How A T-Shirt SHOULD Properly Fit

[Music] just the t-shirt it's a key essential in any classic casual wardrobe and do you know the number one secret to looking good in the t-shirt gents it comes down to one thing fit is key you see a great fitting t-shirt will compliment your body and can even

help a thin guy look strong and mask on the flipside a bad fitted t-shirt can emphasize your worst physical features so how to get the perfect fit with your t-shirt I'm gonna share with you the simple tips to buying a well fitted t-shirt tip number one make sure

it fits in the shoulders gents we start with shoulder fit because that's the one area that can't be altered or adjusted later if the shoulders don't fit and don't bite so what's a good fit you want the seam to sit at the edge of your shoulder right where

the shoulder bone ends if the seam is hiked up your shoulder you need to get a larger size t-shirt likewise if the seam is hanging down your arm you're gonna need to go for a smaller size t-shirt or a different brand tip to make sure the t-shirt fits

you in the neck so first up we've got the crew neck t-shirt the next size here is pretty universal across brands as long as the crew neck t-shirt fits close to your neck you're good to go v-necks on the other hand are a little bit harder to fit

and it is nice if you can try the shirt on before by now Phoenix in general are great for t-shirts because they emphasize the chest and they can give you a more masculine appearance but be careful you don't want to go too far unless it's an undershirt you

want to avoid the deep v-neck shirt it just doesn't look good how far down should a v-neck tip a good rule of thumb is that a v-neck should never dip below your armpit now sound off in the comments below which side of your are you team crew neck

or team v-neck next up let's talk about t-shirt fit in the chest now when it comes to the chest fit you want your t-shirt to fit relatively close a t-shirt that's way too loose and baggy doesn't flatter any body time but remember this isn't a compression shirt you

don't want it to fit so tightly that you got you you know rule of thumb if you're getting a horizontal stretch line then it's too tight a great fitted t-shirt is going to sit close to the chest without being constricting about one and a half to two and

a half inches of extra fabric next up shirt fit in the waist area now once you've got a good fit in the chest let's look at the waist now this is where things can get a little bit tricky I know there's a wide range of body types out

there and you really want to find a brand that works for your body type and on a side note if you can't find the perfect fit off the rack you may need to actually adjust the shirt you can do it yourself or you could even take it to

a tailor now if you've got an average bill most brands are gonna fit you just fine however if you're a muscular man with a large chest and a smaller waist you're gonna find that many t-shirts are gonna be way too large in the waist area so you're gonna

want to look for a specialty brand or get the t-shirt adjusted at the end of the day you just don't want to look like you're wearing a parachute on the opposite end of the spectrum we got the guys with the round body type with this body type you

got to look for brands they're gonna be more generous in the waist area that being said if you've got a round body type I'm gonna highly recommend you look at other shirt types they're gonna need more flattering to your build now in general the perfect fit in the

waist area is gonna have about two to three inches of extra fabric next up t-shirt sleeve length now the perfect t-shirt sleeve length is gonna hit in the middle of your bicep this is gonna look best for most body types now if you're packing you've got a muscular

build you want to show off the guns thing you can actually go for a bit shorter of a sleeve length and unless you're playing baseball then stay away from sleeves that reach towards the elbow or past them this really doesn't look good on anybody next up we've got

sleeve with one of the most common problems with tee shirts are giant arm openings that make your sleeves look like wings if you're a thin guy wearing a t-shirt with large sleeves this is just gonna make your skinny arms look thinner you want to buy a t-shirt that

fits you well in the sleeve both the length and that width the ideal sleeve width is gonna lightly hug your bicep next up t-shirt length now I know there's a fashion trend right now with super long t-shirts gents unless you want to look like you're wearing a dress

avoid this look seriously any t-shirt that extends pasture crotch and covers your backside is way too long that being said you don't want the opposite problem you don't want a t-shirt that's too short and you can tell if the t-shirts too short because if you raise your arms

and expose your stomach yeah that t-shirt is too short on you the ideal length is going to hit about mid fly that's about two to three inches below your belt line and let's not forget the importance of shirt fabric and how it affects fit 100% cotton or cotton

polyester blend tee shirts are very common and durable but they're not always the best choice the issue is that cotton gets stretched out over time and will need to be washed and dried at a high heat temperature to return to its original shape so if you don't have

access to a dryer a cotton crewneck collared t-shirt can really get stretched out and look bad also if it's a cheaper lower quality cotton it can feel restrictive and can even cause hot spots in those clothes fitted areas me personally I like to look for t-shirts that are

blends using about 2 to 5 percent spandex this is going to give you an overall better fit now besides cotton you're also gonna see other fabrics like bamboo micro modal in wool these can be very breathable they can be lightweight and they can be a lot cooler of

a shirt during the summer the point pay attention to your t-shirt fabric it can have a huge effect on the overall look and the fit of the t-shirt congratulations you now have the information to go out there and buy the perfect fitted t-shirt but how to match that

t-shirt with jeans find out guys in this video right here