asregular shoes, not inside your house, then the plain leather moccasins without any embellishmentsmight be the best ones to go with.

The fourth factor in choosing the best moccasinsfor men is what color do you want your mocs to be.

It's very likely that you or the man thatyou're buying for wants natural-looking leather moccasins, but sometimes, he might be veryparticular and want a specific color of moccasins.

It's important to consider though that afteryou've already asked yourself the first three questions of whether you want hard sole orsoft sole, lined or unlined, that you might have narrowed your color choices down quitea bit based on what is available in those options.

To choose the best color of moccasins foryou and your wardrobe, you guys can typically just decide based on which color you likethe most, and that is fine, but if you can't choose which color of men's moccasins to buyfor the man that you're buying for, then it might be best to sneak a peek at what he wearsmost right now.

See what color would best suit what he wearsthe most in order to decide what option would be ideal for him.

So now we've gone through all four questionsto ask yourself when deciding on the best moccasins for men which are hard sole or softsole, lined or unlined, fur trim or no fur and the color of moccasins.

If you're looking for the best style of mukluks, then watch this video right here on choosing the absolute best style of mukluks for you.

Now, after watching this video, you have exactlywhat you need in order to choose the best men's moccasins for you or the guy that you'rebuying for.

You can feel 100% confident in your choiceand also feel absolutely comfortable, stylish, and functional.

Be sure to check us out at tribaltradeco.

comand use this special coupon code for 15% off your order.

Please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagramif you have any questions.

If you liked this video, please let us knowby hitting the like button.

Tell us what you liked about it in the comments, share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe.

Thanks so much for watching guys.

I hope you have a fabulous day and we'll seeyou next time.


Η Πιθανότητα Του σ€ξ | Men of Style

Everything is going as planned, the sexual tension is there between you, the signs of interest thatthe woman has shown you are incredible they are very important, they areclear, you have been discussing naughty stuff, however aftersome time when you try, with one way or another, to come a little closer and end up having sex, somethingis always happening she can't that day, she's not readyor something else happens and while time passes by, you see thatthings constantly get stuck I'm Christos from Men of Style and today we will talk about the chances of having sex Let's go! First of all, let's makesomething clear In most cases, a womanwill make things clear if you express your intentions Worst case scenario, she doesn'twant to do something with you, she will tell you indirectly but clearly thatshe is not available How? She will tell you that she sees you friendly, he will tell youthat there is still something with an ex or that she is not in the process of doing anything in the near future First of all, that does not meanyou should try harder It means, in most cases, thatshe really doesn't want to do something with you.

She is not messing up with you However, there are some exceptions There are some cases where thewoman will continue to talk to you He will continue to flirt with you, willcontinue to show erotic interest However, when things becomemore interesting and you are reaching a more erotic point.



Bam!Something happens and things get stuck In these cases, you might rage with your luck or the universeand here's something I want to clear up from the beginning When I experienced situations like thatin the past, there was a very specific behavior pattern from me tothe woman or the circumstances Initially, the first thing I did wasbeing fed up with myself I thought I was doingsomething wrong so, I kept chasing her, continuing to hope that things will change The second thing I did becauseI couldn't stand judging myself was blame the woman Why are things not moving onif she is interested Why is this happening?Why does she do that? Of course, I was oppressing and didn'texpress my real questions to the only person I shouldhave expressed them to, the woman All this behavioral patternlead to me chasing her, without any specific reasonand as a result my time was wasted and I wasfeeling bad about the situation but at the same time, I didn't take anyresponsibility and clarify intentions and conditionsand this is one of the most important things to keep in mind Let's look at it a bit more If you're in a situation like thisor you've been in one in the past I am sure that you have been involved in a mental maze where you tryto decode behaviors and analyze their possible motivessince she is still talking with you, she continues to show an eroticinterest, she continues to tell you you should keep trying, while in essenceyou never reach a point you both like, which is not true What I want to say is that the incentivesof the woman can be too many She might not be ready at this particularstage of her life, but she doesn't want to admit itto herself She may like the attentionand the game of flirting There is a case that she wants proofthat after sex something stable will emerge She might, she might, she might.



Your job is to seewhich behaviors satisfy you and above all, be as clear as possiblewith your intentions I'm not suggesting youhurry and shout “I want sex” Nor do I mean thingsgot stuck because you have made a mistake But there may bespecific behaviors That is, the woman continuesto show erotic interest and flirt but you never get tothe next step Of course, as with all thingsbehind this case a way of thinking is hiddenand that has to do with you When you are clear with the timeyou want the woman to reveal any kind of intent toyou, then everything will always be clear, that is, how much you are willingto wait Now if the woman has no experience at allin the sexual matter then things change a lot This is an exceptionyou should always consider But if the woman isexperienced and you see that things get stuck when they get sexual, then you need to take a step back and evaluate ifthis behavior meets your own criteria You may feelguilty You might have the stereotypeof: “Oh, you only think about sex” That's all you have in mind It is not bad to think about sex, because it is not bad to see a woman sexually It's a compliment When, for example, you learnthat a woman sees you sexually and you like her, it's flatteringfor you as well And that's normal However, we do not say you should hurry, nor start chasing women like a dog does What I want to say though is:what are you willing to do? and how much are you willingto wait for something to happen You will need to decide that for yourself, because up to a certain point things are good, things are interesting Yes, there is this sexual aurain the atmosphere which creates this excitement, this burningin the chest, you know what I mean But when nothing happensand you start investing you start hoping thatsomething may happen so, you contest withoutseeing anything in return So, what you have to do iswatch her behavior all of her behaviors and stopfocusing only on what you guys say Because verbally, things mightseem they are moving on perfectly but when the time of the act comesnothing happens However, you will need to decideon what relationship you are looking for with this womanand pass the message across as clearly as possible That was Christos, from Men of Style andtoday we talked about the possibility of sex Be well!.

10 Tips To Look Attractive In A Dress Shirt | RMRS Style Videos

10 Tips To Look Attractive In A Dress Shirt[0:00:00] Starting things off, if you’re not goingto wear a necktie, don’t button that top button.

And that second button, don’t be afraidto unbutton that button as well.

It gives you a much more relaxed look.

In today’s video, gents, ten easy ways tolook more attractive in a dress shirt.

[Music]So, coming in at number nine and assuming you’re not wearing a necktie, you’re goingto have those top two buttons unbuttoned, make sure to go for a V-neck undershirt, nota crew neck.

You don’t want to show your undershirt, it just never looks good.

Tip number eight to look attractive in a dressshirt, choose the right collar style.

In general, modern dress shirt collar stylesare going to fall into two categories.

We’re going to have point collars.

Point collars are going to have their pointsspread be less than 35 degrees.

This is going to be the vast majority of collarstyles out there.

This works great with a necktie, but if you’renot going to go with a necktie, you want to look at spread collars.

Spread collars are going to have more likea 45, 55-degree collar spread, and they’re going to look much better when you don’twear them with a necktie.

Now, you can wear a necktie with a spreadcollar, it looks good if you choose the right knot style.

What you want to go for is a wider knot that’sgoing to fill up the space right up there next to your neck.

So, coming in at number seven, you want tochoose the right color fabric for your skin tone and your hair color.

So, first up, we’ve got light skin lighthair.

So, if you’re got this complexion, somegreat colors are going to be light blue, green, red.

We’re going with lighter variations of thesecolors.

Notice no bright colors, no super dark colors.

If you’ve got light-colored skin, blonde, or reddish hair, what you want to be careful of is overpowering your natural colors withtoo strong of a color in your dress shirt.

Next up, we’ve got the medium contrast individual.

This is going to be a guy with a little bitof color in the skin, but he’s going to have very dark hair.

Now, when it comes to dress shirts, this guyis pretty lucky he’s going to be able to pull off any color, but he’s going to lookbest when he creates contrast in his outfit.

So, if you’ve got a dark-colored suit, youwant to go for a light-colored dress shirt.

So, when it comes to dress shirts, your bestcolor is going to be white followed by a light blue and maybe even a pink or a lavender, you could pull that off.

