How To Wear A Blazer | How To Style A Blazer For Men Properly

good afternoon gentlemen my name is Ollie it's maybe that guy and today is a men's fashion video and more specifically we're going to show you two easy simple smart casual looks using one of the staple pieces of any man's wardrobe which is the Blazer please check out my

blazer I'm wearing now so if you don't own a variation of nice Blazers you're not doing it on the fresh in front because a blazer can simply change any outfit so much smarter version all with jeans that can make a really sort of high-end smart casual look so

the Blazer was a stable piece of every guy's wardrobe so the first one we're going to show you is the gray blazer with a slight check let's not look so much at the brands today we're not going to tell you where this is even from because you can

find something similar in any shop worldwide make sure it's fitted a blazer only comes to your belt line and not weigh down over your bottom that'll be a suit make sure it's a blazer Blazers don't have suit trousers okay it's not a suit to blazer so the gray

pattern slight check it could also be in a plain gray but this works really nicely so let's have a look at the whole look this look which will always work but let's start right at the bottom we've got my old brogues here doesn't matter that they're a bit

smashed up a plain brown brogue that is the style of the pattern on the toe there you can see then we're going to come into these skinny ish kind of slim they're not too skinny straight leg jeans with rips and patches remember that these rips and patches are

now very trendy and actually this look would work for a lot of people to go to a meeting if you're in a cool industry where you can get away the slightly more fashionable look then you could definitely wear this I know a client of mine is a guy

who works in advertising here in London and this is the kind of style he says he most feels most comfortable going to meet clients in throw trendy very cool for a mature guy or a young guy but also has a fashion input and also has that small element

to show you you're a businessman you about your business and about that money okay so so got the skinny jeans have rips in we've got the matching simple fetched belt to go with a brown color of the shoes we're gonna have this fitted white shirt hanging out or

loose like that it's smart casual yeah I look great but you can let the shirt hang out cuz you like that it's smart cash it's a bit messy within the fact that it's nice and structured thus we're gonna have the shirt quite low I normally wouldn't have though

that many buttons on done but especially for kind of summer spring look wear the sunglasses on love it call are quite wide and open like that showing a bit of skin off around the neck we then have just a lining of the blazer here all right that's just

the lining but it works to go with the turn up here and then ultimately showing off a bit of jewelry and the watch as well you don't need to have the sleeves up you can have that down as such but we want to show you how the lining

can be worked in with that if you didn't want to do that let's show you another style you could do the lining obviously is never going to be as good as a real pocket square we've got this summer favourite of mine and we're just going to stick that

in instead in a pink to go with these light colors this kind of I say summery look it's not really it's light colors but you can just as easily wear this in the winter but it might be particularly nice for a day in the city at work for

the sleeves back up a game at this time we wouldn't want the red lining showing because you've got the pink there and it's another cool look and in fact guys you know we can even do we could get rid of sunglasses hope that we don't totally screw up

on microphone which we're good okay so there we have it we've lost the lining we put a real pocket square obviously more favorable alençon for this pink combo works really nicely with the light gray and the light blue of the jeans brown shoes that the only other bit

of difference in the color scheme right it takes a real man to wear pink so the pink pocket square and the pink tie look grey chicks dig pink I always really pops off and again it's perfect for the summer and if you were going for a meeting or

you an office where you could wear geez people to make a bit smarter absolutely perfect I would rock the hell out of this on a date with a high-end woman I'd go for a nice brunch shorts for a nice lunch or something or a business dinner definitely dressed

like this if smart casual is very high-end but it shows you've got a high level of style even when you're dressing for a serious scenario but that all said and done this is a perfect casual look as well choose your audience right but if you're dating a lady

whose appearance is a sort of high-end smart casual type of dresser she's gonna really really love this it may not work so well if she's a hip-hop fan know your target ice let's have one more look at it for this one we'd also tuck the shirt in because

the tie makes it a lot smarter one button done up and there we have it boys that is the first version of our easy classic blazer smart casual looks all right guys so we're back that was our first smart casual men's jacket using the gray blazer the kind

of vibe for that one was very mature gentleman sort of straight down the line smart casual GQ high-end men's fashion like a picture someone I sort of you know a business lunch or on a boozy champagne date on a Sunday afternoon wearing that at Harrods all right for

all of you for our viewers that's our number one Pasha's department store it's got that vibe to a man around town go get a businessman okay this one is a lot edgier it's kind of got a rock and roll vibe to it so now let's think again it's

a well-to-do guy definitely not rock and roll as in the back of the concert off your head on cocaine rock and roll this is much definitely the manager the record label exec the kind of guy he works in a cool district of in you know a big city

in his country and it's definitely involved in cool industries so even if you're not you dressed like this and you are going to give off those vibes all right so let's check out one wearing we've got the classic velvet blazer the older are more up this gets with

this look it's going to look cool it's more vent and of course the sunglasses from the same look said this time they're on the face although he could have them like that as well then we're going to have a pattern shirt with any kind of pattern as long

as there's some clothes dottie pattern right no flowers nothing like that in plain black and white so we've got the plain dots black buttons and done up to the top button is massively important because that's the rock'n'roll way you do it in this look blazer on top down

off the top button my earring is perfect for this the little cross crucifix again rocking it put up the sleeve slightly show off some jewelry here then we're going to go down I've decided to whack in this belt with a big round coin but you could put in

any kind of detail belt I like this one it works oh oh the look and then finally we get out of the jeans skinny ripped jeans in black to show that it's a fashionable look I'm a fashion guy and then finally we've got the shoes absolutely freakin love

these these are a Chelsea boots that's the name of the boot with the elasticated fitting side with a Brogue pattern on the toe which is also these smart kind of expensive looking boots brings the look back into that very smart casual rock and roll style you know I

do look like a smart guy even though I've got these vibes running through the look of rock and roll and a debauched past and somebody left the party I bet all my guys got my together and has a good job and a good career I look very smart

so sunglasses back on and I can certainly picture a well-dressed guy in a cool industry out of lunch compressing the hot girls at work in his office in this look or could be in a bar drinking either look scandal at work really well so there we go guys

that was how we were team up to classic flavor flavored favorite jackets the plain black blazer or the grey check blazer give it a try at home be sure to subscribe like and leave us a comment I'm Olly it's may be that guy peace