If A Man Owns One Suit What Color And Style Should It Be? Men's Fashion Advice

If A Man Owns One Suit What Color And StyleShould It Be_ Men's Fashion Advice Hi.

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And today I'm going to be talking about “Ifyou own a one suit, what color and style should it be?” All right.

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So, the question is, if a man owns one suit, what color and style should it be? So the man ñ somebody is asking me this question.

I know that this is going to be their onlysuit, their go-to suit, the suit that theyíre going to wear to funerals, suit that theyíregoing to wear to graduations, weddings, any big events and they donít seem to wear itoften.

This is usually a man that maybe heís gota uniform that he normally wears or, you know, he works more with his hands and so heísnot going to have suits in a normal rotation.

In this case, you want to go with a solidnavy or a solid charcoal.

Either way youíre going to be fine.

If youíre younger, letís say youíre 18years old, 19 years old, I would go towards charcoal.

If youíre over 40 or 50, maybe ñ and youíveactually still got your hair, you know, the color is still in good deep brown, then youcould with the navy.

It will actually make you look a little bityounger.

If youíre starting to gray though, youíregoing to want to go with the charcoal as a little bit of off-white in the charcoal.

Itís going to work well with the gray.

And charcoal in general actually ages a man, so for the younger man, itís not going to make them look like heís 16 or something.


So weíve determined that weíre going togo with the solid.

Why not a stripe? Well, stripes connotate business and theyírenot as virtual, theyíre harder to match and they should not be a manís first suit.

In addition, anything that goes into blackis going to be to start from a contrast, anything that goes into light gray, tan, kaki, allof these other off colors, dark olive green, those arenít for the first suit.

And just, you know, even if you can get itfor free, itís just not going to work when youíve got to attend to a funeral, you know, a green suit just ñ it is at least showing some respect but at the same time you wantto wear a darker, more somber – just muted color.

If youíre going to a wedding, the great thingis that you can actually take that charcoal suit or take that navy and spice it up witha little bit of a more colorful shirt.

So, you can wear it with a light blue.

And all of a sudden, youíre going to introducesome color and some feeling into that.


So, we have agreed solid charcoal, solid navy.

Now, letís talk about the style.

So, the style of the suit, you want to gowith either a two or three button.

You donít want to go with the one buttonthatís for black tie tuxedos.

Four buttons, thatís for basketball playerswho donít know how to dress.

I mean, seriously, three button is the mostyou ever want to go on a suit, just donít get a four-button suit.

Single breasted.

Now, you could go double breasted but itísnot nearly going to be ñ itís going to be harder to find one, first off.

And the other thing is double breasted.

Itís more formal.

Itís not nearly as versatile.

Go with a single-breasted suit.

The vents, and these are the ñ in the backof the jacket.

These are the slits.

If you can find double vents, thatís whatyou want to go with.

However, most off the rack suits are goingto be single vent.

So thatís perfectly fine.

Itís actually a bit less expensive to manufacture.

I like double vents because to me, they aresign of a quality jacket.

Not a determining factor in a quality jacketbut a sign that this is a better-than-average quality jacket.

All right.

So letís talk about your trousers.

If youíre in shape, if you take good careof your body, youíd go with flat fronts.

Perfectly fine.

If youíre a bit heavier, a bit overweight, youíre going to want something that gives you a little bit more room.

Ideally, youíre going to want to wear yourtrousers higher and wear them with suspenders.

Now, I know 95% of you will never do that.

So, what you need to wear are trousers thathave room in them.

You do not want to split those trousers, especiallyif youíre going a year between wearing them.

So go with a double-plait, go with at leastone plait because worse case, youíre just going to blow open the plaits instead of rippingthe back of the trousers.

Now, the cuffs at the bottom, if you go withdouble-plaits, you need to cuff the bottom.

If youíre a taller man, cuff the bottom.

If youíre wearing a flat front, normallyyou should not cuff the bottom, although thereís, you know, is a bit of a contradiction there.

If youíre a very tall man with flat fronts, should you cuff the bottom? You know, I wouldnít cuff them.

Itís up to you.

Itís usually a style thing.

I mean, there arelittle rules for that, but ñ Iím not going to ñ the last thing that you want to focuson with the suit, which I donít think I talk about much in the article.

But itís the fit.

Make sure the suit fits you.

If this is the only suit you want, youírewearing it, and this is a big occasion.

You want to look nice.

If youíre going to be walking your littlegirl down aisle, you want that suit to be ready for it to fit you properly.

And you can oftentimes take this to a tailor.

And for $50 to $100, he can take that suitfrom looking sloppy to looking sharp, or he can tell you that youíre going to need tobuy another suit.

And in that case, youíre going to at leastbe professional to tell you this before the big day.

All right.

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