Improve Style Without SHOCKING Your Friends | 5 Tips To Upgrade A Man's Wardrobe Fast

One of the things that holds back men fromimproving their style and getting what they want out of life is the fear of rejection.

Basically they think that if I change thingsup other people are going to notice and they are going to reject me.

In today's video, gents, I'm going to giveyou five tips on how to level up your style without shocking your friends.

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Tip number one to improve your style withoutshocking your friends, gentlemen is to focus in on key pieces of clothing and to raisethem up one knot.

We're just talking about slight improvement.

We're not talking about going from casualto white tie here.

You are simply looking at let's say the graphictees in your wardrobe.

But, instead of going with the graphic tee, maybe you want to look at a solid dark colored shirt with a V-neck and that may look a lotbetter on you especially if you're a thin guy or if you're a built guy.

But, let's say you've got a little bit ofweight, you know, weight right here on the midsection, you're maybe an ultra skinny individualin that case, look for a casual button-down.

I've talked about this before, maybe lookingat polos, maybe a long sleeve polo.

There are so many things you can do to slightlylevel up that graphic tee or to take that t-shirt and go to a casual button-down.

Then, if you're already wearing casual button-downsmaybe find some dress shirts that actually can be worn outside of dress clothing lookgood with jeans, things like that are just going to step up your style and they're goingto help you look great.

Tip number two for improving your style withoutshocking your friends, gentlemen is look to level up your shoes.

So, if you wear a running shoes all the timeand you're not always running, you're not always going to the gym, yeah, you may wantto have a few other pairs out there.

And, what I love about leveling up your shoesis you can bring in unique styles which you may never have considered but are going tolook great on you.

Something like this has a rugged feel, actuallyhas a dressier look.

You can wear this with jeans you can wearthis with flannel trousers you can wear this with many things already in your wardrobe.

When it rains when it snows, these are goingto work great, they've got good traction.

And, I mean, again, can I say this? Incredibly stylish, a simple dress boot.

There are other things that you can do and, yes, I know many of you guys are saying, Antonio, I don't want to go right up to dress shoes.

Well, dress shoes come in a wide variety.

There are loafers out there and loafers don'thave lacing on them.

Another cool thing here though is the texture.

Notice that these are great suede, so youcan actually, yes, you can wear this with jeans, you can wear it with some casual slacksout there, all of a sudden instead of actually jut wearing black dress shoes all the time, you level up your game a bit, people start complimenting you.

They noticed these small details on the shoes.

So, another place to experiment with yourshoes and to slightly upgrade them is to bring in a variety of other colors.

I've talked about oxblood.

I think it's a color that's really underusedin a man's wardrobe.

So, if you already are attracted to dark browns, light browns, blacks, then you want to definitely check out oxblood.

But cognac, another color and look at thisright here.

We've got this darker right in here lighter.

The point being is change up the color, changeup the texture, change up the style and all of sudden you've leveled up your shoe game.

Tip number three to improve your style withoutshocking your friends, gentlemen is to have fun with accessories.

So, let's go back to watches.

I've already talked about Vincero.

I'm going to link to them right over here, guys.

Definitely go check them out.

I've got a couple of watches that I wouldlove to send you way.

All you have to do is go look at some of thewatches the styles.

Be specific in the comments down below andlet me know which styles you love and I'll be sending out a couple of those here soon.

But, understand when you're looking at a watchcompany you want one that is especially if you're just getting started, you've neverowned a watch before, you want to start off with one that is an introductory price.

Something that if you make a bad decisionyou realize, you know, I'm just not a watch guy.

But, I do have a feeling that a lot of youguys if you try wearing especially those of you that don't wear watches, it's going tobe something you start to get compliments on, you're going to actually kind of havefun with checking the time, playing around with the different complications and thingson it and all of a sudden you're going to realize you know this is a great area thatI never even thought of or I thought was outdated and all of a sudden you start bring it intoyour wardrobe.

