7 Winter Style Essentials All Men NEED

– What's up guys Trav White here, welcome back to my channelwhere I make it my mission to help you guys look and feel your best on the inside and out through practical styleand confidence tips.

Today we're gonna be talkingabout the seven fall-winter essentials that every guy needs to be the best-dressed manin the room this season.

Let's get into it.

(upbeat music) So let's be honest, whether you're single lookingfor that special someone or in a relationship, as men we always want tolook and feel our best.

We wanna be respected, noticed, listened to.

So if you've everstruggled to get noticed, wanna break past limitingbeliefs about yourself, just wanna know how toconnect with people, then you're in the right place.

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Also be sure to stick around at the end because I have a bonus item.

So not only will theseseven pieces be aesthetic, but we're also going formaximum practicality.

Each piece is gonna betimeless, versatile, can be matched with everyother piece on this list, basically we're going for the most mileage out of every piece, so let's jump into it.

Item number one's gonnabe the black turtleneck.

In my opinion the black turtleneck is one of the most underratedpieces you can own, it's like a secret weaponfor men's wardrobes.

Most men don't wear them, which means when youdo you will stand out.

And one benefit is itvisually lengthens your torso and your neck, which makes you look tallerand a bonus for function 'cause it keeps yourneck warm on a cold day.

I'll just close out this point by saying every time I rock aturtleneck I get a compliment.

So give it a try and see what happens.

Item number two is theblack leather jacket.

If you've ever wanted an itemthat screams bad boy casual, this is a must-have piece.

I can't imagine how manyheads are gonna turn when you walk in wearing a leather jacket.

In my opinion, it's one of those items that every guy needs to maximizea strong, masculine look.

And that's really all that needs to be said about it, so let's move on.

Item number three is gonna bea pair of suede Chelsea Boots.

Now normally, I wouldn'trecommend suede for fall-winter because rain and snow could ruin them, but the suede from ThursdayBoots are weather protected, so you can rock them inmore inclement weather and if you don't have a pair of Thursdays, you can also buy leatherand suede products that protect you from the weather.

But moving on to why I like them, again, it's gonna be versatility.

You can dress them up with an overcoat, down in a denim jacket, you can rock them withChinos, jeans, odd trousers, there's really no limit outsideof maybe black-tie formal.

If you don't have a pair I'dhighly suggest snagging one for the fall-winter.

So item number four isgonna be a Shawl Cardigan.

I love this piece becausethey're usually very textured and there's a lot of researcharound textured pieces of clothing that actuallyshows people have a subconscious reactionof wanting to each out and touch the clothing.

So if you're on a datewith a beautiful girl, try wearing a texturedsweater or cardigan.

The shawl collar is quite preppy as well and it can give you anelevated casual look, so it'll keep you warm and stylish.

Item number five is a lightweight, neutral-colored sweater.

Something like black, navy, or charcoal, the main function really willjust be as a layering piece.

You can layer it with a button-down, and if it's a cool dayrock it with some Chinos, and if it's extra chillyit's a great middle layer and you can add on top athird piece like an overcoat, a leather jacket, a peacoat, or a top coat.

Every guy needs a solidlayering piece for his wardrobe, so I definitely recommend picking up a neutral-colored sweater.

Item number six is a pairof gray flannel trousers.

Similar to the turtleneck, they're also a dark horse item.

I would actually arguethat gray flannel trousers are more versatile than denim, and you can dress them up with a blazer or dress them down witha handling or t-shirt.

You can also wear them withcasual leather sneakers, so definitely make sure you getthem tailored to your liking and you will have anelevated pair of trousers.

The last item on this listis gonna be a denim jacket.

Denim is the ultimate rugged material, but you don't have tobe a cowboy to pull-off this modern workhorse.

So the versatility of this item is huge, there's a few ways I like to wear it.

First is with just a plainwhite t-shirt and black jeans.

It's a classic double denimlook that works because the denim shades have enough contrast to avoid that Canadian tuxedo look.

Another way I like to wear a denim jacket is with a nice pair oftailored odd trousers.

This makes for a really stylish look.

I can almost guarantee no other guys are gonna be rocking that look, so you will be the one whogets noticed when you walk into the room.

And now I have a bonus item.

This bonus item is gonnabe a single-breasted, camel top coat.

Now the overcoat hasbeen a menswear staple since the 18th century.

A top coat can be easilyconfused for an overcoat, but it's it's shorter cousin.

The top coat is typicallymade from a lighter fabric and also stops above the knee.

I like this because the coat elongates your upper silhouette, also still allowing your legsto look a little bit longer.

And this can make youappear taller and slimmer, and if you're wearinga really long overcoat and it goes down below your knees, it'll just make you look even shorter.

So that's why I like to wear the top coat because it stops above the knees.

That's it guys, let meknow what you thought of these pieces in the comments.

If you wanna see more videos, check out one that I recently made called “How to Dress Like a Peaky Blinder” and I will see you guysin the next video, peace.

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