The BEST MOCCASINS FOR MEN☝🏼(How to Choose the BEST Style of Moccasins for Men 2020)

Are you looking for the best pair of moccasinsfor men to start off 2020 on the right foot? With so many different options out there, how can you possibly know which are the best pair of moccasins for you or the man thatyou're buying for? Watch this video to find out which are thebest pair of moccasins for men to get the most use out of ensuring they will be wornand loved for years to come.

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If you are looking for the best men's moccasinsfor 2020, but you're feeling overwhelmed with all of the styles, options, and choices outthere, then we are here to help you find the absolute best pair of men's moccasins thatwill be the most comfortable and best fit for you and your needs.

We've helped thousands of customers find moccasinsthat they love and now it's your turn.

By the end of this video, you'll know exactlywhat are the best moccasins for men to buy so you can feel the most confident that you'vechosen the best pair of moccasins for your needs, lifestyle and wardrobe.

You might be buying moccasins for yourself, or maybe you're looking for a special gift of men's moccasins for your husband, dad, or your son.

I was recently asked to bring home some mocsfor my husband who is very particular with everything, which is why we put together thisvideo to help you choose the best pair of moccasins for men.

If you're looking for men's moccasins foryourself or on behalf of someone else, you will want to consider these four questionsto steer you in the right direction and find the perfect pair of moccasins to avoid gettinga pair that he doesn't love, consider these four questions and ask yourself or the manthat you're buying for to answer them to ensure the most use, comfort and fit for a lifetimeuse.

So let's get started on the four questionsto consider when choosing the best style of men's moccasins.

The first factor to consider when choosingthe best moccasins for men is if you want hard sole or soft sole moccasins.

If you're asking him whether he wants hardsole or a soft sole moccasins, his response might be, I don't know, which is better? How do you know if you want a hard sole onyour moccasins or not? But for the most part, consider where he willbe wearing them.

Guys, if you plan on wearing your moccasinsmostly outside, then a hard sole would definitely be better.

If you plan to go outside occasionally fromthe house to the garage, for example with your moccasins on, then either a hard soleor soft sole could work for you.

The hard sole can protect your mocs from gettingtoo worn and protect your feet from the conditions whether it be cold or wet surfaces that you'rewalking on.

If you have hardwood floors in your house, you may want to opt for a harder sole moccasin as well, either being a soft crepe sole orone with a hard rubber bottom.

So depending on where you actually want towear your moccasins, what the environment is like and what conditions, this will highlydetermine whether you want to go with a soft sole moccasin or a hard sole moccasin.

The second factor in choosing the best moccasinsfor men is if you want lined or unlined moccasins.

Choosing to go with lined or unlined moccasinsis usually based on what is most comfortable for you, your personal style preference, andhow warm you want your feet to be.

This again comes back to the question of wherewill you be wearing your moccasins.

If you are wearing your moccasins inside thehouse for the purposes of keeping your feet cozy warm, then you can get lined moccasins, either fleece, sheepskin or cotton lining.

Line moccasins for men can keep their feetextremely warm and depending on how you want them to feel and if your feet can get reallysweaty, that might not be very comfortable.

Most of our men's moccasins come unlined withjust the natural leather up against their feet.

So most men choose the unlined moccasin asthey have more of a natural feeling and do the job without the added weight of the extralined material.

Do you prefer to wear your moccasins inside, outside, or both? Please share with us in the comments below.

Now we've looked at the first two factorsin determining which are the best moccasins for men.

One, whether a hard sole or soft sole moccasinis more suiting and two, whether we want the moccasins to be lined or unlined.

Now let's move on to the third factor whendeciding on the best moccasins for men.

The third factor in choosing the best moccasinsfor men is if you want fur trim or no fur.

Fur trim moccasins for men are quite commonespecially if the location that you want to wear them is inside the comfort of your ownhome as a slipper style moc.

Fur trim can definitely add that comfy, cozyfeeling to your moccasins.

If you are wanting to wear your moccasinsoutside only as an out and about shoe, boat shoe or garage shoe, then the fur trim mightnot be quite what you're looking for.

If you're looking to wear your moccasins asregular shoes, not inside your house, then the plain leather moccasins without any embellishmentsmight be the best ones to go with.

The fourth factor in choosing the best moccasinsfor men is what color do you want your mocs to be.

It's very likely that you or the man thatyou're buying for wants natural-looking leather moccasins, but sometimes, he might be veryparticular and want a specific color of moccasins.

It's important to consider though that afteryou've already asked yourself the first three questions of whether you want hard sole orsoft sole, lined or unlined, that you might have narrowed your color choices down quitea bit based on what is available in those options.

To choose the best color of moccasins foryou and your wardrobe, you guys can typically just decide based on which color you likethe most, and that is fine, but if you can't choose which color of men's moccasins to buyfor the man that you're buying for, then it might be best to sneak a peek at what he wearsmost right now.

See what color would best suit what he wearsthe most in order to decide what option would be ideal for him.

So now we've gone through all four questionsto ask yourself when deciding on the best moccasins for men which are hard sole or softsole, lined or unlined, fur trim or no fur and the color of moccasins.

If you're looking for the best style of mukluks, then watch this video right here on choosing the absolute best style of mukluks for you.

Now, after watching this video, you have exactlywhat you need in order to choose the best men's moccasins for you or the guy that you'rebuying for.

You can feel 100% confident in your choiceand also feel absolutely comfortable, stylish, and functional.

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