13 Life-Changing Fashion Hacks **Game Changers!**

now there are tons of videos out there about style hacks but today's video is different i'm talking about life-changing style hacks these are the tips and tricks that once you see them yet you can't unsee them your mind is blown you are aware of a whole new reality so what's wrong with these shoes do you see it if you look closely gents you can see some deep creases right here in the leather a lot of guys chalk this up to oh it's just the wear and tear of the shoes but what if i were to tell you that you can avoid this on your footwear hack number one to get rid of creases leverage the power of the shoe tree as you can see gents i simply threw in the shoe tree and already the creases are disappearing the problem is most guys don't use these they sweat in their shoes they throw them in their closet here's what happens that crease forms and it gets worse over time because the shoe isn't able to maintain its shape as it's drying out so to maintain that crisp clean new shoe look make sure to use shoe trees now this next hack is all about helping you overcome the problem of you being late yeah you know what i'm talking about so this is based on a 2015 study coming out of the psychology department at lancaster university and what they found here studying almost a thousand people is if you wore a simple watch you were more conscientious so what's that mean in plain english well it means if you wear a watch you're more likely to be on time and jen's your watch doesn't have to be anything fancy you know with a simple digital you can go with a simple quartz point is wear a watch and you are much more likely to be on time this next life-changing style hack is all about helping you wake up without having to take a drug like coffee what am i talking about fragrance but the right fragrance one that has a citrus in it you're looking for lemon you're looking for bergamot you're looking for orange you're looking for something that has a punch to it that is fresh and clean now gents there's a ton of modern citrus fragrances out there what you want to do is find something you like keep an extra bottle at work because when you've had a full work day but you still got that 5 p.

m presentation to your boss's boss you spray on that fragrance and you walk in and you destroy that presentation yeah you get a raise now to really make this hack work you've really got to love the fragrance so maybe you've tried a citrus you didn't like it well try a higher quality citrus you may find you absolutely adore it but if that scent is something that's a no-go for you we'll look at other options spearmint is an option rosemary is an option and eucalyptus is an option now i will say that eucalyptus can be polarizing so be careful when you go out and make sure to try the fragrance before you buy a whole bottle and with all that being said let's talk about money because all these hacks i'm talking about oftentimes involve you spending a little bit of currency let's use the example of neroli sauvage by crete i bought this fragrance the other day over 300 yeah expensive but guess what i paid under 200 i saved over 100 bucks by using shop tagger yeah you heard me right i saved over a hundred dollars using an app that's absolutely free and guess what it's not just fragrances if you're out there buying watches if you're buying shoes if you're buying anything at thousands of stores online you want to be using shop tagger guys it's a no-brainer shop tagger saves you money now jensen i've talked about shop tagger before i've had them as a sponsor for over a year because i love what these guys are doing and that is they're making it easy for you to be able to go online and save money shopping like you normally would actually i take that back shop tagger is making it easier to shop online because they allow you to create these wish lists you can go to various stores throw all of these items into one wishlist and you get to determine how much do i want to save is it going to be in stock is it in my size do they have the right color so it works like this first you download the free app to your computer or phone next up with one click you save the item the shop tagger now at this point you'll then be notified when the item's on sale when it's in stock when it's in your size and my favorite part when you go to check out they're going to search the web for all the discount coupons and codes out there and they're always going to make sure you get the best deal shopdagger works with over 5000 stores it syncs with all your devices gents if you are not using shop tagger you are leaving money on the table and to make things even better they've got a new automatic cashback feature they're going to be rolling out here soon gents i'm linking to shop tagger down in the description of today's video use that link go grab it download it on your device absolutely free i use it personally absolutely love this app so this next hack is super simple but incredibly powerful you're heading into a presentation you notice a loose thread you pull on it and all of a sudden that shirt's coming apart at the seams or you're going into an interview and you see a loose thread on your button you're about to pull on it but you realize that button is about to pop off now ideally you'd make a quick sewing repair but what if you don't have time the hack here gents is to use super glue to stop the unraveling thread in its tracks just a little bit of glue right there on the button and you are good to go that thread isn't going anywhere now of course it's a temp fix but it can get you out of a bind next up let's talk about facial bumps and razor burn now the first part of this hack is to upgrade your razor blades so a lot of you guys are using a cheap single blade razor throw this thing out and get something better now cartridges are