9 Styling Tips to Look TALLER and LEANER

so this holiday season you ate well and you've got the proof 20 extra pounds of winter weight or maybe you're a bit on the shorter side well under six foot and you want to look taller jets wearing clothing that makes you look taller and leaner can improve the

look of any silhouettes tip number one when you can wear a jacket wear a jacket why it builds up the shoulders by building up your shoulders it gives you the appearance of looking taller next up know how to wear that jacket properly so when you stand up always

button the front of the jacket and make sure it fits your body right an overly sized jacket a bulky big jacket is not gonna look good on you now I talking about jackets a lot sports jackets suit jackets Blazers jackets but you don't always have to wear a

formal jacket you can go down to a more casual jacket right here I've got a suede jacket in a unique color this is gonna draw attention to the torso to the chest and it's going to basically create more of a silhouette on the shoulder points that's what we're

looking to do to build up the shoulders to slim up the torso now talking about building up the chest that's why I like little details like this we've got these pockets right here these zippers right here very small details but these lines going across they draw attention to

the chest area and they build it up make sure you pay attention to the style so there are all types of leather jackets out there right here it's a classic motorcycle jacket you've seen it many times the issue with this jacket is its bulky look at the layers

of leather right in there and again on a slimmer silhouette on a guy that's overly tall this is gonna work fine but for a shorter guy for a guy that's got a bit of weight this bulkiness in the build and the design of the jacket can actually make

him look even bigger that's why I recommend maybe going for a classic style like this which just has slimmer lines they go up and down versus having that extra bulk now another quick hack to look taller is to make sure you get the right jacket length this depends

on the style of the jacket so a sports jacket like this I want it to go just at the bottom curvature on the buttocks if you go longer especially if you're 5 foot 2 5 4 3 that jacket is just gonna overwhelm you it's gonna look too long

now what about other types of jackets like that leather jacket it depends on the style but most leather jackets are made to basically hug the waistline if you buy a leather jacket but it goes too long it covers the buttocks this style will look bad and it just

again looks like you're getting swallowed up by that jacket it's gonna make you look shorter the next hack to looking taller and leaner is to make sure the items in your wardrobe are tailored to work with each other perfect example sleeve length so your shirt sleeve length and

your jacket sleeve length when they come together you want to make sure I think what we see here is about a quarter to a half an inch it just looks better if you've got the jacket overly long it hasn't been adjusted all of a sudden it's going to

cover the shirt that's gonna make it look like the jackets overly sized if the shirt comes out an inch to an inch and a half all of a sudden is just gonna look like the jacket sleeves or cut too short now gents you've heard me say this hundreds

of times fit is king if you're wearing bulky clothing baggy clothing this is not gonna look good on you now if you've already got an entire wardrobe of bulky oversized clothing I would recommend you take it to a tailor try to get it adjusted but one of the

best things you can do if you're just getting started is to buy clothing that actually fits you one of the best ways to do this by custom pieces now immediately a lot of you guys are seeing autos way outside of my budget guys have you checked out tailor

store they're the sponsor of today's video and they make amazing custom shirts at a fair price now gents if you guys know my background I used to own a custom clothier I've designed over a thousand shirts and I have very high strict standards when it comes to clothes

I work with tailor store is by far one of the best shirt manufacturers I've ever seen so let's talk about measurements this is a huge barrier to guys trying out custom clothing they don't want to go through the hassle of getting 40 different measurements tailor store has made

this simple with the tailor store size me app all you do is download the app you then take your phone and you leaned it against a wall you take a picture that's it guys you enter your weight you enter your height and they will build a shirt off

of this information and if you're worried about not fitting you they've got their perfect fit guarantee so if you get a shirt and it's just off there's something that's maybe a little bit too baggy a little bit too tight in a certain area guys just simply ask them

to remake the shirt and they'll do it next up let's talk about all the details with the shirt so one of the first things I look at is the inside of the shirt I want to look at the stitching I want to look at the way they attach

the buttons because if they paid attention to those details you know that it's a quality shirt guys they knocked it out of the park the buttons are of great quality the way they stitched on the buttons spot-on and they've got luxury fabrics they've got entry-level fabrics I love

their customer service I love when I order a shirt they actually send me an email showing how my shirt is being made keeping me up to date on the progress when I'm going to get the shirt check out Taylor store I'm linking to him down in the description

with an amazing deal guys on your first shirt yes 40% off if you're a returning customer 20% off but use that link use that deal it's the best you're gonna find out there next up let's talk about your trousers you've got to nail the hem the hem is

quarter break half break no break what you don't want to have is full break full break full break which is this right here yeah a horrible look guys it just makes you it makes you look like you're wearing your older brother's pants avoid this and then let's look

at the leg line you don't I'm not saying you got to go skinny but I am saying look to have it thinned look to have it brought in look to have it at least hemmed at the bottom so that you get a little bit more of a silhouette

a little bit more of a leaner look if you go overly large you're really baggy again not a great look that we want to have next up let's talk about the v-neck and I'm not talking about the overly deep v-neck now that's four undershirts what we're talking about

here v-necks when it comes to the t-shirt a classic v-neck when it comes to your sweater to any type of jumper that you're going to be wearing so the v-neck what is new it builds up the chest it draws our attention in there in general they're a bit

more casual so don't think that you can wear a v-neck shirt to a situation in which you should be wearing a dress shirt but it is something you could throw that v-neck sweater over the dress shirt and it's going to draw it build up the chest a bit

more draw attention to that area and I think make you look slimmer and leaner next up let's talk about monochromatic looks and lines so the monochromatic look you're probably familiar with this is where you wear a similar colored top with the bottom what we don't want to have

here is for you being cut in half and us being drawn to the center area so wearing a high contrast belt probably not a good idea wearing white trousers with a black top or black bottoms with a white shirt guys not a good idea because again we're going

to be drawn to the contrast of the colors now what if you want to wear a light-colored shirt with dark trousers again that's where you could throw over the dark jacket or you could even bring in another quick option here which is the and again if you're a

slimmer short guy vests look amazing alright so let's talk horizontal lines a lot of guys know okay I don't want to go for big lines going across but that's a half-truth because even if you're a bit shorter yes you can pull off lines going across you just want

to make sure they're higher up on the body so maybe a t-shirt or a sweater with a pattern going across in the chest area that's perfectly fine but what you want to avoid are again repeating patterns going across or larger patterns so a large windowpane pattern maybe that

has a thicker chalk stripe you'll want to avoid but you can go for smaller repeating patterns that go across and down like a Glen check that would be perfectly fine this pattern right here I think I can pull off it's a bit more muted it doesn't matter if

you're five foot four if you're six foot four it really comes down to guys you understanding why these rules are there and then leveraging them to your advantage and let's not forget about heels heels on a pair of dress shoes or even a pair of boots can easily

add half an inch an inch an inch and a half to your height gonna make you look taller gonna make it look leaner and let's not forget hats hats do make you look taller there's a classic study where they lined up all these guys some of them wearing

hats some of them not wearing hats they had to guess the height guess what if you wore hat people thought you were an inch and a half to almost two inches taller in general why it's all about perception now the big thing with hats is most guys aren't

used to wearing them but maybe your we used to wearing a ball cap so why not level it up start to wear a cap that's functional something that keeps the Sun off of your head and of course don't be afraid to stand up a bit taller to improve

your posture and if you're interested in that check out this video right here where I teach you how to very quickly improve your posture yes simply rolling your shoulders back and improving your posture can improve your perception of height and make it look leaner