Real Men Real Style Summer 2012 Update – 1 Million Views, Thank You Giveaways, & More

Real Men Real Style Summer 2012 Update – 1Million Views, Thank You Giveaways, & More Hey everybody! This is Antonio over at Real Men Real Style, and I wanted to give you guys a Summer 2012 update as to what I have going on.

I've got four big announcements: 1.

We've passed a million views, so I'm prettyexcited about that and I'll be sharing with you guys what's going to happen because ofthat.


The Style System right now is in full sessionand I'll be giving you guys a sneak preview.


The future of Real Men Real Style video channel, I'm going to let you know what's going to go on in the frequency of the videos comingout.


And I need your help because I'm going tobe giving away clothing and products worth thousands of dollars this summer, and I wouldlike your help to help get it out there, so let's jump into it.

One million views and it's growing, so thisis really cool, over 10, 000 subs, 5000 views per day, an international audience, and thisis something I'm really proud of, is that the comments and the interaction below myvideos, they're really civil and they're very helpful.

I see people helping each other out.

I'm going to talk about it a bit later, butthis is something I am very proud about.

I'm very happy.

I think people are really taking value fromthese.

This summer, we're going to be having quitea few giveaways, but you need to be on the email list, so you're going to see quite afew videos out there.

We're going to be giving quite a bit way.

I'll talk a little bit more about that later.

Now, the Style System, it's in full sessionright now.

I started two weeks ago and it's going tobe in session until July.

Close to 100 men are improving their styleright now.

It's going to be offered again in August, in case you're interested in looking at it, and I want to give you guys a sneak peek becauseit's going really well and I'm really proud of it, so let me bring this right over.

Here is the Style System.

It's not overcomplicated.

You've got a basic browser here at the top, but let me give you a few pages.

And by the way, it's got seven modules, sevenbonuses, but we're in the middle of it, and part of the strength of the Style System isI don't give everything at the same time.

It's step by step, piece by piece.

But here, you can see module one.

We had four parts, but actually there's goingto be another part, but you would click on — let's say you wanted to learn about howclothing affects behavior.

Well, we would have a video with an articleand this is something I've never before released, unique content, and here's the strength ofthe Style System, is the Style System has 42 tasks.

And every time you read or you go throughone of my Style System pieces, you have to interact.

And you're sending us information and you'rebasically talking about and we're interacting on what we just covered.

This other one on Understanding Your BodyType, that's in module two.

Again, you're seeing information.

I've created these images.

I had an artist put them together for me andwe talk about every body type out there.

I'm really giving you a lot more informationthan I've released anywhere else.

And then at the end of this, you are basicallytelling me what your body type is and you're sending me some information which I then useto interact with you and give you immediate feedback, so it's basically a college course.

In addition, we're supporting it with 15 webinars.

We've already actually gotten through fiveof them.

These webinars are twice a week and they'relive, and you get to interact with me.

Then we've got bonuses, so seven bonuses.

Right now, we're at bonus two, but the onethat just came out the other day is Manly Manners and this is an independent PDF, aquick read-through on understanding manners.

I've got this closed Facebook group whereyou can see everyone in the Style System is invited to come in and interact and talk aboutstyle in an environment — I would say I keep it closed really because it's for the gentlementhat entrusted me to help them with this group, but really, I wanted to create an environmentwhich was friendly to people looking to improve their style.

That's what we got going on there.

Now, the future of the Real Men Real Stylevideo channel, you're going to see less videos over the next two to three months becauseI'm focused on the Style System.

I'm creating a lot of content for those gentlemen, so that’s where my focus is right now and on my custom clothier.

I'm still going to try to get out at leastmaybe one to two videos a week, but it's not going to be the one video a day that you see.

We've got over 240 videos out there that we'vecreated in the last year.

And so, if you’ve got a question — mostlylikely you haven't watched all those videos, so go back to the archives and just checkout some of the older videos.

Also, I'm going to be experimenting with differentvideo styles such as presentations like this, but I'm also going to be partnering with otherchannels.

And if you've got suggestions of other channelsthat I should be partnering with, go ahead and send them to me.

I'd love to hear that.

Now, let's get to number four, giving awayfree clothing and products.

Yeah, this channel is successful because youhave helped me build it.

I recognize that.

Also, you've provided great comments and Iwant to recognize the people that have done this.

You've shared my channel with others via YouTube, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and even via email, word of mouth.

I want to thank the people that are doingthis because you've supported my Men's Style Q&A website and have made that other websitewhat it is.

So I'm asking your help.

I'd like for you to nominate the people whoare champions of this channel.

Okay, so what are the guidelines? There are five guidelines, and guys, thisis all I'm going to give.

I know everyone's going to have some particularquestion, but really all nominations, first they're going to be selected from the belowcomments, so you need to comment on this video.

Please don't send me emails.

Don't use the contact forum.

It needs to be public and it needs to be rightbelow in this video, no other videos, this video right here.

You can nominate yourself, but I think I'mgoing to lean on the people who nominate others.

And the great part here is if the person younominate wins, both of you win.

I'm doing this because I want you to go backand look at older videos.

I want you to go back and look at the peoplethat have championed this and be able to identify them.

Perhaps you came to this channel because somebodypersonally recommended it in a conversation you were having over drinks.

I want to hear that story.

Understand, and there are no set criteriaas to what makes a winning entry.

I'm looking for unique, interesting storiesthat are very specific.

I'm looking for people that have championedmy channel, so I don't care if maybe you have a big blog and you're able to get a hundredpeople to my channel, or maybe you don't know that many people, but you talked to two orthree people, and both of them are now big proponents of what I'm doing here.

I'm going to judge those both the same.

And probably, I'd like to see both of thoseguys win, but really, the only thing I would say is provide specific information and keepit under 500 characters, which YouTube limits you to.

Winners, they're going to be selected allsummer or until I run out of gifts.

So I'm going to be giving this out as longas I can.

I've got a lot of, let's just say, productsthat people have sent me and I would like to go ahead and recognize a lot of the companiesthat have sent me this, and I would like to go ahead and give you these products.

We've also got electronic products, whichI'll be giving away as well.

Winners are going to be notified via the commentsbelow.

And from there, I'm going to ask you to emailme.

So I know that a lot of these people, they'rein a sense anonymous.

It's one of those things.

I'm going to go ahead and leave a quick commentbelow your comment below, so everyone can see it.

And from there, I'll have you go ahead andcontact me and we'll exchange a bit of information just to make sure that you're the right person.

And then we will go ahead and I'll send youout a prize and we'll make it happen that way.

That's it.

So I wish you guys to have a stylish summerand I will see you in the comments.