7 Bold Style Pieces Every Man Should Wear This Summer | The StyleJumper Collab

Bold Style Pieces You Should Wear This Summer[0:00:00] [Music]Antonio: In today’s video, gents, seven tips to dress bold this summer.

Now, as you can see I’ve got Ihsaan of theStyleJumper.

And, Ihsaan, let’s jump right into this, tip number one is headwear, right? Ihsaan: Headwear is always great for the summer.

You want to look bold, you’ve got to switchit up a little bit.

Wearing hats in the summer is going to lookgreat whether that’s a straw hat.

That’s the one I would use the most, Antonio.

Antonio: So, let’s start off with the fedora.

I’ve seen you rock this look.

Do you think this is an easy one for a manto start with? Ihsaan: It is.

And, that’s usually the most common.

Most people, you know, when you go to thestore and you’re shopping, that’s the hat that you would probably see the most isa straw fedora.

Antonio: Functionally, a hat serves a greatpurpose of basically preventing sunburn on top of your head.

Ihsaan: Absolutely.

Antonio: But, when you’re looking at a hat, how do you know it fits, what are you looking for? Ihsaan: I think you want to try out differenthats, Antonio.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: Because everybody’s head is shapedvery differently, so you want to see what hat and shape looks best with your head.

Antonio: So, the key here is try it on inperson and look at yourself in the mirror.

If you’re not confident in what you see, then don’t purchase it at the moment, think about it, but guys, practice wearing the hat.

One thing I like to tell guys is if you’renot used to wearing headwear, wear it around your home and then, something magical is goingto happen.

You’re going to feel comfortable enoughafter you’ve worn this for a few times, you’re going to go to the store not reallythinking you’re in an experiment, you’re going to try it and from there, you’re goingto venture out.

Now, another style that you talked about isthe Panama.

Ihsaan: It reminds me of the tropics.

It reminds me of going to some tropical island.

That hat is going to look great especiallywhen it comes to the summer months and wearing something really lightweight.

Antonio: And, you’re going to see Panamaspriced all over the place from, you know, $10 to $20 to hundreds of dollars.

If you’re just getting started, I woulderr on the side of getting something a little bit less expensive.

For the higher end Panamas, what you’rereally paying for it’s about where it’s manufactured, how tight the weave, the qualityof the workmanship, but if you’re just starting off, go with either the fedora, maybe lookat Panama.

Next up, let’s talk about the boater.

I think this is a style a little bit harderto pull off.

Tell me a little bit about what you know aboutthe boater, Ihsaan? Ihsaan: I love the boater because it’s verypopular in the 20’s and 30’s and it’s very patriotic.

You usually see a red and blue band.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: On the boater, so it reminds you ofthe Fourth of July, really having fun in the summer, fireworks.

So, I really love that style.

Antonio: And, I like the shape of this.

This is very functional hat, it keeps thesun off, allows the air.

It’s a very loose weave usually.

And I do think that the boater is maybe thesecond hat that you get start off with the Panama, start off with the fedora.

This is something you’re going to probablyget more miles out of, you’re going to be able to find more selection.

And, once you get used to wearing a hat likethis, then you could graduate to the boater.

Next up, gents, we’ve got the bowtie.

And, Ihsaan, I hear that you like bowties? Ihsaan: Antonio, I usually always wear bowties.

It’s my favorite accessory out there.

Antonio: So, when I see bowties in the summer, what I see a lot of bright colors, I see them very festive.

Ihsaan: Either you tie it yourself or actuallythere’s a pre-tie option for you.

Antonio: Well, let’s not talk pre-tie here.

Guys, if you want a tutorial on how to tiea bowtie, I’m linking to it down in the description.

As you can see right here, I go through it, I give you various angles of very easy tutorial.

And, gents, another thing I love about thebowtie, not confined just to summer is it it’s an incredibly functional piece.

Can you talk about the functionality of thebowtie? Ihsaan: Absolutely, Antonio.

The functionality is the lightweight, it doesn’tget in your way.

And, really when it comes to your profession, that’s where it really helps.

Antonio: So, if you’re a doctor, you’rea chiropractor, you’re a scientist, I mean, and you have your necktie falling all overthe place, bowtie is a pretty good option.

Ihsaan: Bowties are great option because youdon’t want to have that in your client’s face.

Antonio: It is a way to stand out from thecrowd and I think, again, bowties when you wear something like this, you’re going toprobably be the only guy in the room rocking the bowtie.

Ihsaan: A hundred percent.

Antonio: Next up, gents, we’ve got seersucker.

And, Ihsaan, I hear you like seersucker? Ihsaan: Your boy is wearing seersucker today, absolutely.

Antonio: Yeah.

You’re looking good.

And, let’s talk about this combination.

So, you’ve got navy trousers on, looks likechinos.

With the seersucker here, you don’t haveto go for a full seersucker suit all the time? Ihsaan: No.

If you’re going full seersucker, a lot oftimes you might scare people off.

Antonio: Yeah.

Ihsaan: So, I think having that contrast ofthe seersucker and a solid is going to look really great.

Antonio: And it works well with the bowtie.

Tell me about the shirt selection? Ihsaan: So, the shirt selection, I usuallylike to wear a solid shirt when it comes to seersucker because with the pattern itselfin the seersucker, it can be a little busy, but having a very clean solid shirt, it’sgoing to look awesome with your seersucker.

