The 10 STYLE Commandments (Antonio's Timeless Rules To Looking GREAT!)

gentlemen I'm Antonio Centeno the founder of real men real style in today's video I'm laying out my 10 timeless rules to help you become more stylish rule number one you've got to give a damn to make change happen you've got to want it yourself you've got to have

something that's driving you you've got to have a why a force that is pushing you I've had so many guys reach out to me and they want to improve their style not because they care about style but because they've been rejected because something has happened in their life

they're going through some type of transition when they got fired they got a new job they're out looking for jobs they just graduated college they just got their MBA they just got their bachelor's they've left the military something has happened in their life their little girl's about to

get married and they want to look good at the wedding and this guy he's a plumber he's owned this business for 30 years multi-millionaire but you know what he is intimidated by a suit because he's never worn one before let's be clear style is not about suits style

is about you controlling the image you controlling the message that you sent with your clothing it's the way people judge the way people make a decision so a lot of men we were sports jackets we were suits because people are conditioned to give us an extra 15 to

30 seconds of credibility time and this can mean the difference between you getting your nonprofit off the ground and you can mix in those bankers that you're worth investing in or maybe you want to create the sale you want to get up there on stage and this is

gonna help you get your foot in the door quick story so I had a woman the other day email me saying she wanted to improve the style of her husband she knew that he had so much potential and she wants to improve his style can I help him

and the answer is no now she can do a few things for him but when it comes down to it he has to help himself and that's what I want to stress gentleman you've got to have the fire you've got to have the desire to seek change in

your life for any of this to work rule number two embrace change so you've probably heard the saying that the only constant in life is change I agree and guess what gents this applies to your style so many guys they fall into a rut they are wearing the

same clothing that they wore 20 30 years ago they haven't really what are my goals what image do I want to project when a young second lieutenant there was a particular image I wanted to project with my uniform after I went to business school when I was there

at the University of Texas getting my MBA there was a particular image I wanted to project as I was interviewing with all these high-level consulting companies whenever I went off and started my first company there was a particularly that I was going for and the same should be

for guys out there that want to go out their inner go-getters and understand the power of presentation because as you transition from one career to another as your goals as what you're going after in life as they mature so should your look and it can be little things

like hey you get away from cheap fragrances and you start to go for something a little bit nicer a little bit more refined ones that you start to hate my smell has developed a bit more and I really like this or maybe it's gonna be simply what you

wear instead of just always going for the t-shirts you start to wear dress shirts maybe you do throw on a sports jacket I'm not saying you gotta go full-on suit or it couldn't even be the colors you're going with is you start to get a little bit of

gray as you start to change all of a sudden you find some colors that you shied away from actually start to work for your palette when a man embraces changed with his style all of a sudden he becomes more nimble if you can imagine this is something that

you start to be able to control and you start to be able to leverage to your advantage rule number three define who you are and practice being that person so none of us are born great we all have to grow we all have to develop ourselves and the

first part of being who you want to be is identifying who that person is we've got this amazing ability this amazing freedom to actually choose who we want to be in this life now most people never make that choice they kind of go along with what life is

telling them to do with what society is dictating on them and they get so busy so wrapped up in things that they wake up one day and they're 95 years old on their deathbed and they never lived their own life don't be that person take the time to

examine your life the examined life is the only life worth living and yes it's going to take some time thought you're gonna have to think you're gonna have to reflect on some things maybe get feedback from people that care about you that love you maybe work with a

coach but all of a sudden you're gonna have a better idea of really what's gonna make you happy what is it that you want to achieve in life not what society is telling you that you should achieve and you may find that those are very different so now

that you've taken the time to define who you want to be now let's practice dressing like that you want to have a uniform a uniform when I was in the Marine Corps we had a particular uniform anyone that served as a firefighter as a police officer in any

type of responder position you know what a uniform is it's something that you default to that sends the message you want to set so with your uniform is it sending the message you want to send if you work as an in a non-profit if you're a banker if

you are consultant if you are in sales if you are simply just going out there and wanting to start your own company what is your image what is your presentation what is your clothing saying about you before you even open your mouth that is the power of a

uniform this should be clothing that you default to the clothing that you simply make easy to wear you've got maybe multiples of a particular shirt you've got maybe a shirt yes with your company's name or logo on it a polo shirt a tee shirt even if you're working

outside and you're mowing people's lawns I don't know what type of work you're doing but I do know that once you think through what image you want to project and you set up a series of uniforms all of a sudden you allow style to work for you I'm