And, when it comes to the darker colors, yes, they’re going to be more casual, but you can have some fun here.

Don’t be afraid to bring in a nice strongvivid blue or maybe even a maroon.

Next up, we’ve got the gent who’s gotdark-colored skin, dark-colored hair.

But, what’s great about this complexion, you can pull off very strong colors.

So, of course, white is an option, but lookat this light-colored pink, maybe you want to bring in a royal purple, a vivid blue, or a strong green.

Now, before we go any further into this video, I got to warn you.

Guys, the danger of picking up all these greatinfo on how to be more attractive in a dress shirt is that you’re going to look at yourcurrent dress shirts and realize that they suck.

Well, gents, don’t worry because with today’ssponsor, I’ve got you covered, Apposta.

You guys need to go check out this amazingItalian company.

They’re making online custom shirts.

Look at all the fabric choices.

We’re talking over 3, 000 fabrics to choosefrom.

Gents, I tested them out.

I went to the build process on their website, very easy.

You measure yourself or you can actually measureyour best-fitting shirt, then you’ve got all the fabrics to choose from.

You go through, you choose out all the differentstyles.

You build your perfect custom shirt.

Guys, all Apposta shirts are made in Italyby skilled artisans that have been doing this for generations.

Literally the founders, they are fourth generationshirt makers.

And, guys, it doesn’t matter your body type.

You can be round, you can be a bodybuilder, you can be tall and thin, you can be short and stout.

It doesn’t matter, you’re going to beable to get a shirt built to your exact measurement.

And, when it comes to fit, gentlemen, theynail it 98% of the time on the first try.

And if they don’t get it right, guess what? They’ll remake the shirt at no cost to you.

And, let’s talk about their incredibly lowprice.

How are they able to do it? Guys, they only sell directly to you the customer.

And, the best part down in the descriptionof today’s video, I’ve got an awesome discount code, the best you’re ever goingto find for this company.

Use it or lose it, guys.

Great company.

Go check them out.

Use that link down in the description.

The next tip to look attractive in a dressshirt, strong lines.

We’re talking about a well-starched or ironedcollar.

We’re talking about cuffs that have no wrinkleson them or pressed, don’t have any type of bends in them, and a strong placket.

So, the placket, this is going to be wherethe buttons go through, but this always needs to be pressed, this needs to be ironed.

If you have wrinkles right here in the frontof your shirt, everyone is going to see it.

The same with the collar.

Now, the collar not only do you want to actuallyhave it pressed out, but you want to make sure that the shirt you buy has collar stays.

Basically, they go in there and they ensurethat there is a nice solid straight point.

Let’s talk about cuff fit.

So, in general cuffs should not be so tightto restrict movement and they should never be so loose as that you could actually removethe shirt without unbuttoning.

Now, you want to if you wear a watch, youwant to make sure that the cuff is adjusted to be able to fit your watch comfortably.

And, remember, you can actually just simplymove the button.

So, coming in at number five and this oneis backed by science, know how to roll your shirt sleeves.

Seriously, they did a poll, they asked women, what do you find attractive about a man? Up in the top five consistently is when aman rolls up his shirt sleeves and shows his forearm.

So, this leads to the question, what’s themost attractive way to roll your shirt sleeves? [0:05:00]The answer in my opinion is the master roll.

Here is how to do it.

For this one, you will put the cuff furtherup the sleeve, then fold the excess fabric over it.

This results in a very clean-looking roll, one that will not come undone throughout the day.

And, best of all, when you want to unrollyour shirt sleeves, one quick pull of the cuff is all it takes.

Next up, don’t be afraid to bring in a colorthat really pops, something that you’re confident wearing something that you justfeel this makes you look great.

And, I know this may contradict what I saidearlier, but if you love the look if you feel confident, guys, you can pull it off.

Next, know the rules on tucking in your shirt.

So, most shirts when you look at the bottom, you can tell should it be tucked or should it be untucked.

Shirts that should be worn untucked are oftentimesgoing to have a straight bottom or it’s going to be the particular style of the shirt.

So, a guayabera should not be tucked in.

A polo shirt for the most part, those aremade to be worn untucked.

Now, dress shirts by default should alwaysbe tucked in if they are dress shirts, but it’s the casual button-down, this is whereit gets confusing.

So, if you’ve got a dark-colored shirt andyou’re wondering can I actually wear this untucked? You want to apply the two-inch rule.

So, the two-inch rule goes like this.

A shirt that’s going to be worn untucked, you want to have it go about two inches below the waist line of your trousers.

Coming in at number two, know how to leveragepatterns.

So, let’s start things off with one of theeasiest patterns to pull off and that is oxford.

It’s the shirt I’m wearing right now.

Basically, they use different colors.

I’ve got white and dark blue yarns thatwere used to make these fabric.

From a distance, it looks like a solid.

Another thing to look at is go with the shirtthat has a tight twill weave.

From a distance, it’s going to look likea solid.

Now, let’s talk about stripes, a great patternfor most guys.

It’s going to make you look leaner, goingto make you look taller.

Three stripes that you need to know are firstup Bengal stripes.

So, the Bengal stripe is when we have twocolors – white along with another color and you’re going to see that they’re ofequal width.

So, the white is just as wide as the color.

Next up, we’ve got a candy stripe.

Now, a candy stripe, the stripe of the coloris going to be half the width of the white.

So, you’re going to actually see a lot moredistance between the stripes.

Next up, if you’re looking to go with somethingbold, look for a track stripe.

So, track stripes are where you’ve got actuallythree colors.

You have the white backdrop and then you havealternating colors of a different shade.

And, let’s talk checks.

So, check patterns in general are very casualespecially when they use a larger check pattern that use brighter colors.

Now, one of my favorite check patterns isa Glen check especially a medium to light blue.

This pattern doesn’t really stand out untilyou get up close and I think that you can wear this business casual maybe business, but, yeah, it really is a great one to stand out from the crowd.

All right, guys, so coming in at number oneon my list, the most important thing when it comes to looking great in a dress shirtis fit.

I’ve said this before, if it doesn’t fityou, it’s going to make you look bad.

Guys, nail the fit.

So, what are the key areas on the dress shirtyou got to nail the fit? Guys, start with the collar.

When you button this up, you need to be ableto get two fingers in there at least.

If you can get your whole hand in there, it’sway too big.

Let’s talk about your shoulder points.

If it does not fit you in the shoulder points, do not buy the shirt.

This could not be adjusted.

When it comes to the sleeve length, you wantto make sure to put your hands out.

It should not go up past your wrist bones, and it should not go out past your hands.

You can get this adjusted a bit.

Now, if it’s way too baggy in the sleeves, you want to be careful of that.

That is showing that you’ve got way toolarge of an armhole.

Now, when it comes to the length of the shirt, this is something a lot of manufacturers skimp on.

I like to have at least two to three inchesin length, so that I can tuck it in and it’s going to stay tucked in.

Now, when we talk about the torso.

So, you want to have about two-and-a-halfinches of room on the average size guy.

If you’re a bit bigger, maybe three, three-and-a-halfinches, but if you’re 5’2” 100 lbs, in that case, you’re going to probably wantan inch-and-a-half to maybe even an inch of excess fabric so it’s really proportionbased.

Now, if you want more details on what goesinto a perfect fitting dress shirt, I want you to go check out this video right here.

I go into a lot more detail on what exactlyto look for for the perfect fitting dress shirt.

Or maybe you’re curious about four otherways to roll your dress shirt sleeves, I’ve got you covered with this informational videoright here.

And, gentlemen, again, I apologize if givingyou all these information has made you realize how your existing dress shirts are.

And, remember, if you want to fix that problem, use Apposta.

I’m linking to them down in the description.

This Italian company making awesome shirtsat an awesome price.

You build the shirt you want.

Guys, go check them out.

I’m linking to them with the best deal you’regoing to find in the description of today’s video.

[0:09:35] End of Audio.