Antonio: And, gents, if you don’t know whatseersucker is, it’s a cotton fabric woven in a way that allows air to move freely through.

It’s relatively inexpensive, difficult tofind at times.

But, if you need help with terminology wordsin menswear, guys, I’ve got a free audio for you.

It’s, Five Hundred Words Every Stylish ManNeeds to Know.

I’m going to link to it down in the description.

Yours absolutely free, go grab it.

Next up, gents, we’ve got shorts.

Shorts, they’re casual, but they can bepart of a stylish man’s wardrobe if worn correctly.

Now, you’ve got to nail two things in particular.

Those two things are?Ihsaan: You got to have great fit and style.

Antonio: Okay.

So, what is a bad fit? [0:04:59]Ihsaan: A bad fit, Antonio, would be either the shorts are too big or too long.

Antonio: So, if they’re going to be toolong, that’s what? Past the knee? Ihsaan: Oh, just past the knee, absolutely.

Antonio: So, what’s a good length for shorts? Ihsaan: I would recommend a least one to twoinches above the knee.

Antonio: Unless you’re.



Ihsaan: Unless you’re Donald Glover becauseDonald Glover got some great legs.

Antonio: He does have some nice legs.

Now, let’s talk about the excess materialaround basically that’s what’s going around the circumference of the thigh.

Ihsaan: We don’t want too much, Antonio, because there’s just going to be too much fabric and you’re going to look very wideand.



Antonio: So, about one to two inches? Ihsaan: One to two inches would be perfect.

Antonio: Now, the second thing we got to becareful of is the style of the shorts.

There are some pretty bad styles.

You see those camel shorts that, again, gopast the knee that have like hooks hanging from them and then, cargo shorts, let’stalk about cargo shorts.

Ihsaan: Please, guys, don’t wear cargo shortsespecially when you’re trying to be super stylish.

Antonio: Now, I do have a video in the defenseof cargo shorts, if you want to check that out.

I’m going to link to it down in the description.

So, check out this video if you’re interested.

Next up, we’ve got a summer hairstyle.

So, let’s go short, let’s go with a shorthairstyle.

You got some options for me, Ihsaan? Ihsaan: Antonio, it’s obvious, it’s goingto be a bald head, right? No, just joking.

So, a bald head is a great option.

Antonio: Yeah.

Ihsaan: Maybe a buzz cut.

You want to trim it down.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: And then, third, shaving the sidesof your hair.

Antonio: What I like about two of those optionsis that you could actually do them yourself.

So, if you’re looking to save money duringthe summer or if you’re not able to get to a great barber.

Ihsaan: So, shorter hairstyles are great becauseit keeps your head cool, you’re not worrying about having a lot of excess hair since it’snot the winter anymore, and you’re going to feel great.

Just a fresh look for the summer.

Antonio: Now, this next tip is to have funwith your watch, bring in a bit of color.

It could apply to any accessory actually outthere.

But, I like watches because it’s somethingthat you can take the case, you can change out the strap.

So many options out there.

I know I just picked up this watch the otherday.

I love the beautiful blue dial and I’vegot this really nice brown leather here.

The watch company by the way is Monta, anamazing niche brand.

If you haven’t checked them out, I’lllink to them down in the description.

But, right here, check this out, I bring ina NATO strap, bring in some color.

I could go with this case right there, lookgreat.

Now, they also sent me, I’ve got right herethis silicone rubber-type of strap, so if I wanted to go for something that more fora dive watch or if you want to maybe bring in a metal band, a lot of different optionshere.

And, Ihsaan, you’ve got a nice watch on? Ihsaan: I love this watch.

It’s a wide dial with a blue strap that’sgoing to match my outfit.

So, Antonio, I think it’s a great option.

Antonio: Yeah.

Now, that is a Vincero, I’ve talked aboutthem before.

They’ve been a sponsor of my channel.

What I love about Vincero is that you canactually easily change out the straps.

So, again, guys, an easy way to bring in color, have a little of fun with your watch game, right? Next up, we’ve got bold prints, and thisis something you could easily pull off during the summer if you’ve got the courage towear them and that’s key, guys, is that you’ve got to be able to go out there pickup that shirt and wear it with confidence.

Now, Ihsaan, can you talk about wearing boldprints? Ihsaan: I love bold prints, Antonio, becauseit just reminds you of summer, vacation, a lot of colors.

Antonio: And, I find that small repeatingpatterns especially florals work with a wide variety of different outfits.

It is something, yes, men can wear flowers.

Now, things when it becomes a larger pattern, that becomes I think a little bit harder for a guy to pull off, but it can be done especiallydark-complected men.

I’ve seen a lot of guys pull this off.

Ihsaan: Absolutely.

And, Antonio, what I would recommend withthat is if you’re going to have big print and is bold like that for the summer, go witha solid as your contrast color.

Antonio: Okay.

Ihsaan: That way you’re not all over theplace.

Antonio: Bring in on the shirts very easysomething it’s relatively affordable, maybe be very careful with the jackets althoughif you start to develop confidence, you can bring it into a jacket as well, maybe evensmall accessories you know the necktie, the bowtie, pocket square, that’s where youcan, again, experiment with those bold prints.

[0:08:37] End of Audio.