not talking about the whimsical winds of fashion here in runways I'm talking about a tool using your image in your presentation to have a leg up on your competitors and to really make this easy so that you always send the message you want to set now this the

next point spread one of my favorites and that is be curious because when you're curious you don't just learn things because you got to learn them you learn it because you want to because it's really interesting you start falling down the rabbit hole and that's when the magic

happens you go out there you start buying books on style and you're checking out all these icons and you realize that warriors yes people had served in the military various branches cared about style and that's where a lot of men's work came from the military you start going

out there and looking at all these different actors and you see how even in their off time they dress well because they understood the power of image and presentation and when you start to realize that you understand how style plays a part in everything you see out there

then you start getting into fun things like watches you go out there and you buy dive watches from companies no one's ever heard from you and sometimes spends thousands of dollars again companies like Montana just simply no one talks about but you understand they're using quality parts and

you want to own a part of a watch brand that could grow into something bigger or maybe you don't spend much at all and you go out there and buy the inexpensive watch like the orient Bambino that is beautiful and you understand for what it is I actually

love this watch you go through and maybe buy a Rolex point being is you start falling down this and whatever you put on a pair of shades you understand I'm not really putting on sunglasses I'm putting on a piece of history protective layers that aviators would wear whenever

they were flying up at high altitudes and they wanted to protect their eyes I am part of that tradition next time let's talk about quality over quantity now me I'm a trailer-park kit so for us it was all about how much can you get with as little money

as possible but that's not the philosophy you want to take in the style especially timeless style what you want to own are things that are never going to go out of style that are gonna stick around and when I say never I'm talking 10 years 20 years and

thankfully most items in menswear classic menswear stick around and then you can make an investment in a piece that's gonna look better over time yeah when you buy a pair of really nice shoes that are good you're welded or Blake stitched and they're in a classic style they

are gonna age they're gonna look better as you polish them again and again you're gonna actually spend money on a watch that will become an heirloom and will increase in value gents it's worth it to save up your pennies to buy the product that you want even if

you have to pay a premium cry once about that price then enjoy that product for years to come the next time we'll start rule that every man needs to know the style pyramid fit fabric and function gentlemen never buy a piece of clothing that doesn't fit you or

cannot be adjusted to fit your body if it's 95 percent doesn't matter don't buy it unless you're buying it for a friend you know this is gonna fit it because if something doesn't fit you to them it doesn't matter if you paid $2,000 $4,000 for that suit guess

what if it can't be adjusted to fit you and it doesn't fit you it is never going to look good a $200 suit a suit that cost 1/10 one-twentieth that amount right there is gonna look better if it fits you fit is king gentlemen so never buy anything

never we're anything that doesn't fit your body type next up let's talk about fabric so when I say fabric I'm referring to the build the construction the materials that go into the items that you're purchasing to the best of your ability whatever you can afford go for the

best fabric you can so particularly with suits go for 100% wool if you cannot afford that you see a 50/50 blend then talk to the salesman try to find someone that's knowledgeable so that he can tell you how is this going to perform I can tell you that

there are some 50/50 blends that are not bad especially when you get a killer deal but if you think that you're getting a great suit you're spending a thousand bucks you better be getting 100% wool maybe something that's got a little bit of linen maybe something's got a

little bit of a mix in with a set or a really nice silk what you're looking for then is when you're spending that kind of money you're getting the material when you spend three four five hundred dollars on shoes you want to make sure you're getting a blake

stitch you're getting a good year wealth they're using leather soles that they're using a good leather upper this is important and I'm not gonna say that this is easy to all pick up in one video but I am saying that you can walk into the best menswear store

in your area and you can educate yourself because once you hold and you touch a $1,000 sports jacket and you see what the difference is between that fabric and a cheap fabric you hold in your hands and you touch and you examine a pair of $500 shoes you

start to see those details and you're gonna be more aware of them so when you walk into a store and you see that thousand-dollar jacket in a different store a different place different time and it's on sale for $200 and it fits you you'll know that this is

a great deal and you can jump on it and now let's talk about function by function I mean is the clothing going to serve your professional and personal needs so if you're a lawyer in New York City buying a black-tie outfit may actually be in the cards it

may work out because you attend a number of black-tie events yearly charity events and yeah you're gonna get wear out of this but if you own a landscaping business down in San Antonio Texas do you want to buy a black-tie outfit even though you can get one on

sale and it would fit you and you can afford it you can get a great fabric the answer is probably no because you really don't intend to many events never you've ever attended about in which you would need to wear this and that is the function you want

