Look Like A Million Bucks On $100 Budget (11 Specific Style Tips)

tip number one flirt with the sales associates at your favorite store all right so maybe you don't have to flirt with them but get to know them know their names you see the people that work at these stores they know when the sales are gonna happen they also have the power to give you an instant discount right there at the register with a coupon you didn't even know existed I've even had friendly sales people stop me from making a purchase so you know what if you're willing to come back in three days this is gonna go on sale for 50% off I'll put this sweater in your size in the back so when you show up you can get a deal on it my point treat people with respect and they'll take care of you today's video gents I'm sharing with you insider secrets how to look like a million bucks on a budget tip number two if it doesn't fit don't commit gentlemen never buy clothing that doesn't fit you or doesn't suit your body type because clothing like that he's never gonna look good on you you can buy a $2, 000 suit it's gonna look like a cheap suit when you put it on your body and it doesn't fit you properly tip number three no the big ten and I'm not talking about football gentlemen I'm talking about the 10 alterations which can transform every garment that you own the first 4 alterations belong to shirts first up can the shirt be darted next up can the sleeve be slimmed after that can the sleeve be trimmed made shorter and this fourth one simple you could easily do it yourself should the cuff button be moved so the cuff fits better around your wrist next up we've got jeans and trousers the easiest win here start off with hemming your trousers correctly now when it comes to dress pants there's actually names for the type of hemming options that you have you've got a full break a half break a quarter break and no break if you want to show off your shoes and Jen's I know this may seem like a small thing but understand these details are what make a million dollar look to other alterations to consider slim up the leg line and get rid of the excess material in and around the buttocks let's not forget the sports jacket the suit jacket the first thing that's sleeve length guys most men are wearing their jacket sleeves way too long and then let's look at the torso you want to have it brought in if you've got excess material and then the back of the neck you want to make sure you don't have any bunching and easy fix right there the next tip to look like a million bucks on a budget know your wardrobe staples and create a hit list to go after them so wardrobe staples are your go-to items that make the foundation of your wardrobe these are the items you wear again and again we're talking about dark colored denim we're talking about your white t-shirt that fits you well we're talking about your dark colored t-shirts that fits you well your dark colored button-down your white dress shirt your navy or charcoal suit your brown olive maybe even blue sports jacket so the key here is to put together the particular list that works for your professional needs and your personal wants so how do you execute on this hit list well first up you could do it manually that's where you sign up for all the email lists you get the text messages you're looking for the best deal at all these companies pretty much continuously better and easier method though gentlemen check out shop tagger it's a free personal shopping app that anyone can use to put together their hit list and to know when things go on sale when it's in your size when it's back in stock gents I've talked about shop tagger before and I'm proud to have them as a sponsor because they make it easy for you to go out there in window shop first you download the app to your phone or computer next as you're shopping normally across the web you save the items to shop tagger with one click you determine when and how you want to get notified email or push so all of a sudden hey I want to get that when it's 20% off boom they notify you when it's in your size when it's on sale when the deal is there for you to pounce on it and just a few of the brands that shop Tiger works with Nordstrom's Amazon Target Urban Outfitters American Eagle Nordstrom Rack j.

crew Neiman Marcus Ambercrombie and Finch Express adidas Gap Levi's Topman and Thursday boots and even if the item isn't on so you still want to grab it right now you shot Tiger anyway cuz guess what they will actually go through and try all these different coupon codes all the ones that are safe out there on the web and they will find you the best deal that you can get the best part about this gentleman the app is absolutely free it works on your phone it works on your tablet it works on your computer and it syncs between devices I'm leading to the latest version of shop Tiger down in the description of today's video remember that latest version it's got the coupon application which is a great tool guys if you're not shopping with shop tiger you're leaving money on the table so you've got your hit list you're building up your wardrobe now I want you to practice leveraging those classic items with signature looks that you feel confident wearing and that's the key gentlemen confidence let's go for the turtleneck and sports jacket look a lot of guys they just don't feel comfortable wearing turtlenecks because they've never worn a turtleneck but they tried on they put that sports jacket on they love the color combination maybe they've worn it locally a few times then they wear it out to a play to a performance and they feel amazing they look great and guess what it's actually a relatively inexpensive combination the key here gentlemen is confidence confidence you've built up through practicing wearing that autumn maybe in private maybe in around small groups you got a few compliments and that gave you the strength to go out into public wearing something that normally would be a little bit outside your comfort zone but you know that it looks good and you go out there and you wear it no doubt in your mind you look amazing the