Top 10 "EVERYDAY" Colognes For Men (2020 Most VERSATILE Fragrances)

smells so good I'm talking about versatile fragrances the fragrance that you can grab without even having to think about it so you smell great all day so let's start things off with the car fragrance is now a lot of people think this is a marketing ploy oh they

can't be any good guys Bentley did an amazing job with their fragrances and both of these incredibly versatile now whenever we talk about the form in Black Edition and we talked about Azure I feel they should be talked about together because both of them use violet as one

of their top notes now this one right here for black a lot of people think oh it's they're gonna read about this oriental spicy this may be too much for work actually they did a great job I think toning that down making it a very safe perfect for

work fragrance this one right here is even safer in my opinion much more citrus aquatic you even got a bit of papyrus but each of these right here are just great fragrances and I think it'd be you'd be hard-pressed to offend anybody and you're gonna smell and look

just feel great all day wearing these fragrances next up I've got Jaguar black another car fragrances wanted to keep them together but this one's different this is a Fuji air and that is basically a Massey fragrance so this one I would say it is not as safe as

the other two but if you really enjoy fougères this is not one that's gonna overpower it's a very affordable fragrance and I think just a great one to add to your collection especially if you want something that's versatile something you can wear to work something you can wear

on the weekend this is a great fragrance now at this point you're probably thinking Antonio these fragrances sound great but am I supposed to just go out there and blind buy go out there and spend hundreds of dollars on fragrances that I haven't tried well gents what if

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it bad because I think it's with the name they expected it's something really strong and powerful and overwhelming and it's not that it's actually a very safe friendly work fragrance it's gonna have citrus in it it's an aromatic fragrance but it's something that I personally love he's going

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gonna find out there use this link use that deal guys I don't want you to lose it you don't have to take the high risk of blind buying a bottle and you're able to explore and find something that works for you next up two fragrances from the house

of Bulgari in general this is an amazing house when it comes to fragrances I love tons of their fragrances these two right here are some of the most versatile we've got man and man in black let's talk about man though right here vetiver white honey it's woody at

the base this thing is an amazing fragrance this is going to get you compliments all day very easy to wear it is just going to be a crowd-pleaser this one right here is a little bit more complicated and it's all about the rum so if you're the man

in charge you kind of want to give that madman type of feel go for the man in black this one's going to be a little bit edgier very similar and I think you should own both and speaking of bulgar let's talk about aqua pour so if you live

in south india if you're over in thailand if you are traveling with your friends going to the beach for the weekend it's going to be hot this is your go-to fragrance this one safe smells good if you're working in a hot environment yeah you don't want basically everyone

to smell you and overpower people this one does great in hot weather and just is clean crisp you really can't do wrong with this fragrance next up I've got F by which by the way you can grab enceinte bird as well but this fragrance absolutely love the pepper

it's something you don't see in a lot of fragrances so you've got the pepper it actually opens up with the Apple but the pepper is what really makes this thing unique I also like how it's got lavender and you're gonna find lavender he's a fragrance that just Calmes

people that's why this works as a great work fragrance just a great go-to all-around fragrance that you could wear every day you're just going out with your friends on the weekend boom grab this next time I've got polo black and polo red extreme so red extreme I really

like this one it's a clean a little bit of a sweet fragrance but it's not overly sweet in fact a lot of the ones behind me that are really sweet fragrances I'm not going to talk about those are more Club fragrances this one right here skirts the line

but I think you can easily wear this to work definitely for a younger maid even an older man that just simply wants to have fun this is a great fragrance now the black this is going to be cleaner just a classic writer this thing has been around for

a while so pretty easy to find right here a great no go to work fragrance that probably people have smelled before but you're not going to offend and I just think yeah is a great workhorse fragrance speaking of workhorse fragrances I've got two which are classic you're gonna

see on almost any list because they are that versatile especially during warm weather hot weather and that is aqua dgo I've got the Profumo and I've just got the regular right here I'm gonna say that for most people this is gonna be fine I like it a little

bit stronger and I'd have to say that this one right here is amazing the special blend but either one of these guys can easily become party rotation this is a no-brainer it's a very common fragrance so probably a few other guys in the office wearing this you want

something that is just great for aquatics this should be your go-to and speaking of workhorses let's talk about Burberry touch for men this one right here incredibly versatile it's about the violet with the white musk with the white pepper I don't know exactly what sniffing between white pepper

and regular pepper white musk and regular musk but all I know is that this combination is solid it's one of those ones that you put on it's unique but at the same time it doesn't overpower it's not something that's gonna offend anyone this is a great work fragrance

