AskAW 13 – Suit Supply, Harvey Specter Suits, Man Nips, College Style, Boot Creases

hi welcome back to what are you talking do this over again alright hi welcome back to my ass aww show where I answer all of your questions about style grooming dating etiquette and so forth if you have any questions be sure to leave it in the comment section

below or visit the link in the video description so look who I have here hello returning guest again cuz he just wants to keep answering these questions with me let's try to take the spotlight my fiance Dorian let's be honest I think it's more out of convenience you

didn't have a guest this time and don't say that I get the call like this tap on the shoulder like are you hearing kids no it's because you've been begging me to be on the show Google+ oh yeah finally I thought this Christmas present or something I would

allow them to you know get a little bit of the spotlight today oh I'm so excited thank you thank you actually for letting me be on your show oh my gosh alright so should we get into it yeah let's do it Stephen asked I'm average height 5 foot

8 and thin but have a long torso due to this it's hard to find a well fitting suit off the rack and alterations can be anywhere from four to eight hundred dollars I'm thinking made-to-measure is best for me I look to add suits apply and similar services but

I don't want to be taken advantage of since I'm new to this any advice you can offer so basically you want to just follow in terms of how your suit should fit the general fit advice that I've given about suits I made a whole video about how your

suit should fit so be sure to check that out for you you're 5 foot 8 I you want to make sure that the length of your jacket if anything hits you about mid crotch so that's the middle of the top of your pants to the bottom of your

crotch it could be a tiny bit shorter but definitely not longer than that because it will make your torso look even longer so it's better that it's mid to upper crotch just a little drier area yeah because you're trying to just kind of fool people visually when they

look at your body that it looks more proportional than it really is and then what he was talking about soot supply we get this we get this question a lot of we see a lot of pictures of items made like that from readers and viewers and it's kind

of hit or miss from what I can tell if you kind of have a handle on what you're doing or what you're looking for it's easier but if you're just go in and say hey just do whatever you do best I don't know how well that usually works

out which is why you should watch the how your suit should fit video which I'll link in the video description it's really important that you understand how your suit should fit because then you're gonna be able to just be armed with a bunch of information that you can

throw at the tailor that's gonna be tailoring your student just the only note is you can go a little bit higher in the length of the jacket um and then you this was actually a two-parter so we another okay so he also asked um he said that he

really loves Harvey Specter from the show suits who usually wears three-piece suits with wide peak lapels um as a person with a smaller frame can I pull this off no you cannot if you were six feet or taller broader more athletic build then yes you can wear a

wider lapel and even perhaps a peak lapel although I will have to say about peak lapels they are a very bold style move that demands attention and power so if your personality is not that strong like it's not really strong boss mode then it's gonna be a huge

mismatch because you really need a strong personality to compliment that stronger lapel style so instead if you don't have that then go with the notch lapel notch lapels I love and I prefer anyways they're just they look great on every guy and I think that they are appropriate

in all kinds of settings whereas with the peak lapel you got to pick and choose what settings you wear those too because again it's really it's bold it's a bold move when you see when I see a peak lapel again I'm like okay he's gonna be kind of

loud and boisterous that's okay but then when he's not you're like I don't think it really fits you like if someone's who's like shy and like kind of bring your Pico you're like you look so loud and it's like oh oh I don't know it feels weird you'll

know when you see it when your encounter it but I've definitely seen that before yeah so and in regards to in regard to the peak lapel with always a good rule of thumb to remember if you're a thinner guy you want thinner lapels if you are a broader

guy broader lapels but never the opposite so yeah I have a hard time wearing peak lapels I just can't too thin for that I think I could wear a peak lapel was on the box next Adam asked what's your stance on the occasional public display of man nips