okay but a lot of guys this is still going to cause bumps so look at going with a single blade the safety razor is where it's at this one change right here can transform your shaving experience now the second part of the hack is where the real gold's at and that is upgrade your shaving cream so most of you guys are using something that has a propellant propellant most common one is propane propane not good for the skin and it smells bad so guess what they put in all these unnatural ingredients to cover up the smell so get a natural shaving cream or shaving gel something that isn't going to irritate your face something that does the job of lubricating the face if you're dealing with shave bumps and razor burn i highly recommend you use a shave oil and then put on your shaving cream yes you're going to use them together this provides another layer of lubrication this can mean the difference between yeah you're breaking out all over your neck or your neck looking good and healthy now this next life-changing grooming hack is so simple i was almost embarrassed to add it but then i thought you know what this is my story because guess what i used the same type of hair brush throughout high school and i got the same look with my hair i didn't realize that if you just simply changed up the hair brush you would get a very different look this one is going to add a lot more texture why we have a lot less bristles this one right here is going to push your hair down even this much of a difference right here i can tell you with my hair makes a huge difference and yet these brushes look eerily similar but that is you know you're using a comb right now what would happen if you used a different type of brush don't be afraid to change up your hairstyle by simply buying a different brush and seeing what it looks like so this next life changing style hack again very simple that is understand the difference between gel pomade fiber matte mud most guys hear this and they think oh it's a hair product it's going to keep my hair in place yes but no there's all different types of hold high hold to low hold some of these are going to bring in more texture if you've got thin hair they're going to look your hair make your hair look thicker other times you may want to shine especially if you're dressing up other times you don't want any shine you want to be more casual so here's the deal a lot of you guys are growing out your hair longer than normal you're maybe having trouble styling it so how about change up the brush change up the product you're using have fun experiment find a new style that you like the next style hack that's going to change your life take your flat soled shoes and ditch them instead guys i want you to start to wear boots why well boots are so much cooler and they give you extra height we're talking an inch at least right here in the heel they make you look taller they make you look leaner they make you look better now this next hack is common sense but so many guys still mess this up and that is they carry around a huge billfold the problem with a big billfold is that you fill it with lots of things that you don't need and yeah you've ever tried sitting on this thing guys you're getting back issues instead go with a slim wallet tons of options out there i know i really like the kind that fit right onto the phone but when it comes down to it you're forced to minimize you're forced to say you know what what do i need today to take with me now this next hack is probably the most popular hack that people tell me in person when they meet me that they discovered through my channel and that has transformed their life and that is the shirt stay the shirt garter i first learned about these in the marine corps and the idea is the bottom of your shirt is attached to the top of your socks and once you've got a good pair and you've worn them for about an hour you forget they're there and that's where the beauty is because if you're tucking in your shirt 50 times a day that's a lot more annoying jensen if you've got to give a presentation if you're going to be up on stage or if you're just simply tired of tucking in your shirt all day you want to check out shirt guarders now this next life-changing style hack your mom should have taught you and that is lay out your clothes the night before i advise you purchase a valet you lay out your clothing so it's easy to find so many guys in the morning they're trying to get all this stuff done iron their shirts polish their shoes get actually match things no you have all this laid out the night before so whenever you wake up it's easier to dress well than it is to dress poorly gents it's the little things that make a huge difference polishing your shoes after you wear them making sure to batch iron your shirts at the beginning of the week so you've got shirts throughout the week and again laying out everything so you can find it easily in the morning this sets up your day for success now gents i know you've got an opinion and there's a number of products i did not talk about in this video because i just ran out of time but i want to hear from you down in the comments what would you have added to this list what has transformed your life when it comes to style what is a style hack a style product that you absolutely love the next style hack that's going to transform your life gentlemen wear a suit when you're working from home what am i talking about check it out in this video right here where i lay out the case for dressing sharp even if you're not going to go anywhere even if you're simply working at your computer at your kitchen table yeah what am i talking about find out in this video i talk about productivity how you can become better at what you're doing by simply dressing sharp and i lay everything out in this video go check it out i will link to it down in the description.