you could even wear this out with friends and people will get close to you and say Oh what you smell really good that's what type of fragrance this is now Burberry touches it your thing you don't want to smell like everybody else you want something a little bit

different but you still want to stick with the House of Burberry which is a great fragrance house by the way then consider Brit or consider London now London this is great for the winter fall this thing though I think smells like Christmas so going into March going yeah

even if it's cold don't probably go for this fragrance unless you or just Lin love with Christmas although this thing will get you complements this one right here is interesting because when we go out and we look at this one what we see in Britt is a unique

combination we've got rose we have tonka bean what's strange about this is it comes off as a very fresh and clean fragrance so it's a very clean rose and it doesn't feel it doesn't feel like a floral fragrance I would feel more of a citrus aromatic but that's

just me and that's what's amazing for me about this fragrance is we're gonna look at the notes it doesn't exactly match up for how it works this one right here a great work fragrance in my opinion next up I've got two fragrances from product now this one's on

the list because I saw some other people ranking it in fact giving it a very top high level place this fragrance were proud of ohm I really I get it it's neroli we have iris in here amber it's a nice fragrance but for me it's too floral what

I would rather have put on this list is Luna Rossa maybe I wouldn't have putted this high but this one right here I absolutely love what we've got here is lavender and mint right there a very safe very clean combination a bit of a floral but the mint

for me really is what makes this thing a great office fragrance so if I would have to choose between the two I definitely would go with Luna Rossa over now this next one on my list I think is going to surprise some of you and that is Tom

Ford Black Orchid why would I put this here this is actually a unisex fragrance many women wear this and they love it why would I put this on men's everyday there's just something about this fragrance I don't feel that it overpowers it's something that lingers after you put

it on that some people are drawn to you got a guy that's really confident and he wants something that stands out from the crowd Black Orchid is an amazing fragrance and again what I like about this is it doesn't project a whole lot so this is something that

you could pull off in the office and really stand out from all what from what all the other guys are we're and to balance out that last pick let me bring in Dolce and Gabbana's the one you're gonna find this one all over the place what I like

about this one why I think it's a safe every day where is the lack of projection so many people beat up on this fragrance because it doesn't project after they spray three to four times I think that can be a great thing this is a great scent if

you want it close to the body it's warm it's a bit sweet this is great during the winter just overall a safe great scent that yes you could wear every day coming in at number three on the list I've got what many people consider to be the king

of versatility Versace z– Dillon blue now this is a relatively new fragrance and I have to agree that this one is really nice you can dress it up you can dress it down you can wear this in such a wide variety of different situations and Broxson bergamot it's

also got a little bit of citrus it just has a wide range of just different smells to it and that's what makes this thing so versatile and I think that most men should pick this up because it's just a great solid fragrance that definitely is going to become

a classic coming in at number two we've gotten the costs L twelve twelve white and I just think this is one of the best most perfect combinations for three seasons maybe you wouldn't wear this in the winter time but for the other three seasons this is an amazing

fragrance spring fall summer definitely summer and it's the grapefruit mixed with a bit of the floor we've got the tuber rose in there and then once we get into this thing a bit of suede I don't know how they got this combination but this one is unique it

is clean and this is one of my favorite gym fragrances I can wear this when I'm just out on the town and this is a no-brainer I can wear this even when it's cold I just put on a few extra sprays and I still get a bit of

projection although it sits close to the body point being is this one is great it's relatively inexpensive a solid fragrance a dumb reach to any guy should have in his wardrobe by Jen's so before I reveal my number one fragrance I want to hear from you guys down

in the comments what did I miss what could I've added to this list to make it better what did I mispronounce I know you guys have an opinion I want to hear from you guys down in the comments so I could make better videos going forward coming in

at number one on my list gentlemen Versace / ohm boudoir and this one I didn't expect to love the way I do so Matt they're looking for fragrances and this one kind of fell into my lap somebody had recommended it and I have to admit I just love

it now now all you guys gonna like this fragrance because it's got it and for me I love it this is just comfort it gives me confidence I just love the way this smells we never get up closer to the Safran I get the black pepper I absolutely

love or the cardamom what else the bitter orange the patchouli these small things the combination that they've done with this one just I love so for me this is one of my signature scents and that's the key point gentleman is go find what works for you yes on

everybody's list they're gonna have free to ventas of course it's a great fragrance I love it but should that be your signature scent maybe not if you can find something that really sings to you something when you put it on you feel more confident so what video to

watch next boom check out this one the sexiest fragrance is a man career I've got you covered a solid video and you can go to it by just clicking right there or go down in the description of today's video and click on the link there