I'm lean with an athletic build and wear tailored t-shirts and occasionally my nips show through when when the front of my shirt is taut this is a real problem actually because I see a lot of men walking outside in their shirts I see they're very erect nipples like

constantly through your shirt and a big part of it we have a friend that has this problem and we never hesitate to be like mmm a little cold today huh I have to say it's really hard to look into your eyes and Kostya when you're saying when I

just see really in height when your high beams are on whether it's you know a man or a woman that is the nipples so I mean I can't it's too much so there's a couple of things that I want to address so first usually the reason why I

can see their nipples is because their shirt is way too tight so you want to make sure that your t-shirt is not super taut and fitted through the chest it should be fitted but not like skin tight I did do a whole video about how your t-shirt should

fit and what they should look like so I'll link that in my video description but that's one of the issues usually so that's problem number one now if you don't have that issue because we do have a friend that has actually really nice fitting shirts but he still

has the nipple problem so sometimes I understand maybe just guys have they have erect nipples that's just how their nipples are so to be able to combat that that's where I really highly suggest even an extra tweed can just go for it no no compression undershirts so um

like usually when you're working out you can pick up like compression t-shirts but I'm talking about compression undershirts Spanx actually makes really great undershirts that you can wear under your t-shirts or polo shirts that will basically just kind of pull everything in and help it provides like a

nice layer between your slim fitting shirt and your nipples your skin so it really paste those nipples down and should help at least keep them a little less erect it kind of like it's like an airbrushing tool like in Photoshop it kind of like smooths everything out if

you have a little bit of a belly it does kind of the same thing um hopefully no more man nips for you Jonathan asked I am a college student and I would like to know what you recommend to wear to still look good and put together um but

not to come off as overdressed can I take this one okay I see so many questions about this we even had to put it in the FAQ because the questions are like well I'm a gynecologist doesn't work I'm over 50 your advice doesn't work or I'm you know

work at a candy store your advice doesn't work is like why it's like I don't get it so basically we get the college one the lot it's the same as like a shortcut it's like you don't really dress any different in college yes okay you're not gonna be

wearing a suit to college class cuz that's ridiculous and you're gonna look like an asshole so you're not gonna do that but you don't wear shirts you don't wear Jean and crew neck sweaters v-neck sweaters cardigans shawl collar cardigans you can't wear like a nice unstructured sport coat

to class this a jacket I understand I get it like if you don't know or you're like well I okay great I mean I don't know if I need to look so GQ going to class just take so many items that work for another appropriate for a class

and wear those jeans chinos shawl collar cardigans that's really great um farmers are really nice so our Harrington jackets those are just great like casual jackets where you could throw it over your t-shirt or Kunak you know sweater or sweatshirt wear it with some nice dark wash jeans

throw on a pair of sneakers or boots you're comfortable you're ready for class like and you're gonna still look stylish you look good looking good does it mean you're over dress yeah slippery and you're still comfortable and dressed appropriately for your college study sloppy casual and there's good

nice sharp casual what I do believe that you can always be stylish and comfortable you just have to know the pieces to win so Anna drew asked I recently picked up a pair of boots per your suggestion but even after the first day I see creases behind the

toe cap and around the ankle is this normal and what should I do do not worry about it this is completely normal you're wearing the item it's gonna get creases it's not gonna be detrimental to the boot as long as you just make sure maybe once a year

um they make leather lotion which is just you know it's like it's like your skin you know during the wintertime and when it's windy it starts to get really dry and like more wrinkly looking and chapped so everyone's well you just want to put some leather lotion to

just kind of make it supple so those creases don't start turning into deep deep deep creases that can potentially ruin your boots but I mean the creases around your boots that's part of the character of them that it starts to wear beautifully and it's going to age over

time into something that only that is very personal to you and that's gonna look great also shoe trees will help you mitigate that a little bit so the window when you're done for the day popping a shoe tree into the bottom into the into the inside of the

boot and that'll kind of keep the shape a little bit but you're never going to avoid creases it's impossible when it comes to quality of leather it might help a little bit so it just depends on a lot of factors but if you're like out in the rain

or something which you can wear the boots in unless they're dress boots what you don't want to do that then if they get wet you know wipe them down as soon as you can or if you're in the snow or like you know after snow or there's like

a lot of melt and salt on the ground definitely wipe them down because then they can start getting dry and cracked and obviously you don't want that to happen but you're never gonna get rid of creases it's impossible so own it minimize it as much as possible make

sure they look clean and just like enjoy your boobs that's what they're there for wear them don't don't get scared of wearing them and we're done so that's all the questions we have for today that we wanted to answer but if you have any questions about style grooming

dating etiquette and so on please leave it in the comment section below or visit the link in the video description Dorian thank you again always a pleasure ash hope to be back sometime soon maybe for New Year's make that your resolution all right we'll be in the next

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