How Does A Sharp Dressed Man Live Up To His Own Style Expectations- Male Fashion Tips

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All right, guys, this is what we've got.

“Antonio, I'm a Nigerian man in my mid-20sand I live in the UK.

My brother's wedding is coming up in threeweeks.

I have a drama with colors.

For three weeks now, I've been trying to figureout what I should wear.

The issue is I get easily heated and sweatyand nervous, and people know me as a fashion icon at all the companies I've worked withwhether in Nigeria or in the UK.

People expect me to dress sharp, so what I'mlooking to wear is a red suede jacket with grey and striped pocket handkerchief, big, black colored shirt, dark blue waist coat, grey or brown fitted pants with either brownshoes and a brown belt, or black shoes with a black belt.

That's pretty much what I've planned on wearing, but I just don't know how to test these colors and I'm just worried that I'm not going tolook good enough.

Sincerely, Charles.

” All right Charles, so there's a bigger questionhere.

I mean, your outfit, it sounds — wow! It sounds like it's got a lot of color.

With your complexion, you can probably pullit off.

It sounds a bit color-heavy on top.

I would maybe look at the black shirt withnavy combination as a pretty bold thing if you're going for width, also the red suedejacket, but you know, I'd have to see them.

That's the hard thing about colors.

You almost have to see them in person.

Screens often lie and there's a bit of a tintthere, but the bigger point I want to hit on is it sounds like you've got a problemof living up to expectations, that you've built up this image that “Charles has to bethe best dressed guy wherever he goes.

It doesn’t matter what company he's at, what event Charles is going to be at, that Charles needs to be the best dressed guy, “and that's a dangerous place to be.

Let me give you a little bit of example.

Maybe a lot of guys will experience this.

When I was in college, there was a group ofguys.

I'm not going to name names, but let's justsay that they heard a lot of stories about how a group of guys before them were awesomepartiers.

There was always this expectation to outdowhat the people before you did.

It's like, “Oh, they have those stories? What until you hear what I did.

It was even bigger and better.

” What happened and what I saw over a periodof time is what you had to do to get the story recognized as an amazing story had to getbigger and bigger.

I mean, how do you top a bunch of guys gettinginto a U-Haul with a keg of beer doing keg stands on Interstate 80, going to every stripclub in Eastern Iowa in a period of four hours and then getting basically pulled over bythe cops and getting away with it? I mean, I would hear stories like this, andif you're going to try to outdo that, well, you're probably going to end up hurting someoneor going to jail, and that's the problem with expectations.

By the way, I don't know if that really happenedor the guys that were involved with that.

I just heard that was a story, but in anycase, as expectations go up, the chances of you falling goes up as well.

I really think that “keeping up with the Joneses”mentality is a bad attitude.

You need to dress for yourself, Charles.

I mean, it's important that you dress forrespect for the situation and it is your brother's wedding, but at the end of the day, be thebest you.

This is one of those instances when you lookat men who have really established themselves.

They've got plenty of money, but yet they'renot necessarily flaunting it because they don't have to.

They realize that there's no winner to thatgame.

What I think you should be focusing on arethe other aspects of what it means to be a stylish, well-rounded man.

And so, you need to work on your conversationskills.

You need to think about how are your manners.

You need to think about how are you goingto help your brother's wedding and be the best it can be.

What are you going to do? Is there something you can help out to makethis experience better for everyone around you? That's the mark of a true gentleman, is he'snot the best dressed man when he shows up on an event, but he's the man that when peoplethink of the event, it's like, “Wow! I had a great time, ” and it was probably becauseCharles was going around and, “I had such a great conversation with him.

He was attending to my Aunt Mae” or whatever.

In Nigerian weddings, those things are fun.

There's a lot of color.

There's a lot of family, a lot of people justmeeting and talking.

And if you can be the kind of person thatyou can take a little bit of weight off of your brother and everything that's going onthere, you're going to be remembered a lot more for that than you are by how you dressed.

So Charles, that's my advice.

Yeah, don't get caught up in that game andtrying to be better every time because it's a no win situation.

All right, guys, hopefully you enjoyed thisvideo.

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