7 Style Lessons From Tiger King

so the first style lesson the steal from the tiger king confidence is everything i mean just look at his hairstyle he wears a mullet if you watch one of my earlier videos you know i rank that is one of the worst hairstyles out there yet he wears it with confidence he wears it with pride he knows yeah some people aren't gonna like it some people are gonna judge him i don't care i'm gonna wear it anyway and that's what i like about joe exotic he knows what he wants he knows what a lot of people are thinking yet he still does his own thing he honestly doesn't care he understands hey this is part of my brand this is part of the image this is part of my presentation now i'm doing today's video to have fun but gents all jokes aside this first point is key because so many of you all are not true to who you are you have a style you have an image you have a vision of who you are yet you don't dress that way because you know what you're worried about what other people think about what your girlfriend thinks about what your family thinks about what your friends are gonna say if all of a sudden you're dressing it away and they are like hey why are you making us look bad why are you wearing that suit why are you wearing that street style what is you in that color how can you wear that jewelry you just look off gents you got to have the cojones you got to have the courage you got to have the strength to go your own way at least joe exotic yeah we may make fun of the guy but at least he had the courage to go with his own style the next style lesson is still from joe exotic understand the power of a first impression we make first impressions all the time yet most of us fail to actually make an impression upon that person most of us people forget who we are we are not memorable but when you meet joe or you meet anyone out there that understands the power of presentation and they put that powerful presentation or that exotic presentation or maybe that mysterious look women do this all the time they understand the power of grabbing the eye with those visuals with colors with fragrance with all the other things that can be used to basically make that powerful first impression so one of my favorite tailors is nudie cohen this is a guy that emigrated from kev ukraine over the united states made his way out to vegas and specialized in making very flamboyant eye-catching suits so ronald reagan george jones elton john but most famously elvis presley used his suits basically to grab attention and what nudie said sticks with me i'd rather be looked over than overlooked seriously gents so many of you don't have a distinctive look you look like everybody else and you rely on your talent on your ambition on your abilities to help you stand apart but here's the thing human beings are lazy and they oftentimes don't see everything you've got i know you've got great abilities but don't shoot yourself in the foot by not dressing in a way that you can stand apart now i'm not saying you got to go crazy although my friend jesse cole does over at the savannah bananas he wears this yellow tux and he's got an amazing story of how he's built up that business that baseball team understanding it's the power of entertainment and presentation you don't have to go that far but i would recommend that you have something that's unique about you can be your fragrance it can be a particular look it can be a particular color it can be a piece of jewelry it can be a hat find something that helps you stand out from the crowd and leverage it now you may be saying antonio can you be more specific well of course i can let's look at joe exotic and those great looking shirts notice that he doesn't go with a regular white shirt now that's way too boring joe brings in the patterns joe brings in the colors you know what it works for him it works for what he's got it works for basically i'm not saying it's going to work with his complexion but he understands again that he's a showman that he wants something when people see him in that shirt oh my gosh i am not going to forget that i don't even know where you got that but that thing is bright that thing is amazing now guys i know you've got an opinion and i want to hear from you down in the comments agree disagree what do you think about joe's facial hairstyle should he change it up let me know down in the comments really quick i want to interrupt my own video here to let you know on monday at 7 a.

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m in australia guys i am going live and i want to see you down in the description of today's video click on that link that goes over to the live video so you can set the reminder today i'm talking about yeah joe exotic but guys i take inspiration from a wide range of sources when it comes to style yes i've got all the style books but i love books like this because they talk about fantasy and they talk about they actually get into detail about the style you learn about hey actually can you bring something like this into your wardrobe but i also get into the science you guys know i love reading the studies but i have fun pulling style inspiration from a wide variety of ways and you guys can ask me those questions in a live environment that's why i'm doing these live broadcasts on monday so i want to see you there again click on the link down in the description to set the reminder so that we can engage we can interact these are not going to be made public these are things that only you know really people that want to learn about this stuff and deeper engage can attend i've also got some really cool deals which i'm going to make only available during that time period and i hope to see you guys there another way to stand out your jewelry so let's look at joe exotic look at those earrings okay not maybe a little bit too much for some of you guys how about with a fun belt buckle now belt buckles they come in a wide range and you can find their very simple ones or you can go with something yeah that really grabs attention or maybe simply look at those necklaces now necklaces i know for a lot of guys it's something that they don't want to wear a visible choker like maybe what joe does but there are other more subtle necklaces that you can wear under and even if nobody sees it you know it's there and you know it's part of your personal style and let's not forget watches now if you do a little bit of research you can find out that joe exotic really likes this company called leviant and he has this white ceramic with diamonds now i'm not going to say this watch is really high quality it's probably not using the best quality diamonds and definitely the inner mechanics are not for watch collectors but this watch does what it was intended to do and that is to grab attention when you see a guy at an exotic part wearing a watch like this dress in the way joe exotic is you know that this is the guy that most likely owns the place if you're looking and never met joe exotic well before actually watching the netflix series you're like okay this has got to be the guy because who else would dress like this except the eccentric showman the man that is in charge now what about headwear guys i think that you should look to bring back the hat this summer they're so functional especially keeping that sun off of your head and helping keep you cool oftentimes by 10 to 15 degrees but when we look at joe exotic this guy has a wide range from cowboy hats to just simply baseball caps to even wearing the do-rag now as you know there's a lot of bad examples in tiger king and one of the ones i wanted to bring your attention is don't be super matchy matchy now i think this was all part of carol baskin's plan but look at this combination right here the shoes with the trousers yeah just leopard print on leopard print this really doesn't work i would have gone with tiger print with leopard print that probably would have been a better combination but agree disagree let me know down in the comments next up let's talk about style rules because joe exotic he breaks a lot of the style rules but you know what you can break the style rules whenever you have the confidence whenever you know who you are and when you realize honestly you don't have to care about them if your confidence can carry you and that's key getting back to that earlier point but here's the thing is that most people when they're getting started they are uncertain they don't know a whole lot about style and that's what the rules in general the ones i prescribe to and the ones i put out there are there for the guy just getting started because you're going to be up on stage and you want to be confident you don't have to worry about you know does this match and does that make a difference whenever you're going to be speaking to your boss and sitting down you're questioning okay should i unbutton or keep my suit buttoned so that's why those rules are there basically to help you navigate those situations but when you understand why the rules are there and you've got the confidence you've been doing this for a while all of a sudden you can throw those out the window because it really yeah should you mix brown with black well most rules are going to say no when it comes to leathers but i'm going to say if you know that rule is there and you know no one's going to see your belt or you don't really care because you got a little bit of black in your shoes and you think the black brown looks good then go ahead and break that rule and own it and let's talk about being authentic very similar to confidence but being authentic is actually taking the time to know who you are to know what you stand for and to basically create an image around it you've got to have a uniform you've got to have something that for you is the image of the successful man you want to be and when you know what that looks like and guys this changes it evolves but whenever you start dressing this way you are being authentic to yourself and that's what i push and what i prescribe to and what i hope you're able to find so what video to watch next how about the best music video to ever come out of the great state of oklahoma i once saw a tiger now i will warn you gentlemen once you watch this video you cannot unwatch it but uh yeah it is quite the video.