Another accessory that you can look up toupgrade is to start having fun with jewelry.

So, bracelets; bead bracelets, metal bracelets, whatever it may be.

You can also look at necklaces you can lookat rings, you can even look at earrings whatever it may be guys, have fun with it.

I know some of you guys are saying, well, I'm a little bit too conservative for that.

Well, let's look at something that is incrediblyfunctional, your sunglasses.

So many of you guys have been wearing thesame style sunglasses forever, maybe you're an aviator or maybe you're a sports sunglasswear.

Well, look at a pair of wayfarers look ata pair of club masters.

Have fun try different style and maybe gowith the different brand.

You slightly upgraded your style you're havingfun and you focus in guys on those accessories.

So, tip number four, we're going to focusin on the invisible upgrades.

We're going to talk about fragrance, we'regoing to talk about underwear, we're going to talk about socks.

These are things which are in many cases noteven seen.

But, if you don't think you care about fragrance, so you don't normally wear actually a perfume or toilette or whatever it may be, understandthat you actually do care about how you smell.

Most men 95% or more actually do use deodorantbecause why? We don't want to smell bad.

But, if you think about the flipside of that, why don't you want to smell good? Women actually do notice this a lot more thanmen and I'm not talking about being overpowering when you walk into a room and everyone cansmell you.

You know I'm talking about actually havinga signature scent that can be discovered whenever someone gets close people say, wow, what areyou wearing? And if you're not wearing a fragrance or ifyou've only got one maybe you've got two, experiment have fun with this and realizethat it's something that, you know, don't go overboard.

But, definitely you start to use it to youradvantage.

Another invisible upgrade is to upgrade yourunderwear and your sock drawer.

So, with underwear hopefully you're not flashingthose out there.

But, you definitely want to try a qualitypair of underwear maybe Tani or Sheath, something made from a material that when you put iton all I can tell you is it's freaking amazing.

Now, socks are going to be something thatpeople will occasionally see and the big trend I've seen the last few years, all these brightcolored socks have a little bit of fun with it.

I do find that, you know, socks are somethingwe rotate through not everything in your wardrobe has to be black or white or just a singlesolid color.

Try something, have a little bit of fun withit.

Maybe you go with a solid bright color orsomething that maybe even has just the argyle designs something that, you know, has beenaround for a while.

But have fun with your socks and see if youcan make that one slight little upgrade.

Finally, tip number five to improve your stylewithout shocking your friends, gentlemen is to focus in on fit, fit, fit.

I sometimes feel like a broken record here, but so many men this is like the biggest mistake and the easiest thing that they can do.

Now, how to improve it and not shock yourfriends? Well, when you're going out there to buy anew pair of jeans to buy a new shirt, look at, you know, when you put on that jacket, try going a little one size smaller.

Most men make the mistake of buying clothingthat is way too loose on them.

They assume that loose clothing is going tobe on it's just going to be more comfortable.

That's not true.

Closer fitted clothing is not uncomfortableif it fits you properly.

In fact, higher armholes all these other thingswith it actually fitting closer to your body is actually going to give you more freedomof movement and therefore is going to be more comfortable.

Just because it doesn't feel familiar doesnot mean it is wrong for your body type.

Guys, join my free Facebook group where youcan post photos.

You go to the mall, take pictures of yourselfand say, hey, guys, what do you think I'm about to buy this outfit or I would like tobuy it, I'll come back tomorrow, you know, but give me some feedbacks.

Those guys in the group they're actually givingsome great advice.

Take some of your existing clothing especiallyyour higher-end clothing maybe your button-down shirts even your jeans to a tailor to getthem adjusted to fit you better.

All right, guys, that's it.

Hopefully you enjoy the video.

Let me know down in the comments below ifI missed anything, if there are tips or tricks that you would give to guys who are lookingto improve their style and not shock their friends.

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That's it, guys.

See you in the next video.