20 Seemingly Normal Things Men Do That Women Find Irresistible!

Normal Things Men Do That Women Find Irresistible[0:00:00] So, I’m over on Reddit and this is whatI found, “I [Bleeping sound] love watching my boyfriend cook.

I can stand there and watch him all day long.

He’s bustling around chopping veggies, puttingdry rub on meats, stirring things around ina pan, all confident and sure-like.

He thinks he’s just making dinner.

What he doesn’t know is by the time themeal is ready, I want to rip his clothes off and have my way with him first, and eat dinnerlater.

” Another gem found on Reddit, “Mmm.

After a long day of work, the act of looseningup his necktie.


[Bleeping sound] me.

” Tra-la-la-la Laura, she says, “Wear nicesweaters.

The snug sweaters make me want to cuddle.

And by cuddle, I mean bang.

” And, I like how Anthos4228 says, “That’sthe best type of cuddling.

” Now, the next one is interesting.

Supposedly, our sleepy voice is very attractive.

Now, this actually was found in 2013 study, and what they talked about is the aggressiveness that’s normally in a man’s voice is actuallytune down quite a bit whenever we’re sleepy, and women just find it inviting, they findit attractive.

Next up on this list, we’ve got sweat, butnot just any sweat, sweat after a workout.

So, this is based off a 2007 study comingout of the University of California Berkeley.

And, what they found is that heterosexualwomen when they were exposed to men’s sweat, they were actually sexually aroused.

Now, I think there’s a lot of other factorsthat go into this, and I’m not telling you just to go out there and sweat and think thatthis is going to smell great.

No, there are many things that go into this, but understand that if you were into the, you know, that girl you’ve been wantingto talk to and you’ve just finished a workout and you’re maybe in great shape and youare relatively clean before the workout, it’s not going to be something that you reallyhave to worry about your smell, and in fact, it may be something that turns her on.

Next up, rolling your shirt sleeves, especiallydown to the elbow.

Why do women love this? Because forearms.

There’s just something about a man’s forearmsthat women really like.

And, yes, they’ve looked at all differenttypes of forearms.

Different women find different forearms attractive.

But, yes, they are drawn especially to muscularforearms, forearms that have veins on them, forearms that have basically the right symmetryand, again, what that is they didn’t define exactly.

But, women talk about this again and againwhen they see a man’s forearms, this is like some strange fetish out there.

So, guys, when it gets warm, go ahead androll up the sleeves even if you’re a little bit thin, even if you’re a little bit big, it’s still going to be some women are interested in.

All right.

So, this next five I’m going to put themtogether.

We’ve got stubble, we’ve got a beard, we’ve got mustaches, we have bald heads, and we have hairy chests.

Now, what do all of these things have in common? There are women out there that just love theseand there’s women out there that don’t like this.

And that’s I think when you hear a lot ofmisinformation.

They’re like, “Ah, don’t shave yourhead because a lot of women don’t like it.

” But here’s the thing, many women love it.

Any of you guys have shaved heads? Let me down in the comments if you’ve everhad a woman just come up and touch your shaved head and just tell you I absolutely love this.

Same thing with the beards, same thing withmustaches.

Stubble is actually probably the least polarizingof all of the things I just talked about, but women love that.

And, even the hairy chest.

I know some guys like, “Oh, I got to shave, I’m just I’m like, you know, Sasquatch, I’m Chewbacca here.

” But, the thing is there are women that loveit.

And, that’s the key with this point is it’sgood to – you don’t want to be in the middle.

You don’t want to be the guy that is mediocre.

You want to go to one end or the other because, yes, it’s going to not be – a lot of women, they’re just not into it.

But, the 10% the 20% that absolutely loveit, they are going to let you know and they’re going to be drawn to you.

And, as we’re talking about hair, let’stalk about grays.

You’re getting a little bit of gray on thesides, maybe you’re just getting a little bit of salt and pepper on top.

Guys, that can be great.

Women love gray.

Now, a lot of guys they think, “Oh, I needto look younger.

” Not necessarily.

When you look at the pick attractiveness levelfor a man, where is it at? At age 50 assuming you got everything elsein order in your life.

But, women are drawn to older men.

This makes a lot of sense.

And, we see this in nature.

Let’s look at gorillas, what do we see? The silverback gorilla, that gorilla rightthere because of his age, because of his status in the group, he is at the top.

And, oftentimes women when they see the graythey see experience, they see a guy that’s been through a few things and is very attractiveto them.

Next up, geeking out.

This is what I found over at Reddit.

So, Sea Potato, she says, “Speaking passionatelyabout pretty much anything, when my SO speak excitedly about anything he cares about, evenif it isn’t any of my interest, I find it insanely attractive.

” So, gents, if you’re into cars, if you’reinto Star Wars, if you’re into fashion, don’t hide it.