to make sure when you purchase something that is going to serve a functional purpose you're going to be able to get miles out of this because the most expensive clothing you will ever buy is the clothing you never wear the next time we'll start rule that every man

should consider is building an interchangeable wardrobe so when I say the word interchangeable what I'm referring to is clothing that is simple that is going to easily match every other piece in your wardrobe so if you had four pairs of shoes you had four shirts four trousers and

four jackets guess what gentlemen if we had 100% interchangeability we wouldn't have just four outfits we would have 256 outfits yes it's not math in the sense of addition this is multiplication and what I love about this is you can own less clothing get tons of outfits when

you travel you can travel light when you understand the power of interchangeability it gives you the ability to spend less time thinking about what you're gonna wear and simply being able to put together a wide range of combinations and always look good now this next style rule you're

gonna love cuz it makes things easy and that is develop style systems so systems are structures that make things simple and that's what you want to do you don't want to be thinking in the morning when you're getting dressed what am I gonna put together where are the

things I'm looking for you want it to be easy so when you're developing a style system you've got a closet that is free from debris what am I talking about all the stained clothing and the clothing doesn't fit you the things they don't look good on you guess

what you've packaged up you've put to the back your closet and you have started to add items pieces that look good for you they're upfront they're pressed your shoes are shined by doing this by laying out your clothing the night before you don't have to think you don't

have to there isn't any processing to dress sharp it's just simply what is laid out there and what is simple when you go to look for your sunglasses you realize oh I've got a whole box where I keep my sunglasses and I put them back after I'm done

wearing them you've got a box for your watches maybe even a watch winder that keeps your watches wound and what happens here is it becomes easier to look good than it does to look bad and all of a sudden you start looking at yourself you've got a full-length

mirror so you can look at yourself and you can see how everything is going together and you walk into your closet eventually I know this happened to me after I started working on this for a few years and you you get that jacket you're like wow that looks

good you look at this other one you're like wow that one makes me look amazing and you know oh this one is perfect the thing is you realize you've got a closet full of items of clothing of pieces of accessories that you absolutely love and that's when the

magic happens gentleman when you can put together outfits that every time you put this clothing on you feel like a million bucks and it's easy to do the next time most our rule is to smile assume people like you and learn your manners your basic etiquette so many

people think this stuff is outdated they don't bother with it because yeah I'm not even meeting up with people I am rarely engaging with another human being why does it matter here's the thing it's not outdated in fact it's more important than ever it used to be that

if you had a bad first impression you would get another opportunity to make it up nowadays with all these zoom and Skype meetings you have less and less opportunities to make a good first impression and most people don't always make the best first impression so you want to

be on your toes this is going to give you a competitive edge and here's the thing with manners it's simply being a good person and understanding how to project that how to make people feel good you may say a lot you may be a smart guy but if

you make other people feel below you if you make them feel you offend them you upset them guess what they're gonna stop listening to you they have forgotten what you said but they will always remember that you made them feel small that you made them feel little and

guess what the opposite if you maybe didn't say everything you need to but you made people feel great they love being around you that because you got great manners you simply build them up all of a sudden you are gonna be remembered as a better person than probably

what you deserve and now let's talk about confidence confidence is your inner strength this is your inner power to be able to face the day's challenges if you don't have confidence this is going to sink your style if you have great confidence strong confidence this is gonna skyrocket

your style you see the funny thing about confidence is it doesn't make you smarter it doesn't actually make you more confident it just simply allows you to deal with obstacles and problems with a better attitude and that right there is attractive to everybody as a man yeah I

want another business partner I want somebody in my life can help my company deal with the obstacles and problems that we face on a daily basis as a woman you know they want is to have somebody in their life that's gonna be able to deal with the ups

and downs that life is gonna throw at you guys as a partner and they want a confident man now here's the thing nobody is born with unshakable confidence this is something you've got to build you've got to work on and that you've got to improve oftentimes on a

daily basis and unfortunately a lot of guys can have their confidence come crashing down when they go through a bad relationship they go through divorce whenever they go through a bankruptcy they have financial failures whenever they lose their job I've got a very special video I want you

to check out it's an unlisted non-public video that I filmed with my friend Lee we were talking about overcoming failure and we talked about the five steps to command confidence in this video it's a bit longer but we share all types of crazy stories from bankruptcy to divorce

to actually getting carjacked and how you can build your confidence up when you have just things happen in life and how you can build unshakable confidence guys check out this video right here I will link to it down in the description