next step to looking like a million bucks on a budget go with classic timeless elegant oftentimes the finer the nicer things in life they're going to be simple in design and that's why they've stood around so long you want to be very suspect of something that's too gaudy too much in your face this is not going to stand up to the test of time and if you go over and you look at the construction you should be able to feel yeah if it smells of plastic and it's a shoe you probably want to avoid it now let's talk about suits but not suits that you have to wear a suit that you want to wear you see most men when they put on a suit it's because they have to for their job or a requirement maybe for an interview but what if you actually start to rotate through some suits that you just wear for fun you're wearing it for yourself all of a sudden you're able to take a very different approach you can get rid of the necktie you get to have a lot more fun with the accessories everything you bring with it you start wearing it with a t-shirt why because you want to experiment you want to try you are building up your own personal style and really I think setting yourself out from the crowd now that last one may be too much for you how about bringing a sports jacket a sports jacket in a brighter color in a fun pattern it doesn't even have to be a pattern that really grabs attention right here you notice the pattern here we've got this blue with another blue with a black very easy to match I can match it with a wide range of different items in my wardrobe but it's something that stands out from the crowd and it builds up my shoulders Slim's up the torso just makes you look better I know some of you guys are the thing on those suits cost out of money those sports jackets cost a lot of money gentlemen you can grab a suit over at Target for less than a hundred bucks look around there are options out there go to thrift stores go to consignment stores ask your family if someone want to get rid of some clothing and if you're gonna wear a jacket a blazer jacket a sports jacket a suit jacket always put in a pocket square that's what that pockets there for gentlemen and start off with a simple white presidential fold very easy and for some reason if it bothers you take it out but what I find is once you put it in there you forget about it until someone gives you a compliment and you feel like a million bucks now I love myself a pair of good fitting dark colored jeans but if you want to level up that look you want to go for a more luxury look look for a pair of gray flannels and it doesn't have to be in wool those are gonna cost more you can oftentimes find them in dress trousers but there are going to be brushed cotton trousers you'll find out they're oftentimes in a jean design they are gonna be much more elegant and if you go in a grey which i think is the most versatile color out there you're gonna be able to match them with anything in your wardrobe all right so you got the clothing taken care of but let's look in the mirror and let's look at your grooming so first up when was the last time you got a haircut three weeks ago two weeks ago you go get a haircut every four weeks because you got a hair on your ears you've got it on the back your neck let's go in and get a trim now a quick trim is not the same as a haircut they're gonna basically just go around and they're gonna take care of the small details I even know some barbers and hire in stores that if you're one of their clients you can get the trim for free and while you're in there getting that trim ask the barber to take care of some of those crazy eyebrow hairs and take care of those nose hairs and now let's talk about the face gentlemen when you're engaging with people this is what they look at so take care of it I live here in Wisconsin gets really cold during the winter in the morning I swim in the pool my office is about you know 68 degrees so this is a wide range in temperature swings here and it affects my skin so I use a facial moisturizer in the morning oftentimes I use it again in the afternoon your teeth take care your teeth you want wider teeth if you've got dark gnarly looking teeth because you drink a lot of coffee or tea take care of that use a teeth whitening system make sure to use a whitening toothpaste or chew a whitening gum that's gonna kind of help keep the darkening at bay keep your whites white and your darks dark so you don't want to be wearing a dress shirt or white t-shirt for that matter that doesn't look white anymore you know what I'm talking about that off-white it just yeah its yellowish or that black t-shirt that black button-down which isn't black anymore now it's kind of a grayish except a worn out grayish Jets to keep your darks dark in your whites white you need to wash and clean them properly the first rule and the one that most people violate is to only wash clothing when it's truly dirty seriously you wore that Navy button-down for an hour and then you threw it into the wash think of it like a video game clothing only has so many lives and every time you wash it you kind of take away one of those lives especially when you throw it in the dryer all that lint what do you think it comes from it is pulled off of the clothing the next mistake is your washing your clothing improperly you're not doing spot cleaning when that's all that clothing needed you're not going in and looking for stains and then using a stain remover you're mixing lights and darks and like I said you're throwing almost all your clothing into the dryer when many of your nicer items should be air dried now I know I haven't covered how to get discounts when you're in the store when you're shopping online because guys I cover it in this video right here 21 shopping hacks whether you're online whether you're in the store you want to check out this video because I will talk about how you can use Jedi Mind Tricks when you're in the store or even online how to use basically super sneaky ways to get the best deal when you're shopping online so guys check out this video I will link to it down in the description.