7 Bold Style Pieces Every Man Should Wear This Summer | The StyleJumper Collab

Bold Style Pieces You Should Wear This Summer[0:00:00] [Music]Antonio: In today’s video, gents, seven tips to dress bold this summer.

Now, as you can see I’ve got Ihsaan of theStyleJumper.

And, Ihsaan, let’s jump right into this, tip number one is headwear, right? Ihsaan: Headwear is always great for the summer.

You want to look bold, you’ve got to switchit up a little bit.

Wearing hats in the summer is going to lookgreat whether that’s a straw hat.

That’s the one I would use the most, Antonio.

Antonio: So, let’s start off with the fedora.

I’ve seen you rock this look.

Do you think this is an easy one for a manto start with? Ihsaan: It is.

And, that’s usually the most common.

Most people, you know, when you go to thestore and you’re shopping, that’s the hat that you would probably see the most isa straw fedora.

Antonio: Functionally, a hat serves a greatpurpose of basically preventing sunburn on top of your head.

Ihsaan: Absolutely.

Antonio: But, when you’re looking at a hat, how do you know it fits, what are you looking for? Ihsaan: I think you want to try out differenthats, Antonio.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: Because everybody’s head is shapedvery differently, so you want to see what hat and shape looks best with your head.

Antonio: So, the key here is try it on inperson and look at yourself in the mirror.

If you’re not confident in what you see, then don’t purchase it at the moment, think about it, but guys, practice wearing the hat.

One thing I like to tell guys is if you’renot used to wearing headwear, wear it around your home and then, something magical is goingto happen.

You’re going to feel comfortable enoughafter you’ve worn this for a few times, you’re going to go to the store not reallythinking you’re in an experiment, you’re going to try it and from there, you’re goingto venture out.

Now, another style that you talked about isthe Panama.

Ihsaan: It reminds me of the tropics.

It reminds me of going to some tropical island.

That hat is going to look great especiallywhen it comes to the summer months and wearing something really lightweight.

Antonio: And, you’re going to see Panamaspriced all over the place from, you know, $10 to $20 to hundreds of dollars.

If you’re just getting started, I woulderr on the side of getting something a little bit less expensive.

For the higher end Panamas, what you’rereally paying for it’s about where it’s manufactured, how tight the weave, the qualityof the workmanship, but if you’re just starting off, go with either the fedora, maybe lookat Panama.

Next up, let’s talk about the boater.

I think this is a style a little bit harderto pull off.

Tell me a little bit about what you know aboutthe boater, Ihsaan? Ihsaan: I love the boater because it’s verypopular in the 20’s and 30’s and it’s very patriotic.

You usually see a red and blue band.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: On the boater, so it reminds you ofthe Fourth of July, really having fun in the summer, fireworks.

So, I really love that style.

Antonio: And, I like the shape of this.

This is very functional hat, it keeps thesun off, allows the air.

It’s a very loose weave usually.

And I do think that the boater is maybe thesecond hat that you get start off with the Panama, start off with the fedora.

This is something you’re going to probablyget more miles out of, you’re going to be able to find more selection.

And, once you get used to wearing a hat likethis, then you could graduate to the boater.

Next up, gents, we’ve got the bowtie.

And, Ihsaan, I hear that you like bowties? Ihsaan: Antonio, I usually always wear bowties.

It’s my favorite accessory out there.

Antonio: So, when I see bowties in the summer, what I see a lot of bright colors, I see them very festive.

Ihsaan: Either you tie it yourself or actuallythere’s a pre-tie option for you.

Antonio: Well, let’s not talk pre-tie here.

Guys, if you want a tutorial on how to tiea bowtie, I’m linking to it down in the description.

As you can see right here, I go through it, I give you various angles of very easy tutorial.

And, gents, another thing I love about thebowtie, not confined just to summer is it it’s an incredibly functional piece.

Can you talk about the functionality of thebowtie? Ihsaan: Absolutely, Antonio.

The functionality is the lightweight, it doesn’tget in your way.

And, really when it comes to your profession, that’s where it really helps.

Antonio: So, if you’re a doctor, you’rea chiropractor, you’re a scientist, I mean, and you have your necktie falling all overthe place, bowtie is a pretty good option.

Ihsaan: Bowties are great option because youdon’t want to have that in your client’s face.

Antonio: It is a way to stand out from thecrowd and I think, again, bowties when you wear something like this, you’re going toprobably be the only guy in the room rocking the bowtie.

Ihsaan: A hundred percent.

Antonio: Next up, gents, we’ve got seersucker.

And, Ihsaan, I hear you like seersucker? Ihsaan: Your boy is wearing seersucker today, absolutely.

Antonio: Yeah.

You’re looking good.

And, let’s talk about this combination.

So, you’ve got navy trousers on, looks likechinos.

With the seersucker here, you don’t haveto go for a full seersucker suit all the time? Ihsaan: No.

If you’re going full seersucker, a lot oftimes you might scare people off.

Antonio: Yeah.

Ihsaan: So, I think having that contrast ofthe seersucker and a solid is going to look really great.

Antonio: And it works well with the bowtie.

Tell me about the shirt selection? Ihsaan: So, the shirt selection, I usuallylike to wear a solid shirt when it comes to seersucker because with the pattern itselfin the seersucker, it can be a little busy, but having a very clean solid shirt, it’sgoing to look awesome with your seersucker.

Antonio: And, gents, if you don’t know whatseersucker is, it’s a cotton fabric woven in a way that allows air to move freely through.

It’s relatively inexpensive, difficult tofind at times.

But, if you need help with terminology wordsin menswear, guys, I’ve got a free audio for you.

It’s, Five Hundred Words Every Stylish ManNeeds to Know.

I’m going to link to it down in the description.

Yours absolutely free, go grab it.

Next up, gents, we’ve got shorts.

Shorts, they’re casual, but they can bepart of a stylish man’s wardrobe if worn correctly.

Now, you’ve got to nail two things in particular.

Those two things are?Ihsaan: You got to have great fit and style.

Antonio: Okay.

So, what is a bad fit? [0:04:59]Ihsaan: A bad fit, Antonio, would be either the shorts are too big or too long.

Antonio: So, if they’re going to be toolong, that’s what? Past the knee? Ihsaan: Oh, just past the knee, absolutely.

Antonio: So, what’s a good length for shorts? Ihsaan: I would recommend a least one to twoinches above the knee.

Antonio: Unless you’re.



Ihsaan: Unless you’re Donald Glover becauseDonald Glover got some great legs.

Antonio: He does have some nice legs.

Now, let’s talk about the excess materialaround basically that’s what’s going around the circumference of the thigh.

Ihsaan: We don’t want too much, Antonio, because there’s just going to be too much fabric and you’re going to look very wideand.



Antonio: So, about one to two inches? Ihsaan: One to two inches would be perfect.

Antonio: Now, the second thing we got to becareful of is the style of the shorts.

There are some pretty bad styles.

You see those camel shorts that, again, gopast the knee that have like hooks hanging from them and then, cargo shorts, let’stalk about cargo shorts.

Ihsaan: Please, guys, don’t wear cargo shortsespecially when you’re trying to be super stylish.

Antonio: Now, I do have a video in the defenseof cargo shorts, if you want to check that out.

I’m going to link to it down in the description.

So, check out this video if you’re interested.

Next up, we’ve got a summer hairstyle.

So, let’s go short, let’s go with a shorthairstyle.

You got some options for me, Ihsaan? Ihsaan: Antonio, it’s obvious, it’s goingto be a bald head, right? No, just joking.

So, a bald head is a great option.

Antonio: Yeah.

Ihsaan: Maybe a buzz cut.

You want to trim it down.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: And then, third, shaving the sidesof your hair.

Antonio: What I like about two of those optionsis that you could actually do them yourself.

So, if you’re looking to save money duringthe summer or if you’re not able to get to a great barber.

Ihsaan: So, shorter hairstyles are great becauseit keeps your head cool, you’re not worrying about having a lot of excess hair since it’snot the winter anymore, and you’re going to feel great.

Just a fresh look for the summer.

Antonio: Now, this next tip is to have funwith your watch, bring in a bit of color.

