Saint Laurent Paris Jodhpurs | Men’s Style Lookbook

how do you Saint Laurent Saint wrongboots I cannot pronounce French words I can't pronounce a lot of this stuff soinstead of Keith butchering it I'm gonna call in some backup how do you pronouncethis word let's see jodhpurs jodhpurs jodhpursJacques Yves saint-laurent person you say lorac jabbers unboxing oh

yeah welcome to the channel where fashionmeets fragrance my name is Kevin Chavez in today's video it's time for anotherunboxing you sailor off job first boots the unboxing huh let's get it if youlike this kind of video cool go ahead subscribe to my channelturn on notifications get off future

video and launch the update show youboys some love you know it's fall and follow this fashion and fragrance seasonand what do I love and style more than boots boots boots boots boots boots Ihave so many boots to show you guys but this is the time of the year

to breakout the coolest boot to smooth these boots just take your style up severallevels why are boots so great because they comein so many different styles and fashions you can wear them with just a t-shirt adress shirt your outerwear your sweaters your jackets oh my god they're just

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love big naughty of mine Johnnystuff for most occasions but when it comes to bootsI gotta admit he's sailing wrong has been doing it well for a long time backwhen Tom Ford was there he put the company on the right track and they'vebeen banging out some of the best

sleekest coolest looks to date thisparticular boot is not a Chelsea boot it's a chopper ain't Jabra bootwhat is a chopper boot glad you asked it's a boot that has two differentpieces and it's strapped around it it gives it a little bit morefashion-forward feel a whole different way to

wear the boot and that is what'sso exciting let's get into it hearing up choppersgotta love that you saying wrong packaging yet you say little wrong gotthe cool bags in here I always comes with quality bags I love the I love whenI get new stuff for me saying like

the bags are just cool paper either way andhere we go here we go boom jodhpurs look at that you got thewraparound lace and the buckle that thing is so coolnice calf skin is just so soft and so supple and yes I've already unboxed themput them on and wore

them but pretend like you didn't see that back to thevideo look at these guys that I love these because they're not super suit Ilove these because they're not super super shiny or glossy there's a morechiseled toe but that's not really exceptionally pointed the heel is notvery high profile

either so YSL especially the Gianni boot has a reallyhigh Cuban heel this a lot more lower low profile so goes well with so manydifferent things this is my opinion is a casual casual boot it's really hard inmy opinion to dress this up you can still wear it with

the suit but youreally can't take it into more of a formal setting it's much more a sportycasual smart casual hip cool sick hip cool sexy thing main function of thechopper is this when you undo the lace that's what you get that's the job stickyour foot in collapse it

back around wrap it and go now when I show you guysdifferent kind of shoes things that you probably wouldn't have in your wardrobeinevitably say man I would really love to see you see you styled it don't worryyou got you covered you have a belt that has a logo

on it like YSL Louboutin YSLLouboutin Ferragamo this is the time where you actually to pull out your logobelts because you're gonna go a little bit more ostentatious you're gonna gowith the heavier exit on accessories again think rock and roll you don't wantto have a leather band you want

to have more of a metal band and you definitelywant to have your wrist game this is the time where you even want to put ondifferent rings if you have them and if you have a necklace or a chain put thaton something like this actually I wanted to hang

a little bit lower but you kindof get the point this is an actual Sawatzky crystal skull with a niceJirachi crystal with the little skull there and I just throw an extra braceletguys bottom line it's much more like I said it here rock and roll field choppers are going

to be great to workwith gentlemen leather or even statement Blazers like this so many differentoptions so many different ways to just so many different ways to take this tothe next level and don't forget guys scarves always a good way to just takeyour style up a couple of more

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