It’s something that’s going to make youmore attractive.

When she sees that you are passionate aboutwhat your – about your life, this is something that people love the energy, they find itattractive.

Freckles, who knew? Apparently, this makes you look a bit innocent.

The concentration face.

So, apparently whenever we are concentratingon things, a lot of women pick up on this and they’re like, “Oh, I like that, itlooks like he’s thinking.

” Something about the concentration face, sodon’t be afraid to, yeah, concentrate.

Now, what about clothing? Yeah, there were tons of things on this listthat women absolutely love.

And, a lot of these you’ve heard before, so I’m going to just list them out.

Boots, women absolutely love boots.

Jeans, well-fitted jeans especially if theman is shape.

T-shirts, a well-fitted tee.

Again, the guy needs to be in shape.

If you don’t have the body type for a t-shirt, a little bit overweight, you’re super skinny, then I would really suggest that you go witha button-down long sleeve shirt that maybe you roll up, again, showing up the forearms.

[0:05:07]Other things like, and I thought this was interesting, bowties.

Why bowties? Because you’re being yourself.

And that’s actually where this popped up, it wasn’t the bowtie so much, it was having the courage to wear the bowtie and to standapart.

Speaking of standing apart, bright or funsocks.

So, apparently whenever women see a man takehis shoes off and he’s got, you know, a really just a simple outfit, but the socks, there’s something about those socks that draws them to that.

They kind of like that, they’re curiousabout what other – what other things does this guy hide.

Next up, we’ve got uniforms.

So, I saw this when I was in the Marine Corps, and any of you guys there firefighters, police officers, you know a woman loves a uniform.

Even the UPS driver, yes, the women love thisuniform.

I’ve heard women talk about how, “Oh, I can’t wait for the UPS driver to stop by.

” It is something they’re checking about.

They love a uniform.

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s the monochromatic look.

There is something about a man in uniform.

So, what can you do if you’re not in themilitary, if you don’t have a uniform at work? How about you establish one.

Again, a suit, think about that.

A nice jacket matching trousers, just putit all together, it makes you look amazing.

Even if you’ve got a casual work place, find a way to bring in your uniform your look that you know you feel great, you walk taller, you look better, and, yeah, you’ll turn heads.


Yes, dogs make you more attractive.

Why? Because they show that you can care for someoneother than yourself.

It makes you look – it makes you look human, it makes you look approachable.

A guy – in fact, they’ve done these studieswhenever they showed a man with a dog, a man without a dog, who would you actually approachfor help? People always go to the guy with the dog.

Point being is a man with a dog is going tobe perceived as more attractive.

Next up, being handy.

Be a guy who can fix things.

A bit of a handyman, someone that can actuallylook at a problem and say, “You know what? Okay.

I can figure out what’s going on with thisdoor.

Yeah, you get something wrong with your plumbing? I’ll take a look at it and do a little bitof troubleshooting.

” This right here, your attractiveness levelshoots up.

Another big part of this, having rough hands, having hands that maybe get a little bit dirty.

Not being afraid to use your hands.

It’s funny, I was talking with my writer, Raphael, and he actually told me a story of how a woman stopped him and actually lookedat his hands like, “Wow.

You’ve got really great-looking hands.

” So, guys, larger hands having calluses onyour hands, working with your hands, women find this very attractive.

Now, this next one is really cool and thatis laughing out loud.

Women love it when they see a man basicallybe able to show his emotions and not be afraid to laugh out loud, not even noticing he’sbeing a little bit loud here, he’s drawing a little bit of attention to himself.

They find this for some reason insanely attractive.

Next up, from Moose with a nice rack overon Reddit, “Initiate cuddling by putting an arm around you and pulling you close.

” So, apparently women love it whenever we takethe lead and we put our arm around them.

Next up on this list, taking care of yourfriends.

So, a lot of women wrote that they love tosee a guy that actually takes care of the people around him especially his close friends, he goes the extra mile.

The way they figure it, if he’s doing thisfor them, then, yeah, he’s going to actually take care of me.

Now, this next point is probably my favorite, and that is women are really attracted to men who are nice to people that they don’tneed to impress.

Nice to people that can never repay them.

Friendly and helpful to people that just simplythere’s nothing to gain from doing this.

And to me, this is what I love to see becauseit’s the true mark of a gentleman.

A gentleman, he gives to others, he helpsothers who can never repay him.

So, oftentimes people are out there lookingto do something for someone else kind of like to gain a favor to gain something.

There’s always an angle to it.

So, I love seeing that women are attractedto guys that really have the true heart of a gentleman.

All right, guys.

So, what video to watch next? How about this one? Old school etiquette rules that every manshould know.

And, go check out this video, I had a lotof fun with it.

It’s got some great information.

Yeah, you want to be following these rules.

[0:08:47] End of audio.