It could apply to any accessory actually outthere.

But, I like watches because it’s somethingthat you can take the case, you can change out the strap.

So many options out there.

I know I just picked up this watch the otherday.

I love the beautiful blue dial and I’vegot this really nice brown leather here.

The watch company by the way is Monta, anamazing niche brand.

If you haven’t checked them out, I’lllink to them down in the description.

But, right here, check this out, I bring ina NATO strap, bring in some color.

I could go with this case right there, lookgreat.

Now, they also sent me, I’ve got right herethis silicone rubber-type of strap, so if I wanted to go for something that more fora dive watch or if you want to maybe bring in a metal band, a lot of different optionshere.

And, Ihsaan, you’ve got a nice watch on? Ihsaan: I love this watch.

It’s a wide dial with a blue strap that’sgoing to match my outfit.

So, Antonio, I think it’s a great option.

Antonio: Yeah.

Now, that is a Vincero, I’ve talked aboutthem before.

They’ve been a sponsor of my channel.

What I love about Vincero is that you canactually easily change out the straps.

So, again, guys, an easy way to bring in color, have a little of fun with your watch game, right? Next up, we’ve got bold prints, and thisis something you could easily pull off during the summer if you’ve got the courage towear them and that’s key, guys, is that you’ve got to be able to go out there pickup that shirt and wear it with confidence.

Now, Ihsaan, can you talk about wearing boldprints? Ihsaan: I love bold prints, Antonio, becauseit just reminds you of summer, vacation, a lot of colors.

Antonio: And, I find that small repeatingpatterns especially florals work with a wide variety of different outfits.

It is something, yes, men can wear flowers.

Now, things when it becomes a larger pattern, that becomes I think a little bit harder for a guy to pull off, but it can be done especiallydark-complected men.

I’ve seen a lot of guys pull this off.

Ihsaan: Absolutely.

And, Antonio, what I would recommend withthat is if you’re going to have big print and is bold like that for the summer, go witha solid as your contrast color.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: That way you’re not all over theplace.

Antonio: Bring in on the shirts very easysomething it’s relatively affordable, maybe be very careful with the jackets althoughif you start to develop confidence, you can bring it into a jacket as well, maybe evensmall accessories you know the necktie, the bowtie, pocket square, that’s where youcan, again, experiment with those bold prints.

[0:08:37] End of Audio.

7 Σημάδια Που Δείχνουν Ότι Σε Βλέπει Φιλικά! | Men of Style

You've met her, you have startedto like her and you're constantly thinking about how you expressyour interest.

However, you have begun understandingthat things are not going as you might have expected oryou think she sees you as a friend.

I'm Christos, from Men ofStyle and today we'll talk about the 7 signsshe sees you as a friend.

Let's go! Well, sign number 1.

You do many activities together but none of them haveany kind of erotic content.

You do not kiss.

There is no sexual intercourse.

Nothing!You see her often, you communicate often.

When I say many activities, that's what I mean! You send messages all day long.

Shetalks about things that happened in her day You say some too, but there is never an erotic context in whichyou communicate.

At this stage you will need to knowit's not that she wants more time or you need to do something specialand unique, but most likely you got your head inin the friendly zone.

Let's see the second! Second sign.

While you talk to each other she tells you to goshopping together.

Yes!Let's put some things straight.

You can go shopping with a woman if you want to, especially if you want to buy something too, because her viewsare very useful, since women have a different sense ofcolors, fashion.




But you can go shopping with awoman, from the moment you have stepped into a relationship with her.

If there is no eroticframe between you guys and you go shopping with her, guess with whomelse she does go shopping with! Her girlfriends.

Don't do it! It is a sign she is already consideringyou a friend.

Let's go for the third one! The third sign is that she usually meets youin public, that is, she never comes in your place nor do you go to hers, or somewhere you can stay a little longer and alone, to movethings on to a more interesting activity, as you can imagine, becauseevery time you try to find yourself alone with her, she is always findingan excuse.

So, either you go together for a cup ofcoffee or you'll go together for a drink Your meetings usually take placein a public place, because she might be thinking that if you stayalone, things will move on to the next level.

Let's go for the next one! Fourth sign!Usually, most of the time your communication takes placefrom a distance.

This is a different extensionfrom the previous sign I mentioned However, what I want to emphasizeon is that whenever you suggest her to meet, she can't make it, orsomething has happened to her, she has 850 meetings with other people, she is too busy, choked, takes a test, justified up to a certain point she has to meet friends, peoplewho visited her from abroad, from Poseidon, I do not know! She constantly finds excuses not tomeet you.

As a result, this processmakes you believe that yes she is interested, however it'svery likely she might be seeing you friendly.



Let's go to the next! Fifth!She's trying to hook you up with a friend of hers or to an acqaintance.

Be careful!She is not testing you to check if you are really interested in herand if you discard all the others.

That is, if she tells you that:”You know something? There's this one girl which is the only one “Don't play act like a nice guy would do and say:”Oh, well, my mind is somewhere else “Yes!This won't work unless of course you really do not like this girlfriend of herswho wants to meet you.

However, when she gets into the processof introducing you to another woman, it means she is notinterested in you.

When a woman is interested, she will not try to pass you to some of her friends, or whatever but she will try to keep youfor herself and show how interested she really is.

Let's go to the next! Sign number 6.

The story of my life.

She is crying on your shoulder for someonewho rejected her and she has a crush on, whileasking for advice on what to do and you just sit thereconsoling her.

That's a mistake!Tips for other men, are provided by her girlfriends.

Unless you're a girlfriend of hers.

Or a friend.

So, you understand that in this case, the erotic interestis most likely non-existent.

What I want to say is that:If a woman is interested in you and she does not see youfriendly, she will not constantly ask or tell youstuff about other men.

Of course not!Why would she want to do that: “You know something? I'm not interestedin you, I'm interested in someone else ” So, the odds of you leaving orstop even bothering, are increased.

Simple and reasonable things orotherwise Apla + Andrika.

[word play] Seventh sign.

While you are talking to each other, she seems all troubledwondering why she does not meet men like you and at thatmoment you pour smoke out of your ears horns, tails, anything.

You are irritated of course.



why? Because she is sending you a mixed signal.

On the one hand she says:”You are very special”, on the other hand, she's saying:”There is no erotic progression, in our communication.

” In these cases, when she tells yousomething like this, it's not for the best.

So, if you start hearing things like: “I can't find someone like you””You are so good! Why can't I have who can listen to me like you do ” Though you may think allthese are compliments and signs of interest, most likely theyshow the opposite.

That is, you are fullwithin the friend zone.

Some things you'll need to rememberregarding the friend zone, are mainly two.

You have entered the friend zone eitherbecause you didn't express erotic interest directly, so you delayed the wholeprocedure, because you were afraid of getting rejected, you don't know howto show you interest or whatever.

In a future video I'll talk about, the assumptions we make and aren't helping us at all, on the contrarythey sabotage us and don't let us express our intentions furtherand clarify things, but also reveal the truthfor both of us and the girl.

The second thing is that at some pointyou showed erotic interest and you earned some kind of rejection back.

And because you believeyou have made a mistake or that if you try a bit more, if you show something different you can win her.

You have kept communicating within a friendly context, simply becauseyou know that if you express you interest again, you are most likelygetting rejected.

So, you keep going and maintain thisfriendly intimacy and communication with this woman, hopingfor a change in her attitude.

It will not change!Move on and if something shows up by her side in the future, you will handle it then.

That was Christos, from Men ofStyle and today we talked about the 7 signs that testify that a womansees you as a friend.

Be well!.

