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I am sure you like travelling.

As much as you like flirting and improving yourself.

Personal improvement, dressing, style.

Today I would like to shareto you a unique experience.

And to convey to you some aspects, some information.

But also some knowledge, which probably.

You will find very useful or at least interesting.

I am Christos from the Men Of Style! And today’s video is recorded fromthe very nice city of London.

Let's go! I know it's strange, but I neverdreamed about in my life.

I did not felt repelled about travelling.

Before going on a trip, either withpeople that are close to me.

Either with my friends and partners, I ambeing like: “Take me with you even if cry.

” So this trip to London also arose like that.

My partners and of course my best friends.

Told me: “Come on, we booking it right now, Let’s go, you will also have a chance to see London.

” Of course I was like: “No, I do not want, we have things to do, we have tostay here, what will happen to the company?” But of course every time, because thesame thing happened previous time.

When we travelled to Rome and as resultsI visited Rome again.

It looks like this will happen again with London.

I mean, I will come here once more, because we are not here for many days.

And we will not spend a lot of time, becauseunfortunately the liabilities are not waiting.

However, being able to see different cultures.

Being able to see a different ways incommunication between people.

It is extremely important andit mainly gives you stimulation.

When our mind is constantly receivingnew information, new images.

Then it begins to acquire some kind of experience.

It broadens its criteria, the way it assesses situations.

And obviously we are getting out of ourcomfort zone, which is very important.

Not only in flirting, but also in our travelsand in our everyday life.

Specifically, the first thing I would like to mention is: A very important piece of communicationwhich I can see here, in England.

I mean, I expected English people to bea little more serious, a little more tight.

But, I can’t find such thing, I see they are very polite.

They pretty easy say: “Thank you”, “Sorry”.

In the metro people are standing upso some other people can have a seat.

Those might be older people.

I have noticed it way more often thanI noticed it in Greece, and they always smile.

So when we are positive, we show to othersthat we feel good with our selves.

As I have said before, one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful attractive feature.

Is the way we feel with our self.

When we express to others, that we really like what we do.

We really love the way we live, then obviously, others see a quality in it.

And they want to become part of ourreality and our everyday life.

Which are: in communication, in flirting.

And in friendly relations in social circles.

It has a great effect andbeing a communication tool.

And it is necessary to use it or at least to test it.

To see what its effects are.

Slowly let's get to the point.

Which concerns us and mostly concerns you.

Which is nothing else but flirting.

According to what we know, according to what we see.

But also with the people we have talked about.

We know them, they have been living here for years.

There are some differences in flirting, if you compare with Greece.

By the way, before I continue.

Today, when we recorded this video, it's International Men's Day.

So, you understand that nothing is accidental.

So let's continue.

As we have seen, the conclusions we can make.

In England, it's much easier toget a phone number while flirting.

It is much easier even on thefirst day of acquaintance.

To kiss the woman you like.

However, it is not so easy to meetagain or to go for a first date.

While in Greece it is simpler, it is more common.

From the moment you exchange the phonenumbers with a woman, to go out for a date.

Because the woman in Greece, the Greek women.

They think, from the moment you exchangethe phone numbers, they do it for some reason.

As long, as you express your intentions to her.

And transmit to her and for whatwhy exchange phone.

And not to only exchange phones numbers.

So maybe we could go for a coffee, or goto amusement park for a walk.

It is because here in England.

It is much easier to exchange phone numbers.

So there will be a tension in desire while flirting.

On the first day of acquaintance, at a bar let's say.

Or it can happen in a park, anywhere.

But it is much harder to make an appointment.

Of course this has to do with the investment, it may also have to do with culture.

Which plays a specific role, it has to do with forms of socialization.

8400:04:58, 033 –> 00:05:01, 120Which exist in each country, in each state.

The forms of emotional investment are different.

That means, there is a case where theemotional investment you will have to do.

Will include more attraction, becauseattraction creates intense feelings.

But attraction is the thing that will make thewoman to want to exchange phone numbers.

However the comfort, intimacy and above everything, trust.

All those will make her want to see you again.

And arrange the first date.

So in this case, if you see that youdo not get the necessary results.

Since you have exchanged phone numbersbut there are no first dates.

You do not arrange any first dates.

Then you will need to check out, howyou create feelings to a woman.

How this kind of the emotionalinvestment is done.

The second feature you can see here.

Is that the people are socializing much easier.

They are polite, they smile and it is much easier.

To start a conversation with a woman you like.

Still, I do not know if you've visited London, but.

Firstly: They drink a lot!I do not drink alcohol at all.

And I find it really strange.

To understand how they can consumesuch amounts of alcohol.

And secondly: It is because of the weather, they go out early.

You will see that since five or sixo’clock in the afternoon.

Pubs start to fill and they drink beers.

So at that time it is much easier.

Just go to a Pub, or a bar.

Make your acquaintances and meet people.

It is not something difficult, neither it is difficult in Greece.

The point is, how you feel and howwell do you feel with what you want.

Of course it has to do with your needs.

If you haven’t met a woman in quite long time.

Whether you are in London, or you are in Zimbabwe.

Whether you are in Japan, whether you are in Greece.

You will have to flirt, you willhave to make the first step.

These are the basics, however here in England, here in London in particular.

It is easier to socialize.

And in most cases, if notalways you will notice that.

Even by a very simple wayto start the conversation.

The woman will give you theopportunity to talk to her.

And start communicating.

The next, of course, are the thing which you will have to work on.

That's why we visit MenOfStyle.


You never know what kind ofinformation you can get.

A third feature of flirting here in London.

Is that the people are flirtingthrough Tinder, in particular.

In Greece we use Facebook more.

Here, the social media are quite different.

The reason for this to happen.

Is because they have a bust schedule, they work a lot.

And the second reason that empowersthe hard work even more.

Is the climate, the climate here has moisture, the rains are often and its getting dark early.

Generally the weather is gray, it’s lackluster.

So at this stage it makes you morecomfortable to sit and see.

With whom you match, via mobile phone.

Instead of going out to talk with anunknown woman and flirting her.

Do not forget to travel, to flirtand constantly become better.

In areas which you really like and love.

New experiences open our minds, and widen our horizons.

And they push us to evolve even further.

Our already existing knowledge.

I am Christos from the Men Of Style.

And this video was made in London.

Take care!.