Style Transformation Story – Young Los Angles Man Improves Appearance Inexpensively – Style Tips

Style Transformation Story – Young Los AnglesMan Improves Appearance Inexpensively – Style Tips Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today, I'm going to be reading you a letterI received from a young, sharp-dressed man in Los Angeles.

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This is a letter that came in.

I get quite a few letters and a lot of peopletelling me about their experience and their journey, but I really like this one for tworeasons.

Number one, he doesn’t have a whole lotof money and he talks about how he was able to rebuild his wardrobe without spending muchmoney at all, and the other part is the influence it had on his family.

I'll talk a little bit about those right afterthe letter.

“Hello, Antonio! I'm a 26-year-old man living in Los Angeles.

Not too long ago, I was wearing jeans, shirts, rubber shoes, and I didn’t really put too much emphasis on my style.

I dressed shabbily and I never noticed.

Trucker hats were a staple of my wardrobebecause I found it easier to rush out the door and cover my hair than to style it.

One day, my girlfriend told me she wantedto get out of our relationship.

She mentioned that my dress was one of thefactors in her decision.

I realized that my father had been right.

Be a man and dress nice.

” “I always had the clothes in my drawers andclosets, so why not figure out how to put everything together and get my sizes right? I dug into your website, watched your videos, read your articles.

I even picked up a copy of 'Dressing the Man'by Alan Flusser and tore into it late in the night, which has surprised everyone becauseI hardly ever read.

I didn’t even have to pay for it.

My local library had it, so I've been studyingfor the last few weeks.

Thank you for the review; it is a great book.

” “Now, I haven't got much financially, so atfirst, I really didn’t know about how to go getting a wardrobe together, but in oneof your videos, you mentioned thrift stores.

And so, although I had always gone to thesewith my parents as a youngster, but suddenly stopped going, I decided to jump in and tosee what was out there.

To my surprise, I now have a wonderful suit, no alterations necessary, a few Brooks Brothers shirts, and I recently came into possessionof a Thomas Pink shirt.

Quality over quantity is something you'venow imprinted in my mind.

I've been hemming my jeans and trousers, askill I picked up from my mother, and making sure all of my clothes fit me properly.

” “My mom is excited to see how I'm dressingnow.

Every time I come by the house, my fatherkeeps digging through his own wardrobe to see if there's anything that I can fit andthat I can use.

He also gave me some great shoes.

The short time I've been dressing properlyhas made a huge impact on how others view me, both in my personal life and my work.

You're right when you say that dressing nicedoes boost self-esteem.

I went to a wedding a few days ago and everyonewas complimenting me on my attire.

I walked into the reception and everyone lookedat me, and the night included numerous questions as to how I created this wardrobe.

All I told them to do was check out your website.

” “I've even inspired my best friend to go shoppingwith me and find his own wardrobe, and my father is now also looking through his closetto wear his very best.

I thank you for starting me on this journeyand I know it will last a lifetime.


” All right.

I really like that story, again, for two reasons.

One is you heard Juan doesn’t have a wholelot of money, but yet he was able to take the skills.

He built an education.

He went to his local library and found someof the books I've suggested.

He went through my website, checked out allthese videos that's all for free.

First, he invested in himself.

Then he went out to thrift stores once hekind of had a plan of action and he found items.

He knew what to look for.

He found a suit that didn’t even need alterations.

He was able to identify quality shirts andhe started piecing his wardrobe together.

And really quick, it sounds like he didn’tgo to a seamstress or a tailor.

He actually started sewing some of his ownclothing, which a lot of people think it's almost impossible, but it's really not thatdifficult.

So if you're out there and you don't havea whole lot of money, that is always an option.

Just buy something cheap and practice on it.

The other thing I think that Juan is reallylearning is that every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

And so, he is building up his self-confidenceat home.

It's helping him with his relationships withothers.

And when you can do this, when you start tofeel this self-confidence, all of a sudden, you walk differently.

It affects so many other parts of your life.

Now, I'm really excited for Juan because Ithink this is a great skill to have in an early point.

Look how it's already affecting his father, how it's affecting his friends.

And I can tell you that this man is goingto soon probably have a new girlfriend or have other people in his life.

He's on a great path and I'm excited to seethat.

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Wherever you're at, again, begin your journeyand I wish you the best of luck in dressing sharp.

I'll see you in the next video.