8 Χαρακτηριστικά Των Ανθρώπων Με Αυτοπεποίθηση | Men of Style

Gentlemen, when we think of someone with confidence, if think of him like a man who walks in a place and he is the center of attention, everybody admires him, everybody has his/her eyes on him However, I personally believe, that someone who is confident is someone who has worked

the relationship between him and himself, has created an image he is happy with and of course, that cannot be hidden I'm Christos from Men of Style and today we are talking about eight features confident people have Let's go! Firstly, they are not scared to express what they believe 

Of course, with a small addition, this feature Confident people express themselves freely because that's who they are it's something they have worked for It's not easy to express your needs, your desires, your intentions, all the time However, they don't do so to impose   They do not force

feed anyone and they don't want to prove they are right They express their beliefs that way because that's the way they like to communicate authentically and simultaneously they want to ascertain themselves that they are right Resulting in them not avoiding confessing their wrongs Secondly, a man with confidence

is a good listener He listens more than he says When we think of someone with confidence we believe that he is the main talker and everybody else is just staring at him However, that is not true People with confidence let other people express themselves, say what they believe

and most importantly, they let them express the best features of their personality Thirdly, they ask for help Those with confidence, do not need to persuade themselves for anything What I'm trying to say is that if they believe that, at a certain field, they lack the knowledge or the

experience they are not scared to ask people who know the field for their opinion and to ask for help which they will apply immediately when given The fourth feature is that they do not get easily offended People with high self-esteem have formed a strong image of themselves

and for all the things they believe that are valuable When someone insults them or criticizes them, they do not get affected or motivated to question themselves, simply because they don't need another approval  to make them feel better Fifth, they are not scared to praise others, nor do they

avoid it They don't just try to succeed themselves on aspects of their lives they think are valuable If they think that someone needs their help or we ourselves ask for it they will provide it generously and not only will they help us achieve our goal but they will

be happy for our success as well They are not like those people who feels bad being in their shoes and try to drag us in them because they want us to not move forward They are the kind of people they will push us towards a direction where we

will use our capabilities to maximum and improve ourselves Sixth, is their decisiveness They are not afraid to make decisions On the contrary, when needed, they will decide based on criteria they think that are valid They know that if you succeed you start becoming even better because you become

more certain about yourself and if you fail you will learn a lesson that will help them evolve They are not afraid to make decisions, simply because they know how to take advantage of their successes and failures and become better If a success comes their way, they simply understand

what their skills are and how they will use them when a similar challenge comes When failure knocks on their doors, it will not sabotage them, it doesn't frighten them, on the contrary, they use it as a lesson that will help them evolve and  and hone their skills against

a similar occasion they face in the future Seventh, they concentrate on their skills We all have skills and weaknesses However, when you concentrate on what you can't do, you constantly feel that something is missing No matter what, they journey of self-improvement is long and depends a lot on

the requirements and expectations, we form about ourselves However, confident people concentrate on what they can do on what their current skills and powers are Because that way they achieve a rapid evolution something they couldn't do if they concentrated on their weaknesses The eight feature is that they

do not panic When times are rough, when mountains rise they remain calm, because they have the ability to concentrate, like we said before, in their skills and what they can do right now, resulting in them getting the necessary reassurance that can cope with and overcome any obstacle that

stands in their way People with confidence have many features, more than eight for sure and if you have a thing or two to add, I'm waiting for your comments because, as you know, your opinion matters Of course, it would be even better to subscribe to our channel with

confidence That was Christos from Men of Style and today we discussed about the eight features people with confidence have Take care!

Improve Style Without SHOCKING Your Friends | 5 Tips To Upgrade A Man's Wardrobe Fast

One of the things that holds back men fromimproving their style and getting what they want out of life is the fear of rejection.

Basically they think that if I change thingsup other people are going to notice and they are going to reject me.

In today's video, gents, I'm going to giveyou five tips on how to level up your style without shocking your friends.

Gentlemen, this video is sponsored by Vincero and I want you to go check them out rightover here guys because they sent me a number of samples and you guys know how this works.

I want you to go check out the company.

Let me know your favorite watches down belowthat your really like, ones that really stand out for you and I'm going to, you know, maybesend a few of you guys some of these extra watches that they sent me, but I've been wearingtheir watch now for about a month.

It's a beautiful watch.

And, what I really like about it was it wascreated by guys that are watch enthusiast.

Their goal was to be able they saw the watchescoming out there and they're like all these minimalist designs, they're cool, but we wantsomething that is going to be a little bit more have some complications to it, actuallyhave something when you look at this watch, you're like, gosh, that's all it cost? I would have thought it cost ten times more.

So, they wanted to put out an affordable watchthat would get compliments give guys confidence and really just when people see it they'relike that is a beautiful watch.

Tip number one to improve your style withoutshocking your friends, gentlemen is to focus in on key pieces of clothing and to raisethem up one knot.

We're just talking about slight improvement.

We're not talking about going from casualto white tie here.

You are simply looking at let's say the graphictees in your wardrobe.

But, instead of going with the graphic tee, maybe you want to look at a solid dark colored shirt with a V-neck and that may look a lotbetter on you especially if you're a thin guy or if you're a built guy.

But, let's say you've got a little bit ofweight, you know, weight right here on the midsection, you're maybe an ultra skinny individualin that case, look for a casual button-down.

I've talked about this before, maybe lookingat polos, maybe a long sleeve polo.

There are so many things you can do to slightlylevel up that graphic tee or to take that t-shirt and go to a casual button-down.

Then, if you're already wearing casual button-downsmaybe find some dress shirts that actually can be worn outside of dress clothing lookgood with jeans, things like that are just going to step up your style and they're goingto help you look great.

Tip number two for improving your style withoutshocking your friends, gentlemen is look to level up your shoes.

So, if you wear a running shoes all the timeand you're not always running, you're not always going to the gym, yeah, you may wantto have a few other pairs out there.

And, what I love about leveling up your shoesis you can bring in unique styles which you may never have considered but are going tolook great on you.

Something like this has a rugged feel, actuallyhas a dressier look.

You can wear this with jeans you can wearthis with flannel trousers you can wear this with many things already in your wardrobe.

When it rains when it snows, these are goingto work great, they've got good traction.

And, I mean, again, can I say this? Incredibly stylish, a simple dress boot.

There are other things that you can do and, yes, I know many of you guys are saying, Antonio, I don't want to go right up to dress shoes.

Well, dress shoes come in a wide variety.

There are loafers out there and loafers don'thave lacing on them.

Another cool thing here though is the texture.

Notice that these are great suede, so youcan actually, yes, you can wear this with jeans, you can wear it with some casual slacksout there, all of a sudden instead of actually jut wearing black dress shoes all the time, you level up your game a bit, people start complimenting you.

They noticed these small details on the shoes.

So, another place to experiment with yourshoes and to slightly upgrade them is to bring in a variety of other colors.

I've talked about oxblood.

I think it's a color that's really underusedin a man's wardrobe.

So, if you already are attracted to dark browns, light browns, blacks, then you want to definitely check out oxblood.

But cognac, another color and look at thisright here.

We've got this darker right in here lighter.

The point being is change up the color, changeup the texture, change up the style and all of sudden you've leveled up your shoe game.

Tip number three to improve your style withoutshocking your friends, gentlemen is to have fun with accessories.

So, let's go back to watches.

I've already talked about Vincero.

I'm going to link to them right over here, guys.

Definitely go check them out.

I've got a couple of watches that I wouldlove to send you way.

All you have to do is go look at some of thewatches the styles.

Be specific in the comments down below andlet me know which styles you love and I'll be sending out a couple of those here soon.

But, understand when you're looking at a watchcompany you want one that is especially if you're just getting started, you've neverowned a watch before, you want to start off with one that is an introductory price.

Something that if you make a bad decisionyou realize, you know, I'm just not a watch guy.

But, I do have a feeling that a lot of youguys if you try wearing especially those of you that don't wear watches, it's going tobe something you start to get compliments on, you're going to actually kind of havefun with checking the time, playing around with the different complications and thingson it and all of a sudden you're going to realize you know this is a great area thatI never even thought of or I thought was outdated and all of a sudden you start bring it intoyour wardrobe.

Another accessory that you can look up toupgrade is to start having fun with jewelry.

So, bracelets; bead bracelets, metal bracelets, whatever it may be.

You can also look at necklaces you can lookat rings, you can even look at earrings whatever it may be guys, have fun with it.

I know some of you guys are saying, well, I'm a little bit too conservative for that.

Well, let's look at something that is incrediblyfunctional, your sunglasses.

So many of you guys have been wearing thesame style sunglasses forever, maybe you're an aviator or maybe you're a sports sunglasswear.

Well, look at a pair of wayfarers look ata pair of club masters.

Have fun try different style and maybe gowith the different brand.

You slightly upgraded your style you're havingfun and you focus in guys on those accessories.

So, tip number four, we're going to focusin on the invisible upgrades.

We're going to talk about fragrance, we'regoing to talk about underwear, we're going to talk about socks.

These are things which are in many cases noteven seen.

But, if you don't think you care about fragrance, so you don't normally wear actually a perfume or toilette or whatever it may be, understandthat you actually do care about how you smell.

Most men 95% or more actually do use deodorantbecause why? We don't want to smell bad.

But, if you think about the flipside of that, why don't you want to smell good? Women actually do notice this a lot more thanmen and I'm not talking about being overpowering when you walk into a room and everyone cansmell you.

You know I'm talking about actually havinga signature scent that can be discovered whenever someone gets close people say, wow, what areyou wearing? And if you're not wearing a fragrance or ifyou've only got one maybe you've got two, experiment have fun with this and realizethat it's something that, you know, don't go overboard.

But, definitely you start to use it to youradvantage.

Another invisible upgrade is to upgrade yourunderwear and your sock drawer.

So, with underwear hopefully you're not flashingthose out there.

But, you definitely want to try a qualitypair of underwear maybe Tani or Sheath, something made from a material that when you put iton all I can tell you is it's freaking amazing.

Now, socks are going to be something thatpeople will occasionally see and the big trend I've seen the last few years, all these brightcolored socks have a little bit of fun with it.

I do find that, you know, socks are somethingwe rotate through not everything in your wardrobe has to be black or white or just a singlesolid color.

Try something, have a little bit of fun withit.

Maybe you go with a solid bright color orsomething that maybe even has just the argyle designs something that, you know, has beenaround for a while.

But have fun with your socks and see if youcan make that one slight little upgrade.

Finally, tip number five to improve your stylewithout shocking your friends, gentlemen is to focus in on fit, fit, fit.

I sometimes feel like a broken record here, but so many men this is like the biggest mistake and the easiest thing that they can do.

Now, how to improve it and not shock yourfriends? Well, when you're going out there to buy anew pair of jeans to buy a new shirt, look at, you know, when you put on that jacket, try going a little one size smaller.

Most men make the mistake of buying clothingthat is way too loose on them.

They assume that loose clothing is going tobe on it's just going to be more comfortable.

That's not true.

Closer fitted clothing is not uncomfortableif it fits you properly.

In fact, higher armholes all these other thingswith it actually fitting closer to your body is actually going to give you more freedomof movement and therefore is going to be more comfortable.

Just because it doesn't feel familiar doesnot mean it is wrong for your body type.

Guys, join my free Facebook group where youcan post photos.

You go to the mall, take pictures of yourselfand say, hey, guys, what do you think I'm about to buy this outfit or I would like tobuy it, I'll come back tomorrow, you know, but give me some feedbacks.

Those guys in the group they're actually givingsome great advice.

Take some of your existing clothing especiallyyour higher-end clothing maybe your button-down shirts even your jeans to a tailor to getthem adjusted to fit you better.

All right, guys, that's it.

Hopefully you enjoy the video.

Let me know down in the comments below ifI missed anything, if there are tips or tricks that you would give to guys who are lookingto improve their style and not shock their friends.

And, go check out Vincero, a great company.

Don't forget down in the comments let me knowwhich specific style that you love that you would love to have sent your way.

That way I can go down there and choose thewinner.

I'll possibly select you, so I can send outsome of these watches.

And, if you're in the market for entry levelwatch and you want one that just looks great, it looks like something would cost ten timeswhat they're selling the watches for, you definitely want to check them out.

I know the one I have here, I love the complicationsin it.

In fact, I am not going to give all the ones, I really liked these watches.

I'm going to keep one, but but I do have someother ones I'm going to be sending out your way.

But, guys, definitely good company, go checkthem out.

That's it, guys.

See you in the next video.


8 Style Tips To ALWAYS Look Polished & Put Together

my first tip to always look polished and put together organize your accessories like you're a prisoner in Alcatraz whoa what am I talking about let me explain so when you take the Alcatraz tour and you go to the kitchen notice how they store their knives now this silhouette

box makes two things very easy one the prisoners know exactly which knife goes in which location and the second thing is accountability the guards know if a knife has not been put away and that someone's gonna get shanked tonight so how does this apply to you because gentlemen

when you want to look good when you want to dress sharp you want to be able to find your accessories case in point I couldn't find one of my favorite watches and I put it in one of my jacket pockets and guess what that's not where it belongs

I couldn't find it didn't even make my watch collection video versus other watches which I put in watch winders I put your watch boxes the vast majority my collection therefore I know where it's at guys leverage the power of boxes maybe a catch-all for your keys a jewelry

box for your cufflinks whatever it is guys find what works for you and leverage it I've even got a little leather case where I keep my extra shoelaces next up an emergency doc get one in your office one in your vehicle and this doesn't have to be fancy

you could use a simple plastic bag the point is you've got the items you need whenever you've got that big presentation you didn't expect it or you pulled an all-nighter and yeah you're gonna have to clean up and still go into the office that morning guess what you

pull out your emergency doc kit you can still look good so what do I keep inside usual suspects I want a fragrance that I can wear to the office is going to be inoffensive something that's relatively light and fresh hair brush with a styling cream so I can

keep my hair in place oh you don't have hair well guess what you're still gonna probably need shaving gel you're gonna need a razor I've got a disposable right here toothbrush I've got toothpaste in there I've also got a body moisturizer I get really dry hands during the

winter basically you want to have in here the items that you would normally use yeah it's gonna cost you a few dollars but guys when you need it it's gonna pay dividends now let's talk about backs gents upgrading your everyday carry is one of the easiest ways to

look more polished and put together so it's a good-lookin duffel right imagine taking this to the gym how it's going to level up your style versus taking that torn up canvas backpack that you've had for years these are things you want to look for no matter whom a

the back first up you want to look at the hardware you want to make sure that right here we don't have any cracks that the hardware is solid a lot of companies are gonna skip here looking at the d-rings I'm looking at the rivets rivets basically that metal

part right here that's going to reinforce the stitching because that's the next thing you want to look at is the stitching are the lines straight did they use quality thread are there loose stitches this is what you want to look for when you're looking at bags to make

sure you get a great deal guys if you're interested in this 100% full grain classic duffle you want to go grab it over at Mahe leather if the sponsor of today's video and I've talked about these guys before cuz I love what they're doing they're making a wide

variety of great leather bags and leather goods at honest prices now this stuff will right here as I said it's a hundred percent full grain leather whenever we open up we see a nice cotton lining and what I love about this bag I've had one very similar to

it for almost two years I've used that one as my go to gym bag it's a rugged tough bag that's functional we've got this pocket right here with YKK zippers right here on the outside they use good hardware now one thing I love about Maya is they got

a wide variety of products and every product is made to order and guess what when you order it you can also get customization so if you want to have your initials you want to get something on it you can do that as well now all the leather used

by my is a byproduct of a meat and dairy industry also for every sale a dollar fifty towards clean water causes throughout India these guys also have a really good business model because they don't have inventory they have a very small footprint again do not make an excess

inventory of things they can't get rid of they make everything to order guys I'm linking to mahi down in the description of today's video with the best deal you're gonna find out there use that discount code go grab your bag over at my now this next tip the

look and polished and put together sounds easy but it's harder than it sounds because it requires a change in your habits now most men after they wear something they just put it away and then they say okay I'll polish the shoes I'll clean up my jacket before I

wear it next time well guess what when you gotta wear it next time you are in a hurry you're running out the door you want to polish your shoes you want to clean off your jackets you want to do that type of stuff immediately after wearing the item

have a brush that is dedicated to nothing more than removing salt dirt grime anything on your shoes after you wear and then have a quick applicator so this isn't gonna be a long polish you're just simply gonna have an applicator that you're gonna use and put a little

bit on there is this is the same as doing a full polish no but guess what it's gonna put a small protective layer in when you want to wear those shoes the next day and you're running out the door they're gonna look great now the next step to

look polished and put together is to give yourself margin this is time to actually prepare time in which you're not going to be rushed time that's in your calendar that yes you can take care of yourself 30 minutes on Sunday mornings that you actually dedicate to grooming all

the deep grooming yes cutting your nails most men actually don't have a grooming kit like this and I think they should but they also don't have a time set aside to take care of their nails go for a nicer longer shave there are shaves that don't just take

two minutes but you could actually take a good 15 minutes and a nice lather use a straight razor you use a safety razor whatever it is guys but enjoy that shave and actually take time to take care of yourself the next tip to always look and polish to

put together clean your clothing in bulk and again have a time that you take it all maybe to the laundromat or that you do it yourself I find that when I earn my shirts it's easier just to iron ten in a row and I also own enough shirts

that I'm able to go through them and not worry about running out in a week think about this in advance and do things in bulk because all the time it takes to bring out the iron you set up that right there can be enough of a barrier that

you're not going to do it so when you go out and also and you got wrinkles there guys take care and set up those systems do it in bulk so that you're able to spread out that time and you're able to look amazing the next tip to looking

polished and put together is to say no to good enough what am I talking about here I'm talking about that you wear clothing that doesn't actually do you any favors you don't actually like it imagine going out to a fancy restaurant taking your date and all of a

sudden they put out some food that does not look great in fact they didn't even try there was no effort here are you gonna feel satisfied no then why don't we put up with this when you go to the gym you spent an hour at the gym five

to six days a week and then you wear clothing actually makes you look worse why why not we're clothing that you love every time you put it on you feel great break up with all that clothing that just is okay and start to replace it with items that

you absolutely love when you start to build up a wardrobe like that gens all of a sudden you were taking your style to the next level next up say hell no too mediocre shoes you want to wear shoes again that you absolutely love so this is pretty closely

related to the last point but I want to focus in on Footwear because this is something that people notice they get fixated on shoes for centuries shoes or something that indicated how much wealth you had it's something as a society we look down and we make judge American

high school if you didn't have the right shoes you were not cool guess what this still applies to us although hopefully we've outgrown you know the need for it but it is still pretty nice when you're wearing shoes and people stop you and give you compliments people are

saying hey where did you get those you wear western boots over in Europe people are gonna try to buy those things off you point being guys is if you want to feel like a rock star wear boots that make you look like one now this next tip most

guys never figure out and that is have a go to color that you can build your interchangeable wardrobe around you can build into your interchangeable wardrobe a lot of guys purple it's just not something they have a lot in their wardrobe it's for some guys they you know

I love purple they find a way to bring in a purple suede jacket they bring in purple shirts they find a way to even bring in purple in on their shoes and their trousers guys find what color works for you I know for me olive green I just

got so many jackets that have green in them shoes I find a way to bring green in because I absolutely love it but the point is I've got it in the right pieces and when you understand that you're able to bring in something that sets you apart and

that you could own completely now let's talk about avoiding temptation so any married guys work at an agency in which you are the only guy and there's fifty beautiful women surrounding you yeah that sounds like a lot of danger right there so why are you doing this with

your closet you walk into your closet and you have honestly just stained clothing clothing doesn't fit you clothing that you shouldn't be wearing all over the place guys packaged all of that up set your closet so guess what you walk in and you've got right clothing that you

want to wear alright so how to take action on this information well guys check out this video right here how'd it go from ordinary boy to extraordinary man actually I talked about how to make the style upgrades I talked about a bit in this video but you want

to check this one out because I'll go into more detail on how to take action

Types Of Mens Cufflinks – Cufflink Jewelry Style Overview – French Cuff Cufflink Wearing Tips

Types Of Men's Cufflinks – Cufflink JewelryStyle Overview – French Cuff Cufflink Wearing Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, I'm going to be talking about cufflinks.

In fact, I'm going to be giving you four examplesand talking about the different levels of formality.

So without further ado, if you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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And if you want more, you know I've got twogreat options for you.

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It puts you on my email list when you grabit.

The link to it is right down there.

If you want more of a course, I've got a 14-houraudio with 600 pages, 400 images, and it's something that I do actually give a littlebit more support to those guys that support my business here in Wisconsin by purchasingthat premium e-book.

Okay, so let's get to cufflinks.

To wear cufflinks, you actually have to havea cuff that can take them.

So the most common one we're going to seeis the French cuff or the double cuff.

It's called that because literally it doublesover.

It's a heavier cuff.

Traditionally, this is seen on more formalshirts.

You won't find this on casual shirts, andif you do, it's something that's probably custom-made and it's breaking a style rule, which I guess if the man knows what he's doing, more power to him.

It's a great way to wear a piece of jewelry, which is the cufflink, but the cufflink comes in various levels of formality.

And so, I'm going to go ahead and jump tothis section.

I'm going to give you a good visual.

Let me know what you guys think about thisin the comments.

Without further ado, here we go.

All right, so real quick, let's talk aboutthe varying levels of formality, so you're going to have the least formal to the mostformal in terms of cufflink build.

This right here, normally called silk knots, very common, inexpensive, made from a material.

As you can see, they're in a playful colorand this would be something that — yeah, a lot of guys love this especially the youngman.

It adds a bit of color to this wardrobe, helpshim stand out a bit.

At the same time, he can purchase quite afew of them.

Now over here, this cufflink right here isthe one that you'll probably see most often and you've got a semi piece.

This right here is pewter, but we could havesilver, gold.

I've even seen this with Stormtrooper Head'sLegos.

I mean, it runs the gamut, but the thing isit's actually two separate pieces, so we have the hinge part here that moves and that hasbeen attached to the piece of jewelry.

The way that this one works, so let me graba French cuff right here, fold it over, and we've seen these.

They slide right in and once they go through, then you would turn that hinge and it stays right there, very simple.

Actually, most cufflinks you see out thereare going to be this style.

Now, this style is technically more formaland that's because it has no moving parts, usually made from a precious metal.

This one's made from silver and its wholedesign is to be able to go through the hole and hold it on both ends without having anymoving parts.

And by the way, this isn't a rigid system.

Oftentimes, you'll see a cufflink and hearthat it's more formal because of what it's made from than something over here.

But usually, if a cufflink is built to thisstandard, you're going to see it's very high quality, so right there.

Now, the last cufflink I'm going to talk about, this one's unique.

This actually I had it made by a craftsman.

It's got a very unique design.

You would even argue perhaps that this oneisn't as formal as this one should be over here, but I put it here because this basicallycan become an heirloom because it's a one of a kind piece.

So you can see this is how it actually goeson the cuff, very unique, something that I had a gentleman design.

And because it's a one of a kind piece, that'swhy I put it over here.

So again, the three levels, there you havethem — or the four levels broken up for you.

All right, guys, hopefully that gives youa better overview of cufflinks.

There are other styles and other types.

You notice almost everything I had there wassilver.

That's my personal preference.

I'm really not a gold kind of guy.

Even my wedding ring is silver, but you canbring in other colors.

I'll probably eventually do a more detailedarticle on cufflinks that would support the video as well, but let me know what you gotin the comments.

I'd love to hear from you guys.

If you've got another style question, makesure to go check out mensstyleqa.


You know that's where I love to answer stylequestions and everybody can see them, and the best ones we're going to make videos for, so go check it out.

See you guys in the next video.



Smart Casual Dress Code Explained – What To Wear With Style For Men & What Not – Gentleman' Gazette

Welcome back to the gentleman's Gazette andour series about dress codes.

Today, we discuss smart casual, what it means, what the dos are, what the don'ts are, so you don't show up in a hoodie with a dressshirt.

Even 20 years ago, dress codes were much moredefined and people clearly understood what they meant, however, in recent years, fashionand clothes have become more casualized and because of that, new dress codes have evolved.

The term casual today can be anything fromgym clothes or athleisure, all the way up to something that's office appropriate suchas a dress shirt and chinos.

Now obviously, there is a big disconnect andjust having the casual dress code is no longer enough.

So if you get an invitation with a dress codesmart casual, I hear your pain.

You really don't know exactly what to wearso we'll help you out, we will define what smart casual is, what it's not, the historicbackground, as well as the do's and don'ts.

So what exactly is smart casual? Historically, the term was coined becausepeople showed up overly casual and the smart implied that you can't show up with joggersand trainers.

If you look at the urban dictionary, it definessmart casual as a nonsensical dress code that people slap on to events, parties, and workplaces.

Completely down to interpretation, this alwayscauses confusion and often spectacular results.

The mixture between smart and casual shouldnot be taken literally.

So while it's hilarious, sadly, it's not veryhelpful.

So here is our definition of smart casual.

First, the urban dictionary got it right bysaying don't take it literally.

That means, don't wear tennis shoes with adress shirt, or combine sweatpants with a blazer.

So in a nutshell, smart casual is not aboutmixing different pieces of clothing from different degrees of formality but rather to pick somethingthat is in between a very casual outfit and a formal or businesslike outfit.

A hoodie would be too casual and pleated wooldress pants would be too formal, instead, if you go with chinos, they are less formal, as well as a polo shirt, you hit that perfect sweet spot of smart casual.

Personally, I like the idea of a smart casualdress code because it allows you to use lots of colors and to combine different thingsthat you may not have combined otherwise.

Ideally, you always want to avoid looks atthe extreme end of the spectrum, that means no jeans, no trainers, no hoodies, or no sweatpants.

At the same time, it also means no neckwear, no suits, no pleated pants, and no black dress shoes.

So where do you usually encounter the smartcasual dress code? It's not at the office because there are differentterms such as business casual and to learn more about that, you can check out our videohere You can usually find smart casual dress codesin a social environment such as cruise ships, restaurants, or resorts.

The whole idea is to look neat and presentablewithout being overly stuffy.

So let's say you work in a white-collar officeand you have an invitation to a smart casual event afterwards and you usually wear dressshirts, ties, and pinstripe suits, you definitely want to bring a change of clothes.

If you're a bit more flexible at the office, you can get away with wearing a blazer and chinos for example, as well as a tie, butwhen you go to the smart casual party, I suggest to take off the tie, add a bold pocket square, maybe a boutonniere, have some bolder socks and shoes and brown tones or more colors suchas dark red, dark green, or navy, and it just creates a more fun outfit that is not as boringor stuffy formal as you would usually know from an office environment.

So if you're unsure whether you should dressup a little more or dress down, I suggest you always dress up because that way, youdon't embarrass yourself.

Of course, always stay within that smart casualrange which means below business wear.

Now that we defined the broad range of smartcasual, let's talk about specific items you can wear.

On the formal side would be an odd jacketor a blazer.

Odd jacket meaning it has a bolder pattern, another color, and it doesn't match the pants.

You don't want to wear a suit, a combinationat most.

Also, that means, don't wear orphaned suitjackets from your pinstripe suit with a Nantucket red pair of pants because it's simply oddand doesn't work together.

Of course, if you want to be more casual withyour jacket choice, you can absolutely do that.

You could go with a Harrington jacket in cotton, maybe a linen jacket such as this green one, I would even argue you could wear a bomberjacket or maybe a leather jacket if that suits the overall outfit.

When it comes to shirts, you should definitelystay clear of t-shirts but you can wear dress shirts.

That being said, I suggest not to wear plainwhite or solid light blue dress shirts because they're true business formal.

Instead, go with checked shirts maybe in acollar such as the green one I'm wearing here right now.

You can also go with other checks and othercolors may be bolder checks, smaller checks may be a small houndstooth or a bold stripe.

It all works, just make sure there's somecontrast, there's some color, and it's not too stiff.

If you live in a warmer climate, linen shirtsare perfectly fine.

Personally, I would always stay clear of short-sleeveddress shirts and instead go with polo shirts because it's more natural and works better.

To learn more about polo shirts, how to wearthem, what not to do, please check out this in-depth guide series here.

When it comes to pants or slacks, don't wearjeans and don't wear pleated pants made out of worsted wool because that's office wearand both of them are too extreme.

Instead, go with chinos, may be corduroysin the winter, seersucker or linen in the summer, or something with a bit more texturethat's interesting and it could also have a pattern such as a small houndstooth forexample.

When it comes to accessories, color is yourfriend.

You can be much bolder than at the officeand you can experiment and simply have fun.

I suggest you skip bowties and regular neckties.

if you want to have something around yourneck, maybe an ascot can be the perfect item.

To learn more how to tie it properly so youlook perfect in smart casual, please check out this video here.

If you decide to wear a blazer or an odd jacket, I strongly recommend you wear a bold pocket square or maybe a boutonniere that is justcontrasting, it's a pop of color, it's different, and it's fun.

Definitely, avoid the white linen pocket squarein TV fold, that's fine for a job interview or the office but not for smart casual.

Another way I like to spice up smart casualoutfits is to use colorful socks.

You could be bolder, you can experiment, youcan go really out there, or you can be a little more subdued.

Personally, I want a subdued side and fora full range of colorful socks that are tasteful as well as pocket squares and boutonnieresplease head over to our shop and check it out there.

Iff it's cold outside and you need some gloves, I suggest to go with fun colors such as dark green, maybe a light tan, blue, or red, andstay clear of the traditional black gloves, or just boring Brown gloves.

That being said, if you want to stick withthose colors, make sure you get two-toned gloves such as these black and red glovesby Fort Belvedere or the brown and blue gloves which are definitely not your Grandpa's gloves.

When it comes to shoes, I suggest you staywith leather shoes.

They can have a leather sole or a rubber solebut they must not be black because that's too formal.

Instead, go with brown tones or tans but youcan also venture into green, maybe off-white, or dark burgundy red.

All these colors are acceptable but I urgeyou to choose a style that is more casual with more casual details.

As such, spectators work.

You can go with woven leather, or maybe alinen insert, suede is also good.

Just get something that's more casual thana traditional business shoe.

That being said, Derbies are more appropriatethan Oxfords but there are oxfords that would be just fine for smart casual as long as theyare not too dark and they have maybe a full brogue pattern.

Apart from that, I think two tone tassel loafersare great or maybe just regular penny loafers, some people even like driving moccs even thoughI think they wear very quickly if you wear them on a daily basis but they work from aconcept point of view.

On a very casual end, I suggest shoes go withboat shoes because they are still leather and they're still relaxed and you can evenwear them barefoot.

While it's clear that tennis shoes and trainersare too casual, a lot of people like designer sneakers or leather sneakers and in my opinion, they're in a gray area personally, I wouldn't wear it because I find it too casual but Iknow other people who would probably find a sneaker still appropriate.

At the end of the day, it's your call.

Personally, I'd always urge you to get a littlebit more formal within the smart casual dress code because that way, you always look dapperand properly attired.

No one will turn you down, everyone will respectyou, and they will know that you understood the smart casual dress code.

if you enjoyed this video you may also wantto see the other videos in our dress code series.

In any case, give us a thumbs up and subscribeto our channel so videos like this come right to your inbox In today's video, I am wearing a smart casualoutfit that I could wear during the colder days of the year.

It consists of a heavy knit cardigan howeverit's a lighter color which is about off white or beige I paired with a green long-sleeveddress shirt that is checked with white which breaks up the monotony of the solid cardiganI'm pairing it with navy corduroy pants and contrasting chukka boots that go well withmy cardigan that way the overall outfit is tied together for my socks I opted for greenand brown shadow striped socks so the green pick up the color of my shirt and the brownpick up the color of the shoe sole thus tying everything in my outfit well together if itwas colder outside I'd wear this green duffle coat but because it's so bright I would optfor more muted colors for my gloves such as a petrol blue and maybe a dark red and darkblue double sided scarf from Fort Belvedere you can find all the accessories in our shophere.